Everyone’s a winner for a change…

Mumbai won the Ranji Trophy…

Cricket was the eventual winner…

The groundsman was winning praises…

and this kid won all the hearts ….

Just watch this video before I say anything… Even folks who do not like cricket, I sincerely request you guys to take a look at the athleticism….

Manish Pandey has surely won all hearts in this match, you felt for him just like you felt for Sachin after the Chennai Test Match India lost to Pakistan…

After a dodgy lbw for zero in the first innings, the kid walked out to bat at 47/3 chasing with Karnataka 292 runs away from victory with an angry Ajit Agarkar bowling really well… what followed was some breathtaking stroke play where this kid simply breezed through, pulling, hooking, cutting, driving and what not… He ended with 144 of 151 balls an innings studded with glourious shots. An India spot beckons… sooner than later… just keep churning runs and plucking catches like the one above out of no where… !!!!!!!!

I am sure every Mumbaikar’s heart too felt for this Karnataka lad as he fell short of pulling off a stunning comeback by his team.

The match than went into a gripping final hour and while there was a catch dropped with Karnataka needing just 8 runs & it just seemed Mumbai had lost it… but the bull dogs of Mumbai, who in many ways are in Domestic Cricket what Australia is in world cricket, never said die….

Karnataka lost but cricket won…. ! A wonderful cricketing spectacle…Β  !

I hope this match has opened the eyes of the BCCI as to how to go about preparing pitches, thanks to a wonderful wicket, this match was much more talked about and much much more exciting and pleasurable to watch than the series in Bangladesh. 5 day cricket is alive and its Kicking with some VIGOUR !!

P.S. – A 20 year old young rookie fast bowler Abhimany Mithun of Karnataka is another young quickie to watch out for… !!!!! You will hear about him in the days to come… !!!!!


51 thoughts on “Everyone’s a winner for a change…

  1. Desi Ninja says:

    mind blowing catch. only if our playing XI did half as good as him. even yuvi has got a paunch now and certainly not as agile as his early days.
    looks like it’s time to inject fresh blood again :mrgreen:

  2. Indy says:

    Another cricket post…wish I could have the same passion for the sport , sadly can’t follow a thing! When I watch it with hubby to give him company I get a lot of slaps on the shoulder,and ear piercing “OH NO!!”, whenever India misses a catch or doesn’t get enuff runs…baap re…such madness!

    BTW I was wondering if u can see my replies on Twitter?

  3. Minal says:

    Hitchwriter: There is no doubt that it was a terriffic match but not everyone was a winner – I think Karnataka must be heartbroken!
    Anyways read the latest article by Harsha on cricinfo (http://www.cricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/444039.html)about India’s batting riches and Prem Panicker’s further analysis of the same. (http://prempanicker.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/future-perfect)

    Until the big 3 retire , it will be tough for these youngsters to break through the test line-up and if the waiting period is long they could lose their zest. Possible. But what Harsha offers as solution is fantastic – get the talent to play in India A and arrange tours to all possible nations – Aus, Sa, Eng , WI where their skills will be tested, they will get international exposure, they will not rot on the domestic circuit and will be up and running when the national side calls them. Just wish BCCI appoints Harsha as the consultant – what a delight it will be!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I m sure Karnataka must be heart broken, werent we heart broken after Chennai, wasnt Sachin crying after that match ?

      I meant to say they won our hearts… Manish Pandey surely did… !

      As far as the breaking in the team is concerned, I have a clear opinion, score enough runs and put pressure on the big 3. More than the big 3 I think Yuvraj is the one who will be immense pressure & he will really have to keep scoring runs or these kids will make it difficult for him.

      Regarding the A tours, our board simply refuses to understand. After Mark Taylor’s team was beaten in India he requested the board to send more youngsters to visit India so that the youngsters would develop skills to play spinners.

      As a result when Micheal Clarke debuted in 2004, he was a ready product and defied Harbhajan and Kumble and eventually they put it across, had the chennai test in that series not rained off it would still have been 2-2, but the point is the Australian board put in an effort to send more of their youngsters to the subcontinent to get ready.

