Why doesnt he just shut up ??


While Mr Chidambaram cant do any thing as a Home minister… I m totally aghast that he feels he has to speak about cricket being done a disservice and if he is so worried why doesnt he go about wooing all the IPL franchisees and request them to take up Pakistani players ???

WTF I mean doesnt the home minister have any work but to come in Press conferences and worry if Pakistani cricketers have been included in IPL or not ????

Just Shut up man and do your work.. !

Home Minister & his ministry has no business to be commenting on these issues…


p.s. Must clarify I do not think the IPL boycotted Pakistani players because of any sentiments, but they were simply worried that what if they contract them and they are not allowed to play, so they opted for safe investments rather than risk on the Pakistani’s !

If they indeed did pick the Pakistani players out of sentiments like my friend Kislay thinks…  I would be mighty pleased at this SNUB !! I think we cannot have any sort of ties with a country that breeds terrorists and sends them across to kill our civilians… especially when our Govt. fails to do anything about it… 😦


50 thoughts on “Why doesnt he just shut up ??

  1. umsreflections says:

    Hey !!! I thot this was not a cricket post !!! But it is. Its for the sake of cricket, right ???

    Hitch, politicians in India want to poke their nose into everything other than their department matters. PC is no exception. They find fault with other ministers and other departments, while their own dept is doing nothing.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Nope Uma.. I wouldnt have written.. as such I hate the whole idea of IPL… 😦

      but Home ministers must be doing somehting more important… this aint worth it… !

      If people like PC wont stick to their jobs… who will ??

  2. masood says:

    Agree. But maybe his comment was warranted because it became a political issue than a logistic one. Paki crickets believed that they were being victimized and blamed India for being insulted. If the players felt that they were not picked because of logistic reasons, I don’t think we would have any issues.

    But who the hell is he to tell that not picking a bunch of crickets is a disservice to cricket? The world does not stop if a handful of players don’t play. Why should a franchise invest on someone who may or may not even get a chance to play. In the end, it is about the money.

    Eitherways, in a country where things get politicized for nothing, this is a pretty ripe topic where anyone and everyone has an opinion.

    • hitchwriter says:

      It became a political issue in Pakistan… why the heck should we even entertain such questions… !!!!! As a home minister he is representating the country… he should not care two hoots about if pakistani players wre not picked or australians were picked or whatever… !!!!!!!

      IPL is different… Home Minister’s job is to secure the country… ! not this ! *period*

  3. anishthomas says:

    IPL is all about business.So franchises was worried about there investemnet and for tht very reason they didn’t consider pak players.Everyone knows it.As a citizen chidambaram can comment about it, But he could have avoided that press conference coz it was non of his business

  4. Swaram says:

    Things r just being blown out of proportion 😦 Hw did he even call this disservice to cricket as a whole!!!!

    Just Shut up man and do your work.. ! – He hs none 😛 Pretty much evident isn’t it 🙂

  5. sraboneyghose says:

    I agree with you – I think the IPL franchisees were being pragmatic & not sentimental…There’s no place for sentimentality where money is involved…If SRK feels so much for the Pakistanis, why didn’t his team contract anyone? Because he had the same fears of losing money as the other owners…He can go live in Pakistan for all I care…

    • hitchwriter says:

      lol… I didnt want to .. I m not an IPL fan… neither do I like T-20 cricket that much… 😦

      but why the home minister thinks it is a disservice to cricket is rubbish… if he has his views.. he can air them as a person… not as a home minister… He shouldnt care less.. actually.. why did he have to clean his lap I can never figure !

  6. Pixie says:

    Couldn’t help, but agree with you!

    how could they be sentimental especially where money is involved?!!
    I guess they were being practical in terms of their money…

  7. suranga says:

    Abhinav Bindra has problems with the selections, the government gets in on the act. Hockey fellows are up in arms, the professional sporto-politician , kalmadi interferes. IPL currently doesnt have any active politicians interfering. So now that this Pakistan thing is there, the HM wanted to muscle in. Not a good omen. All sports with political interference are messed up.

    And whats with the Pakistani players complaining about not being selected ? The teams not only shell out money for them (pay them) , but must undergo the uncertainity of they being available. You cant force someone to buy something.

    Do you buy Tur Dal at Rs 99 a kilo ? No. You wait …….and change the menu.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Alas but the shooting association or common wealth games or the hockey blokes dont get the limelight… lol…

      Guess PC thought he must use his ARTICULATE words and try and woo people… wonder why did he even bother to woo the Pakistani cricketers is beyond me… !!!!!!

      Bout the pakistani players complaining about not being picked… I totally felt it utterly silly !!!!!

      The least they could do was keep their mouth’s shut…. !!!!!! HA HA… but i love their reactions… even their boards… !!!!

