the first week at home…

Before I start rambling off let me first solve the quiz …

The only guy to guess it correct at the first go was Karate Kid errr Brat and I have been rewarding him enough already !!! 😉

Monu guessed it correctly too but in her third try ! The last pic was actually clicked by leaving the shutter open for a while and then in the balcony we were using the mosquito killing racket for about 2-3 minutes and all the lights are the number of mosquitos that were killed during that time… !!!! 😛 😛 

So finally I have a sunday today after two weeks, last sunday was in training and so didnt get a weekend off… but finally its a day to relax and chill and we have a plan to go to Valia (40kms from bharuch) to have some lovely home made chicken masala served to us… !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 So looking forward to tonight’s dinner ! 😀

The last week has been eventful and have been rushing by… having to travel, train, settle, meet new colleagues and so many hours spent observing, understanding things and getting ready to put thoughts into action… ! Largely life has been rustling and bustling and thankfully everything has been good and no mishaps… well none but one…  when in over slept in the volvo while returning from Bharuch and travelled another 60 kms… ! 😐

It so happened my bus was late, instead of 9.30 it came at 10. My travel agent had told me it would reach Bharuch at 7 so the half hour delay meant 7.30. The bus conductor said 7 too ! At about 6 I woke up to see the highway and no hotels were visible… and I thought in my mind that I had to stop the bus as I had this huge urge… as I prepared to get down, luck, which has changed it seems for the better (touchwood), the bus turned into a hotel, we stopped !!

It was Galaxy Hotel, the name sounded familiar, the dining area etc too.. and I thought I had eaten Bhajiya’s here once.. I asked one fellow,

“Bharuch ketlu ?” (meaning how far is Bharuch)

“60kms” pat came the reply

I relaxed and did my stuff and took out a cigarette and was just enjoying the cold morning mist and breeze on the highway puffing & thinking of the training days gone by and the implementation to be done… when I noticed that if I were going from Surat to Bharuch I should be on the other side of the highway… I turned around and tried to figure this side or that side and it seemed I was on the side which would be right if I were going from Bharuch to Baroda… so I went to ask a guy at the counter of the hotel,

Where is this hotel situated ?

“Por” came the reply to my horror !!!!!!! I had crossed Bharuch by a good 60 kms and phew… I suddenly rushed and asked the conductor why he didnt wake me up and he said I screamed so hard… 5 people got down at Bharuch… Sigh… I still cant believe he drove from Pune to Por in 8 hours !!!!!!!

thankfully there were many buses going towards Bharuch on the same hotel and I did my changing but in that I forgot my Biwi’s shaawl in the bus sigh !!!!

The first week has been busy and hectic, the colleagues in the new office are quite nice, most are young and very energetic and quite co-operative I must say, the environment seems positive and it should help, now for me to work really hard… !

Also have started playing cricket in the mornings and the first day involved a finger injury and one ball decided to just jump as I bent to field it and decided it liked my Ear more than my hands… it was painful to say the least and the ear was ringing… Remember the doordarshan “teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” before it starteed….. yes, I could hear that same sound… thankfully no bleeding ! 😐

Feels good to sweat it out in the morning and the body is now quite well, after the first day’s play I was locked, I walked almost like a ROBOT !!!!!! but now its getting used to bowling 4-5 overs daily and that should help get the belly in…. ! 😀 😀

Another blasphemy happened when one of my bro’s colleagues (I play with my bro and his colleagues) pointed at me and asked my bro,

‘Pela kaka kaun che ?’ (who is that uncle, kaka is gujarati for uncle ! ) 😐

SIGH ! 😐

Talk of giving fodder to my readers … but what the heck… I have been away and I want my legs pulled… Lol…

I will now be rambling for sure… hang on guys and I am now starting to read blogs and make my reader lighter… !!!!!!

Life is happening … ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

36 thoughts on “the first week at home…

  1. sands says:

    You went 60 kms ahead and a person like me would start getting ready 60 kms before my stop :-)), my husband sleeps happily on all journeys knowing his paranoid woman won’t let the stop slip by!

