of yearnings …

for fresh air to fill my lungs,

for lonely hours with a fishing rod,

for a few oranges and a book,

the green surroundings,

the squirrels jumping,

the birds chirping,

the mountain in the distance,

the cloudy sky,

the misty feel

SIGH !!!!!



84 thoughts on “of yearnings …

  1. Sakshi says:

    Socho ke jheelo ka shahar ho
    lehro pe apna ek blog adda ho

    hum jo dekhe sapne pyaare
    sach ho saare bas aur kya

    Smi banaye banana bread
    Sols beedi baante
    OG rajma banaye
    Swar poora jagah saaf GREEN rakhe
    Vimmu gaana gaye
    Crafty naache disco disco
    Hitchy aur sakshi bar pet khaana khaye :mrgreen:

    PS: IHM will take pics of us both and post it saying “Lazy Bums get pampered at the expense of fellow bloggers” 😥

  2. Pixie says:

    Oh dear…
    I have so much work and now, this post.. that pic.. those lines…

    Me too! I want to get away from here and go some place far far away!!

    I just want to sit there, or maybe lie down on a hammock, with the birds humming, water gurgling and a good book in my hand… me, reading away!! 🙂
    Super lines Hitchu!

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