a sunday morning at the barber’s shop… sigh ! :(

I have been tagged by Uma and Monu for the honest tag but somehow I am not able to write even one thing honestly, idea’s come but go again and I am left with only the rules of the tag written in the draft post…. so while I still try to write that, you girls will have to wait for a while… I am pretty desparate myself to put up a post but nothing seems worth enough to actually post, and then I just tweeted an incident and then I thought maybe its worth a post… so I deleted the tweet and thought lets try and write a post.. so here we go… lets see if I can actually write it and finish it…

I absolutely loathe going to the barbers shop on a Sunday. It is here that I realize that India really needs to curb its population… who wants to start a Sunday morning waiting for an hour in queue as one after the other unbathed male comes trying to influence the barber to seat him earlier than the ones already waiting reading the news paper or watching some silly tv programme or puffing cigarettes outside…

This is when I play my mobile game the most, though I hate it… Just as I get bored of the game and take out a cigarette to puff I see a guy with really long hair walk in and signals he wants a shave… when the barber asks him about a hair cut he solemnly shakes his head and says its perfect.

At times I marvel at people who have long manes and am always wonder how much patience it requires for such long hair to grow. I clearly am a guy short on patience… then I see a couple of people getting their heads shaved off… this one is short and sweet no style… simply get the hair shaved off… Shaakal type !!!

I want to get my head shaved off but always have resisted… once even we brothers had decided to do it… but I backed off after one brother of mine got his head shaved off… once or twice I have got myself a crew cut leaving just half a centimeter of hair on my head but… it looks awful on me with my round face and expanded cheekbones… its more suited to oval faces I guess…

however I have always maintained that when I go to Ladakh I will shave my head completely and go… don’t see the connection ??? neither do I 😐 … but I think its cool to shave the head off completely wear Raybans, puff a cigarette on the banks of Pangong TSO and get a pic clicked sitting on my jeep !!!! Sigh.. !

Anyways finally after an hour and 3 cigarettes later my turn came and as the barber was using the machine on my head… something inside me told me to get it shaved off… the whole head… but my normal self screamed no no no… !! Somehow I struck a balance and told the barber leave —– (yes those lines depict the length I indicated to him with my fingers) and shave off the rest… !!!! 😛 😛

The ordeal was soon over and I couldn’t believe I did it… as I looked in the mirror it was evident only one word was applicable, it simply looked nothing else but horrible… !

I told my barber….

(never mind the English translation)

Me : “Bahot bhayankar dikhta hai..”

Barber : “Main to pehle hi bola saab, aapke face pe suit nahi karega, hum experience se bolta hai”

Me : (trying to keep my chin up, with an ugly grin) “Koi nahi oye, bina kaante kaise pata chalta ??” 😛 😛

As I paid and started walking towards my Dio and looked at the mirror I knew it was not good still somewhere inside me something was still trying to grope for some help… like a sinking man trying to grab a slender piece of wood, I though… no at home they will say its different but cool… !

As I went in home my wife opened the door but she looked at me and was 😐 

and I said.. “I know it doesn’t look good !”

She said… “oh why did you do it again !” (she had seen me in a similar cut in college and it looked ugly back then as well)

But she maintained her composure and she knows I always am too conscious about how I look so she said… maybe it will take a day or too for the eyes to get used to it… she also said… well it doesn’t look so bad after all (wonder what that line means) !! Her attempt to boost was very feeble… but she got busy in her kitchen probably trying to stop herself from saying anything that would rub me the wrong way more… !!! 😥

As I went into the bedroom some noise came from the bathroom and I realized my son was inside… I went to look what he was doing and he was bathing and the moment he looked at me..

