Perth, Gayle, Spasm, Angel …. err heartbreak


I hope you remember this woman … yes read the tale to actually understand this post… !


Off late I havent been jogging as the Test matches in Australia and New Zealand have been on my palate… !!


There is a romance in Test Cricket that is difficult to explain add to that the fact that the pitches in New Zealand and Australia are different as they assist the fast bowlers a bit… ! Mind you the wickets over there are getting flat too… but they are still anyday better than the pitches in the subcontinent which are as flat as what my belly once used to be !!!! 😛


Day before I left office early with a stomach bug and raced home on my bike, at times wincing in pain as a spasm raised its head, but in no time I had parked myself on the sofa with a couple of pillows and a sheet to cover myself, spasm after spasm periodically would come to disturb me as I turned to watch the match at Perth. Watching the ball fly on the bouncy wicket is what I thought I would see but instead I saw Chris Gayle pulverise the Aussie bowlers making the 5th fastest Century on the worlds fastest pitch !!!! Among all his big hits was one humongous hit on the roof of the three tier Lillee Marsh stand[click to see height] of the WACA… !! The pitch at Perth is at its most batting friendly on days 2 and 3 and Gayle was blowing away the Aussie attack which really looks thin with Siddle, Lee, Hilfenhaus injured.


As I marvel at the ferocious strokeplay of this mighty marauder from the Carribean I can see why a healthy West Indian side is most necessary for the cricket world… they have a certain swagger, sway and charisma that no other cricket team can possess, not even our Indian team and this comes from a Blind Indian Cricket Team Fan!!!!! Watching the windies do well is the third best feeling after watching my India win and Australia lose… !


Watching matches in Test matches at Perth is a different experience altogether… but getting over excited about Gayle’s six doesnt go down with the bug in my system as it decides to wringe my colon everytime I say Whoa ! deflating me… At times I would feel as badly hurt as some of these blokes in this video… !



I lay there Wincing in pain and at times wanting to pull my hair apart as the spasms decided to let me know what a woman in labour must be feeling.. ! Just than Gayle lobs a dolly catch to backward point and I feel the spasm pass away, tired and sort of feeling having overcome a battle with the herculean spasm I gather strength & miraculously am able muster enough courage to get up and fetch a glass of water for my thirsting tonsils all by myself as my angelic wife decided that instead of staying home while I was sick and listening to all my whims and orders for fruit juices it would be a better idea to announce to me that I have an appointment in the neighbouring building with the lady who was running a beauty parlour in her house & that I have to get my hair trimmed…


some one knocks !!! I presume its wifey back and finally I can go back to lying sick and keep ordering away


But when I open the door, Its her !!!!! yes yes… the woman I was talking about in the first line… !!! The same Sonam & Deepika combo !!!!!  Apparently she and wife are good friends these days and she had come to our building so came to say hi ! She is dressed in pink (wonder if she always wears pink), suddenly the spasm is completely gone, she looks like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer afternoon !!!!


But then as soon as I sense my senses coming back I realise…. SHUCKS !!!  I m unshaven, worst is the gray strands in my beard really stand up, am in my age old shorts, my hair aghast almost pulled apart by me a lil while back, looking sick and weirdo !!!!!!! God !!!! why o why !!!!!! did she have to come now, today ??? 😥 😥 😥 😥  


I tell her she has gone to the adjacent building to get her hair trimmed… that she wait I ll call her on her mobile, she smiles kindly like an angel would and gently tells me…   



“Nahi nahi… Theek hai bhaiya, main Hetal ko wahi mil loongi !” 


As I see her climbing down the stairs, My wife’s words return to haunt me… the first time I told her, I like her…


My wife told me I stand no chance… Sigh… ! 😐

As if I was trying…. Pah.. ! :mrgreen: ouch… the spasm returns…. the wincing continues… !



39 thoughts on “Perth, Gayle, Spasm, Angel …. err heartbreak

  1. Smita says:

    hehehehehehehehehe…..:D 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I can not simply stop laughing!!!

    Bhaiya!!! 😛

    Specially when it is Paresh Rawal welcoming Sonam & Deepika combo then to totally aisa hota hai!!!

  2. Vimmuuu says:

    LOL !!! poor you !!! I hadnt read that first post of yours; was lucky enough to have not known you back then 😀 😀 😀 😀

    These girls I tell you ! I donno from where they get that bhaiyya word all of a sudden !

    Why did your wifes words haunt you??? So you wanted a chance, huh?? 😀 😀

    ok, jokes apart, theres nothing that you can do now. So be a good bhaiyya and get her contact information from bhabhi !!! Let me see if I have a chance !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. Pixie says:



    It’s a bit difficult to get beyond that and comment!!!!! 😉



    *pixie walks away still laughing too hard to say anything!!*

    • hitchwriter says:

      it was heart breaking yaar… today they needed 51, the last wicket put another 15 runs.. and I swear to God Roach didnt nick the ball but was given out… and he reviewed the decision… and he was still given out as there was not enough evidence to reverse the decision of the onfield umpire… also point to note in the replays it didnt show any evidence he touched it… so they gave him out.. it was ridiculous.. truly heart break !

  4. umsreflections says:

    HA HA HA !!!! I would have loved to be hiding somewhere there in ur house and watched the whole thing….WOW, kya bath hai bhaiya !!!!

    Even I was fooled into thinking that this is a post on cricket…he he he….gud one, Hitch !!!! 😆

    What was Hetal’s reaction to the whole thing ????

  5. Saritha says:

    No comments on cricket,the other day i had to beg hubby to change the channel,full 2 days it was tensports.

    What made that female to tell u bhaiya? anka mara kya??

    The other we gave lift to one of my friend and when she got down she said bye anna (brother) to my hubby and he is thinking she didnt tell him,i had to tell him that she is calling him.

  6. Sandhya says:

    Hahaha, I read this post now…if I had read it yesterday, I would have nominated this in the ‘hilarious post’ category!

    What was Hetal’s reaction? Did you tell her?!!

  7. Indyeah says:

    will be reading the post too 🙂 but for now just wanted to say…
    Belated Happy Birthday! 😀
    Happy Birthday Dhiren! 🙂 how was it?:)
    missed reading your words Dhiren…and missed this mad blogging world 😀

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