list – 4


Folks have been busy with family over the weekend and now a lil work is coming up ! this is one list I had already prepared on saturday… More still to come !!!


Best Short Story Post  

By Pal – fiction at its best… she is my guru too ! 

By Pixie – Fiction stories fascinate me.. a happy one this.. ! 

By Oorja !

Best Movie Review Post :

 By Rakesh with an Indian heart from Dubai !!!! Rarely does he praise a movie.. !!!

By Indyeah… same movie… and it’s a review by a girl who knows the soul of Delhi !!!!


Most Interesting Personal Rant Post

By Shail – the most intriguing blogger for me… !! do read this post about a mother who is a woman too  !!! 

By Smita – no she aint crying yet !!! 

By Mandira – only she can put up with the sanitizing her office came up with !!!

 Most Humorous Post

By Solilo – The funny Don, AGAIN  tells you what is inside the hearts of the bloggers !!!!

 By Sidin Vadikutt – Love in a friends life can be quite an event… Check it !



Best Visual Post (Photos, Cartoons, etc.) 

By Meera Sapra – She knew what happened last summer ! Highly Recommended by me !


Best Culinery Post 

By Saritha – About my favourite Dish the Hyderabadi Biryani !


Best Poetry Post 

By Usha – My favourite poetess !!! How I wish she would get back to regular posting !!’-piece/

By Neha – a lil piece of heart !


 Best Personal Post

By Ashwathi – About her first marriage proposal !!! and its funny alright !!!

By Tara – uska popat ho gaya tha… read it here  !!!!

Best Blog Design

By Prateek Gupta – I think it’s the most sleek of them all !!!


Please send your nominations HERE.


 More still on the way… 6 days to go… and I have lots to dig !!!!!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “list – 4

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    technically… i am third….

    but according to the postion of the moon aligned with jupiter tonite… third is considered as first!!!!!!!!!!


    *rakesh’s and oorja’s chappals fly past crafty’s ears*

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