He simply pointed at my head, hair to be more specific and laughed out loud…just like this male Zoo Zoo in this Vodafone Ad :

and finally I knew I had now got the most honest frank opinion… !!!!! 😐 😐 😐

65 thoughts on “a sunday morning at the barber’s shop… sigh ! :(

  1. Just call me 'A' says:

    ……….i had to come back and tell you that the image of you with hair shaved off and travelling to ladakh is a really funny one….i can almost see your scalp reddening from the cold 🙂 LOL……and Ohhh behave as if you’ve had the best haircut ever :)…you never know…it might set off a trend 😀 LOL

  2. Rakesh says:

    Same pinch, finally I let go of my long hair 🙂

    But no, not the crew cut but still on the short spiky side !

    And full head shave in Ladakh ? Ok Done, I’ll shave your head for you there 😛

    Instead, on a serious note, you don’t need to shave your head off, a bandana would do the trick for the cool factor.

    And ya, kids give the most honest opinion he he…

    But at times, it’s difficult to comprehend. As soon as I was back, Yuvaan saw me and said “Yeh kya kar ke ayá” and started feeling my spikes.

  3. monikamanchanda says:


    pics please please pretty please

    “but I think its cool to shave the head off completely wear Raybans, puff a cigarette on the banks of Pangong TSO and get a pic clicked sitting on my jeep !!!! Sigh.. !”

    and what style man 🙂

    dont worry it will grow back soon

    • hitchwriter says:

      No way no pics… lol… I made a laugh at me story isnt that enough ???????

      I have way too many such symbolic things in my brain that I have to do… !!! I m totally filmy in that regard !!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

      Have to do a few of those this year… just gotta do them !!!!!

  4. masood says:

    hey hey…don’t fret. A few months back, just like you, out of instinct, I asked my barber to shave off my head. And though I did look like a joker for the first few days, eventually it looks pretty cool. Infact in order to look even cooler, I got my son’s head shaved too. And then everyone started saying we look so cute together!!! 😀 They all forgot that I looked like a jerk. Though I had a tough few days at work…I did have my son to save my ass there!!! :p

    Anyways, I think overall its a good thing for the hairs as well. And imagine..no maintenance at all or spending time in front of the mirror gelling or styling or worrying about a bad hair day…

    the only problem i oversee is the baldy head getting cold…i developed severe headaches due to that…hair provide warmth and resistance against the cold. so beware of that if that turns out to be a problem…buy a trendy skull cap.

    I think its all pretty cool…just getting used to is important…and now that you have your shaved head, do plan that trip to ladakh!!!!

  5. Swaram says:

    Yay! Hitchu is bk .. glad u decided to put this up as a post .. I just can’t afford the twitter addiction and have been off the same 😉

    I am so trying to imagine hw u wud look in Ladakh … do go soooon and post that pic Hitchu 😛 As Rakesh suggested, bandana will look cool and modern 😛 😛

    Hriday rocks 😀

  6. sraboneyghose says:

    Why didn’t you put up a photograph? Then you would have received an honest opinion from me…I like men with short hair – I think they look handsome 🙂

    I don’t know what it is with Indian guys but they like to get their hair cut without having a bath or combing their hair…You never see women going to the salon looking dirty…If you need to have a bath after the haircut, have it but that doesn’t mean you don’t have one before the haircut…Cheez!

  7. Smitha says:

    So Hitchy is back from his hibernation 🙂

    You should have posted your pics! This is not fair – you are denying us our right to give you an honest opinion 😉

    It can’t be that bad – am sure you will like it in a day or so. It will ‘grow’ on you 🙂 You know, long time back, when most of us were going abroad for the first time, we used to hear of seniors recounting about how expensive haircuts were – abroad. So one day, one of my teammates who was about to fly to the US came to work with the smallest haircut ever – apparently to ensure that he never has to get his hair cut while abroad 🙂

    ‘but I think its cool to shave the head off completely wear Raybans, puff a cigarette on the banks of Pangong TSO and get a pic clicked sitting on my jeep !!!! Sigh.. !’ – You do have an active imagination 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      I know how honest an opinion that can be… especially some evil souls will scrap all remaining hair off !!!!!! 😈

      Its ok coz I dont see myself so much in the mirror… !!! but when someone says it I again realise… !!!!