      While I get your point about Tur Daal…. sigh… I still do buy… no lunch without gujarati daal !!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

  8. monikamanchanda says:

    u know hitchy circket between india and pakistan has never been only cricket its always been as good as a war… dont u agree our world cup final is always the india-pakistan match in these circumstances the IPL issues was going to roll up into a big political issue & thats why he intercepted and I personally think that art, sports etc have to be left away i mean serious from this and we need to accept

    • hitchwriter says:

      No Monu… it was cricket only… I never thought that way… Also our final has been Australia… especially since the last decade we have beaten Pakistan quite easily !

      Political issue ???? How does it become a political issue ?? This is commerce…

      IPL doesnt select Pakistani players… what can the Indian govt do… even Pak govt is silly to put their fingers here… !

      Yes sports & arts should be dealt differently… but when a country trains terrorists, sends them to your country… you have full evidence yet you cant do nothing… as a home minister… the least you can do is keep your mouth shut and not worry about a disservice to cricket… !

      If he had to say anything he could have done it in a pvt interview where they were interviewing P Chidambaram… as a Home Minister who called a press conference… he has no business WHATSOEVER !

  9. Smita says:

    I am totally with you on this!!! In fact I was having this discussion with a fren & I said, what if these players were bought & a terror strike happens in India (sponsored by Pak) and ties again go back to zero then what?

    And if people say that they shouldn’t have been invited at all then all I say is there is no better insult than this. They kill our people and we prefer to kill their ego’s! Period! I might sound radical, people might say game & politics shouldn’t be mixed but I feel Indo-Pak relationships are way beyond those sentiments!

    • Smita says:

      And yes HM am sure has much more pressing matters to attend to but then in India there isn’t any publicity better than cricket is it? But the point is does he need it? This govt seriously is useless!

      • hitchwriter says:

        True… ! Also these IPL teams do have a pretty active fan club… all have their sites if you check and lots of interaction with a lot of fans… !!

        Not all want the Pakistani’s.. plus each team is allowed only 4 foreign players.. ! so why risk if you are not sure about the participating players… each one can easily avoid pakistani players and yet select the type of player he wants… !

        Common sense… I felt it was the Pakistani players who hit the axe on their foot by crying foul… !!!!!!

        This is like kids stuff… if you are not invited to a birthday party you cry and go to Mom !!!!!!!! I couldnt stop guffawing to myself !!!!!!! teee heee

  10. moi says:

    I know, why it is taken as a political move to snub pak players?? I think its a private enterprise, they have their own rights to decide whom to select and whom to leave out.

    • hitchwriter says:

      India-Pak Matches are extremely popular coz we play against each other… !!

      This is different… plus IHM like I said… they were also worried how the public would take it if they hired Pakistani players for their team … ! The clearance was always going to be a problem… !

      Last year all the Pakistani players were not allowed to play thanks to 26/11, but they got their money… do you think anyone can give a guarantee by the time the IPL happens nothing will happen and all Pakistani players will be allowed to play ??

      Infact SRK has been shooting his mouth everywhere that they should have been picked… why didnt he pick them then… !!! just read Sraboney’s comment !!!!! I love it !

  11. Sakshi says:

    That’s it!!!! You wrote about cricket and Chidambaram in one post 😯 Both the CC’s are beyond my understanding and I am boycotting your blog in the name of IQ harassment 🙄 :mrgreen:

  12. Smitha says:

    ‘ I do not think the IPL boycotted Pakistani players because of any sentiments, but they were simply worried that what if they contract them and they are not allowed to play, so they opted for safe investments rather than risk on the Pakistani’s ! ‘ – I so totally agree with you! IPL is all about business and if they feel that a particular country’s players are a rishy investment – they will not go for it – plain and simple! I don’t understand why Chidambaram had to go and comment on it – he should have just stayed away from this unnecessary controversy.

  13. Parul says:

    Very right !! He should just mind his own business as a home minister!!
    And totally agree with your last comment about not having any ties “with a country that breeds terrorists and sends them across to kill our civilians”

  14. Solilo says:

    Let me get to SRK first. As I tweeted too then, he was the man with power. The power to pick whoever he wanted. Why didn’t he pick Pakistani players if he thinks that they are the best T20 players? Why go to the extend of saying that his father was Pakistani. Everyone knows what happened in 1947.

    Now that ‘My Name is Khan’ is geared up for release, he needs everyone to make it a blockbuster. I don’t think he cares hoots about Pakistani players.

    Miandad should just shut up. He should be the last person to call anyone Mafia.

    Chidambaram was just being PC. He is best at that. 😀

    Now coming to the actual issue, I think there was no need to invite Pakistani players and humiliate them. Every child knows that there is tension between two countries so they could have cited security reasons at the beginning.

  15. Crafty Shines says:

    Since the comments are off on the Bday wishes post…….. lemme write the irrelevant gushing comment here!!

    i have no words either!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((sooper tight hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    thank u hobbes!!!!! that comic strip was perfect! i think its better than words! 🙂

    am glad to have met you! *more hugsssssss*

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