  2. Ashwathy says:

    Look at you hitchu!!!! U sound so alive and kicked!!! 😀 😀 😀
    See? Its happening!! The change in life we were talking about!!!
    There’s so much happening… ur life is changing … and ur loving it :mrgreen:

    And as for ur body getting flexible again, told ya na… give it some more time and you’ll be a mini Hrithik!!! 😉 :mrgreen:
    no seriously the exercise will do u good and the best part is, u dont even feel it is exercise coz u r having fun! 😀 😀 😀

    LOL @ oversleeping in volvo!! Life is all about adventure, hobbes! 😀

    ROFL @ ‘teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ in dooradarshan… I can SO imagine that. omg I hope ur ok now…considering u were talking on the phone to me last nite and didnt get confused that it was crafty, i guess its ok!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. Aarti says:

    Wow, it sure has been one roller coaster fun weekend… Hope ur allsettled in and gotten into a rhythm…

    :)Rofl at that Teeeeeeeeeeeee noise ringing in ur ear

  4. UmaS says:

    Kakaji, namaste !!! LOL 😆

    Gud to read your rants and all that u write !!! 🙂

    All the while, you’ve made sure the fact that you are a great foodie. Now, it seems that you sleep toooo well. 😉

  5. Rakesh says:

    he he… Kaka, beejo sun chale che Bharuch maan?

    It is great being home, innit and now you’re there for good. Sigh!

    Of all the things I miss, it is the Sunday cricket that I miss the most. My friends tell me that now that i’ve gone, nobody plays cricket anymore coz. I used to be the one who used to send smses every Saturday evening to everyone reminding them to wake up and reach the ground at 7 am.

    What’s up with the Ladakh trip btw? Is it happening?

  6. maverickshree says:

    Quiet eventful week haan…i think when it comes to sleeping guys can’t be beaten by anyone else 😉 Some of my cousins(guys) too have same missed stations stories to narrate 😛

  7. Pixie says:


    you missed your stop and got down 60 kms away?!! This happened in Mumbai also na?!! 😛 😛 😛

    I told this to EVERYONE at home!!!!!!!! buhahahahahahaha 😈

  8. Karate brat says:

    yeahhh!! i am the king of the world!! wooohooo!!

    i won ! i won! i won! I WONNNNNN!! 😛 😛


    hey wait a sec….wht did i just win? Dont u think i deserve some trophy or something for this?

    there goes my detective skills down the drain!

    Anyway i liked ur post man…maaan thts really scary to skip ur bus stop!

    and man..i was expecting some filmy mithun da type stunts frm u …u know…like u running behind the bus and doin some heroic somersaults just to retrieve ur wife’s shawl …..
    but instead u had to be boring and smoke a stupid cigarette ! uncles these days r soo boring…tsk.. tsk.. Anyway

    Been there..done tht,,,i had also many teeees and blackouts during my life where i got bombarded with cricket balls n footballs all over my body!And i am still alive to tell u the tale.

    Next time u wanna catch a mosquito ,i bet u would wanna try this technique ! to catch a mosquito using a chopstick! hehe adios oh ghost who blogs! 🙂

  9. Vimmuuu says:

    So, what are you getting that karate brat for his victory ???

    I am not the only one who has issues with time and geography when I travel ! 😀 😀 😀

    All the best for the new life ! 😀

  10. Badz says:

    Aww….. Bless you!
    You have had an interesting week.
    Started playing cricket again??
    Sweet. 🙂

    And poor Hitchy getting old that he’s now being called kaka.
    Oh well! Once you get your “fitness” back it will be back you Dhiren or Dhiren bhai rather than uncle/kaka. 😉

  11. kanagu says:

    thats really cool to hear from you bhai 🙂 🙂

    and you have become uncle… congrats 😀 😀

    and I am really jealous of you as you are playing cricket daily morning… here nothing 😦 😦

    enjoy…. 🙂 🙂

  12. Pal says:

    Dhiren Kaka, that was a very newsy and interesting post. Over-sleeping, chicken masala, getting hit on the ear.. what an eventful first week 🙂 Waiting to read more 🙂

  13. suranga says:

    I think I need to step in for a while and call u “beta”…. what with all this uncli-fication going on.

    Glad to know that you are well settled in the family’s folds so to speak. Have a great time. (Though I supoose the Undhiyu season is now over :-(…..)

  14. sakhi says:

    ROFL… “kaka”??? Seriosly hitchy, tu kaka jevo lage chhe??? saaru thayu te mane kahi didhu… now i am prepared what to expect when i meet you 😛 😛

  15. mandira says:

    kaka, it looks like ur life is in 4th gear! sahi hai! 4th gear is better than a life that drags with nothing exciting happening….
    glad to hear new office walas are nice.. nothing btr than a conducive work environment with nice colleagues..:)

    btw, have u bought the biwi a new shawal yet?

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