      Oh yea loads of guys who go abroad do that… !!!! one friend once got a hair cut in US for 25 bucks and he kept demanding the designer keep cutting more and more hair as if to vasool his 25 Dollars !!!!!! lol….

      My imagination is … lol… !!!! too many desires !!! 😛

  8. Smita says:

    This post demands an updated profile picture, a close up to be precise 😀

    Am sure you will get a bunch of honest opinions from the bologsphere 😀

  9. shilpadesh says:

    Hehehehe…sorry for laughing but had to get that out of my system. Pictures would immensely help in such cases though! (to get more people to LOL)
    Sometimes in my infinite laziness I also imagine myself being ganji…but then my womanly qualities intercede and I stop myself from going that route! It would be nice to be like shakaal though, and use wigs instead.

  10. Ashwathy says:

    hehehe…! 😀 awww poor you!
    ur right, shaved head suits oval faced ppl more. u have chubby cheeks and round face, which will look more prominent with short hair!

  11. Vimmuuu says:

    I guess we have a few parallel thinking at times Hitchy ! 😀 and I hear an “Oh no” from your end.

    Well, theres a reason behind it – I was in my final year PG. After college, I was passing through a barber shop and I had this similar urge to shave my head. I went in and without any second thoughts, I shaved the entire stuff !!! 😀 😀 I never thought about shaving my head till then, but it suddenly came up when I saw the shop. I didnt even have that much of hair to go for a normal hair cut even ! but f9rtunately, it looked good on me. 😀 😀 A few months back, I wanted to do it. But when I asked my fiance, she said she would stop the wedding !! No freedom for shaving also !!! 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      I once had this urge in the middle of college when a guy came in that hair style… no not totally shaved off… and I went from the canteen straight to the barber !!!!! 😛 and when I was back it was thrilling to take off my cap on my bike and stand up displaying proudly my new hair cut… !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 so i can understand the feeling and the parallels !!!

      Now you had the last excuse to walk out of this wedding and you didnt ??????? 😛 😛 😛

  12. Homecooked says:

    LOL….no pics to show us Hitchy? Dont worry its just hair…it’ll grow back 🙂 Your wife is a gem! I would have teased my hubby mercilessly just to make sure that he doesnt pull that stunt again 🙂

  13. umsreflections says:

    If there is anything you can cut and throw, it the HAIR !!!

    And you can expect it to be back to normalcy again, in a few days !!!!

    ROFL Hitch !!!

    Did you really do it ???? Put up a pic on FB, for us to see !!!!

    I am also struggling with my bad hair cut and praying for it to grow back fast, so that I can go for another hair cut !!!!! We never change. 🙂

  14. TanTanu says:

    Hey Hitchy(if I may call you that),

    Just saw your comment on my ‘Neither hair nor there post’ and came here to read this post.

    I feel going bald should have some connotation similar to something like – I’ve gone ‘commando’ today! – You know.. coming back from the barber and announcing – I’ve gone Shakaal today or something.. 😀

    I remember shaving off my hair once and my parents threatening to disown me. The barber however said ‘Sahab, mast gol sar hai aapka, no corners and all… sahi lag raha hai’.. and that was the only positive comment I had for a long long time.. 😀

    Also I had gone from flowing hair to no hair so the looks on other customers, while you sit there with half your scalp visible and the other half with a lofty crop, is priceless.

    So sometimes, I just do it for fun.. 😛



    (P.S.: Loved the Zoo Zoo reference.. should have included them in my post too)

    • hitchwriter says:

      Lol.. you must definitely call me hitchy… ! 😀

      I loved his comment aapka sar ekdum mast gol hai.. no corners… !! lol and my parents wanted to disown my bro too when he did shave his head… !!!!!!

      I can really imagine that half scalp and half lofty crop !!!!! 😛

  15. sakshi says:

    Hmm Ladakh + shaved head + jeep = 😯

    Well am ready to get my head shaved if that is the golden rule to get to ladakh 😛

    ROFL at hriday laughing off at you…yeah he is the best and honest critic 🙂

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