I disagree… totally…


According to me a Test batsman’s biggest Test is his ability to score against the toughest opponent in Test Matches in the backyard of the opponents which are supposed to be alien conditions.



Please read further only if you agree to that line.



Who were Australia’s Toughest Opponents in the last decade ??

I will reproduce the figures :



I hope you will agree… India has been their staunchest opponent in the last 10 years.



So I guess you judge the Aussie players most importantly against the toughest team.



Now a certain gentleman named Ricky Ponting has been declared the cricketer of the decade and I would like you to read below his performance against India in India.






Would you call Gavaskar one of the best openers if he would have failed in West Indies ???

Would you call Sachin the Master Blaster if he failed in Australia ??

Would Lara be a genius if he wouldnt score in Australia ??

Apparently a host of cricket experts and journalists seemed to have forgotten the above.

Infact the only Test tour that the Australians won in India was thanks to non action of Ricky Ponting, he got injured and a certain Micheal Clarke made his debut and scored a century and sealed India’s fate. Also to note is that Ricky did play one test in that series and Australia lost that on a square turner in Mumbai.

Even in 2001 the landmark series for India had Bevan played instead of Ponting who couldnt hit the ball off the square in one innings result could have been different.

The cricketer of the decade, in a decade when the bat has truly dominated, while batting in India against India, while 50000 people in the crowd bay for his blood, with 4 fielders around his bat, against the spinners simply BLINKS !!!

I rest my case…


If anyone deserved it I think it was Glenn Mcgrath or Adam Gilchrist who have won every territory they have played in… !!!! Even Warne faltered in India but did well everywhere else.

Glenn Mcgrath & Adam Gilchrist were the only two players who have a blemishless record against all countries either home or away… Plus in a decade where bat dominated the ball, Glenn Mcgrath was a marvel of consistency and I have not seen him hit around in Test matches ever apart from the 1 Test match in Eden in 2001.


40 thoughts on “I disagree… totally…

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    ok that was a comment to hold my seat and rest I read the tags and realized its about cricket I just dont have any knowledge abt it so I will give it a skip…

    but generally I hate ponting to the core so i am with u he doesnt deserve it

    • hitchwriter says:

      I wouldnt have an iota of opposition had he won it.. !

      Guess even former cricketers and journalists got lured by the bats !!!!! this decade has by far been the easiest for batsmen !

  2. Vimmuuu says:

    yeah, glen mcgratth deserves it !!!

    Whaaat ?? thats what everyones saying !!! I am a people person ! 😀

    Oh crafty kuttyyy….where are you ????…dhiren has come up with another cricket post !!!

    • Crafty Shines says:

      *crafty kutty was walking along the road trying to dodge reckless cars zooming past, when she hears a familiar call*

      Vimmuuu!!!!!!! What did u say….. OMG!!!! forget post…. Hitchu has a table put up…

      Crafty = 😯

      *vimmuuu has to catch crafty before she falls on the blog and hitchu’s blog has to be pulled down for repairs*

      Crafty = You know what we have to do, right?
      Vimmuuu = Yes, i have the stash of roasted channas

      Vimmuuu helps crafty climb wall, and then sits next to her, and they both throw roasted channas on Sports-Enthusiast-Commentors

      😆 😆 😆

      @ Hitchu: This went rocket over my head 😀 😀 😀
      But hugsssssssss anyways!! 😀

      • Vimmuuu says:

        Oh yeah tables !! but whats with the govinda colors, I say !! 😀 😀 😀

        “Vimmuuu helps crafty climb wall”…..seriously ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀

        *crafty throws roasted channas at vimmuuu now*

        all sports post goes over my head….but I still stand by my word :


  3. kanagu says:

    expected from you bhai… but the thing is he has scored all over the world except India.. if Warne can’t be questioned of his worthiness for his inability to pick wickets in India..then Ponting too can’t be… he is the most consistent batsmen in 2000s.. I agree…

    I don’t know whether he can be voted as player of decade… but surely batsmen of decade.. Dravid comes closer.. if not for the slump in 2008 and early 2009 Dravid would have been batsmen of decade in my list..

    for player of decade I guess.. it could have given to Muralidharan also for single handedly won matches for Sri lanka with not much support from others…

    • hitchwriter says:

      Its cricketer of the decade and I think it goes to guys who ensured their team won everywhere… and for that matter it has to be an Australian.

