Nomination list – 6 !


Added Later : Hey Am not going to put any more lists here.. will send remaining nominations directly to Poonam’s post. Have suddenly got a lot of work in office and hence.. will update directly in poonam’s post as and when i am able to dig the old ones.. !!

cheers… !

Best Off Beat Post : had to add these two here !!!


People here are a few more gems !!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 Enjoy !!!!!!

Best Humourous Post

Ashwathy at her best !!! Do read this !!!! –

Best Personal Post:

I am Deeps adopted son !!!! I had to nominate this !!!! 😛 😛 :

Best Travel Post :

This post by Pixie even has my name in it !!! –

Best Culinery Post –

One of my favourite cook !!! a simple dish is made so drool worthy by Monu, simply coz she loves this dish so much !!!! –

Best Off Beat Post :

Manju tells us how running barefoot is a different experience and how we are forgetting it !!!! 

A sad truth about how we Indians forget our martyr’s, Indyeah in this hard hitting post –

Ugich tells us how google fascinates us bloggers !!! –

Best Off Beat Post :


Best Satirical Post :

A short post but one line that always stuck in my brain – By Solilo :

Best Visual Post (Photos, Cartoons, etc.)

By Sandhya a very gentle blogger who always comes up with the sweetest of posts, she just came up with a lovely life story of a bird family in her garden :

Please do nominate them if you like them HERE :

20 thoughts on “Nomination list – 6 !

  1. Deeps says:

    Just saw the pingback,! Couldnt resist hopping by to thank you. Tum mujhe blogging se door rehne nahi doge,kyon??? 😀

    Truly touched,Hitchy! Thank you again 🙂

  2. How do we know says:

    Hitchie… dude, you tagged me for a nomination and errm… forgot to tell me?! Now its coming up as a 404 error in my google warning alert!!

    Chalo, der se si sahi, pata to chala that you nominated me for an interesting post 🙂

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