      Bcci has started sending a few tours, but it never seems like they want to win series in Australia or South Africa, coz if they wanted you would see us playing there more often also they would arrange itinearies to suit our team.

      Why dont they arrange 2 four day matches against local Australian teams before the first Test ?? Coz they simply dont care… havent they seen always that by the time the Indian team gets adjusted to the bouncing pitches and get their act together the series is already gone ??

      Sigh… I would be jumping in joy if Harsha would be an advisor.. If wishes were horses…

      and yes I had read that Harsha article… now off to read Prem Panicker ! πŸ˜€

      • Minal says:

        Yeah you are right about the Clarke bit. But BCCI will not learn from other countries especially Aus. BCCI is Band of Crazy Crackbrained Idiots!It’s frustrating that they cannot see the obvious nor do they do anything to promote talent or hone the skills of young players. There is politics everywhere and it’s all a money game. They will extend IPL but they will not incorporate Aus/Sa/Eng tours or tours for ‘A’ teams either! We are banging our heads against the wall right?

  4. Vimmuuu says:

    Bhaaaiii, for the first time I actually read a sports post ! well, thats because I watched the video first and then read it !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Amazing catch; the guy was literally flying in the air. Now thats what I call passion ! Amazing !

    *Vimmuuu after making his comment turn towards Crafty. This time, she throws roasted peanuts on Vimmuuu for reading and even commenting on a sports post* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Crafty Shines says:

      @ vimmuuu:

      *crafty peeped over vimmuuu’s shoulder while he watched the video*

      I’ll agree with u, this one had to be encouraged!!

      but don’t repeat it :mrgreen: if we don’t throw the channas at ppl, we end up eating them…. and that’s not good for the waistline…. u have a wedding reception stage to stand on!!! 😈

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Anu says:

    Franky, wouldn’t have commented if I hadn’t seen the video first πŸ™‚ (Now u know what you’ve to do to make me read cricket posts :P) *Runs before Hitchwriter yells, “Who do u think you are? Madonna?”)* πŸ˜€

  6. kanagu says:

    thats an amazing catch bhai.. I heard about that.. thanks for the video.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ this guy is extremely talented.. his shot making is really exceptional… hope the selectors gives chance to him…. he is going to make it big….

    but Mumbai… as you have well put.. they are the Australian side of Indian domestic cricket….

    this is the best wicket we can get for final… I hate ranji matches as they are decided by the first innings lead.. most of the 2 teams will just complete their one innings in 4 days 😑

    hats off the curator of the pitch for final…. πŸ™‚

    • hitchwriter says:

      absolutely hats off to the curator !!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Absolutely loved the match !!!!!

      and seriously if pitches were like this.. they would all try to win instead of the first innings lead.. !

      hope the Bcci learns from this !

  7. Mohan says:

    Though I was away from city during this match, I was following up the updates via internet. It was one of the closest Ranji finals ever I suppose! I truly admire this young lad Pandey! Wish to see him playing for the courntry sometime very soon πŸ™‚

  8. Swaram says:

    Yup! Cricket won πŸ™‚
    We lost but we won πŸ™‚
    It ws a treat to watch Manish Pandey playing! The longer version is alive n kicking indeed πŸ™‚

  9. Charakan says:

    Yes it was a great match, one of the closest Ranji finals ever. I saw the innings of Pandey for sometime and thought Karnataka will surely win and was shocked to hear the news of Mumbai victory at night. Yes as you correctly described Mumbai is like Australia fighting till the end . I never support Mumbai or Australia in cricket as I always like the underdog . It seems there were some doubtful umpiring decisions on that final day which helped Mumbai

    • hitchwriter says:

      I never support Australia… but having said that I do know one thing, they have the idea of cricket very clear in their brains and they do most things right !!!!

      Mumbai in many ways have the right cricketing attitude and culture… ! and hence they win.. this time without many stars… !

      A few umpiring decisions were dodgy… yes… but umpires do err… especially when the pressure is on… and the atmosphere was terrific on the final day… !!!

  10. sakshi says:

    Just bcoz everyone is saying I will also say “nice catch” sigh!!! Don’t take this as an inspiration to write more cricket posts ok? btw is that guy Wasim?? :mrgreen:

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