      Dravid was a fantastic batsman but his team never won series in Australia & South Africa. Murali never has seemed as threatening as Warne… plus his record in Tests in Australia is as bad as it can get. But we shouldnt be talking about batsman or bowler…

      As a cricketer you want someone who has been a winner everywhere… and I still feel Mcgrath and Adam Gilchrist have almost dominated everyone everywhere… unlike Ponting or Sachin (hasnt done well enough in Tests in South Africa)

      Kallis was another bloke but he was always nearly not there…

      Can you actually remember any country where Mcgrath has been not successful ?? or Gilchrist ??? they have blemishless careers as far as performances go… Ponting has a big blemish in India… how can that be overlooked ???

      Plus voting is not the best system to pick !!

  4. Smitha says:

    I came here thinking that you were going to write about how Hetal refused to give you Til ke ladoos because of the time you spend on your home internet 🙂 only to see this post 😦

  5. Crafty Shines says:

    Read few lines and fainted…. then regained consciousness and saw the table..

    Crafty = fainted for substantial time!

    😀 😀 😀

    sakshi asked about bats and balls? what’s that post?

    *expecting Indyeah to come running to cover crafty’s eyes and ears*


    BTW, she’s gone missing again? 😥

  6. Minal says:

    Agree – If purely numbers game yes – 9000+ runs in ODIs and Tests with 31 hundred in tests. But if the jury not going to read beyond the numbers then how can we debate?
    I had the exact same thing on my mind – he failed miserably against Aus’s toughest opponents. Also cricinfo editor Sambit Bal has further gone and dug his grave by justifying why cricinfo voted him as the player of the decade citing that the selection is beyond numbers and extends to the impact he had on the game. You should read the comments he has received.

    This is so contradictory cause the one cricketer whom we will never want budding cricketers to follow as a role model is Ponting. He is at best average as a captain ( Proof 2005 ashes when Aus was going to lose them for the first time in 16 years, 2008 Nagpur test – and many more!). He is bad sport, cheater and awful on-field behavior – remember Sydney Gate 2007?
    For the first time cricinfo has got it terribly wrong and stating that Indians on the jury voted for him does not justify his selection either which ways.

    What is appalling is Lara and Dravid got minimal votes – More than Sachin , Dravid’s contribution from 2001-2006 in winning tests abroad weighs much more. And Lara? The man who stood tall amongst ruins?
    And in a decade dominated by shorter boundaries, dead pitches, bowler unfriendly rules – the jury selects Ponting??? Crap! McGrath deserved it every bit!

    Do read that Sambit Bal’s editorial in cricinfo blogs – From the editor. It’s a joke! Did not expect such an article from him!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I read him and I even wrote to him, though I guess he gets overwhelming comments to expect a reply. The silliest part is that he says it goes beyond numbers. If it goes beyond numbers Ponting deserves it the least.

      Its beyond me how can you have a player of the decade who has simply failed to score in India, Australia’s toughest opponent in the decade ??? That is a HUGE Blot on his career… !

      Its not that I love Mcgrath, but I simply cannot question him, his performances, whether in India or England or South Africa or Sri Lanka or anywhere for that matter clearly indicate it.

      Lara & Sachin two of the greatest batsmen also have never completely taken Mcgrath apart… though they dominated on a few times, but Mcgrath has victories in the back yard of both these champions.

      Ricky Ponting if anything is a Bunny in tests in India !!!!!!!

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