another week goes by… !

Hey people, its been a very very busy week ! plus very less access to internet doesnt help… ! I havent replied to the comments in the last post and I need to do that, reading blogs is becoming increasingly difficult as I am rarely able to blog hop so please excuse my absence from some of the places, reading will still take some time to come back in… sigh !

As much as they say dont be a Taansen be a Kaansen, I cant help being a Taansen… its inherent in me… ! 😐

So while I dont have time to read and visit places I still have lots to tell people… it also seems the blog is also becoming a sort of a diary…  btw I would love to show you this welcome I got at coming back to Bharuch…


Well in Gujarati they have written : Shuddh Shakahari !!!!!!!! They obviously dont mean me !!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

Although Gujarat serves enough nonveg, there is a special emphasis on pure-veg restaurants, the variety of food available is totally awesome, gujarati’s by nature are a food loving community and being here means one thing for sure, I aint STARVING TO DEATH !!!!!!!! (in case you guys got worried… :P)

The English obsession of this state is unbelievable, every good English speaking guy or girl is always looked upon as a cool dude/dudette. So if you speak english well be sure a lot of them will be in Awe of you !!!!!!!!  The spelling mistakes are classical throughout the entire state and I hope to now share them here as and when I come across them… ! What is also apparently apparent is people here can speak English without using Gujarati words, but cannot speak Gujarati without using english words, the language has totally been diluted, its a fusion of Gujarati and English !!!! you might as well call it Gujinglish !!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 if this word sets the precedent… I surely want all the rights as I have just discovered it and established it… ! 😛 😛

The other thing I have realised and realise it more and more with each passing day, I dont like the IPL, I dont like T-20 format all that much and with my Indian players playing against each other I just dont know which team I support…. Test Cricket is the best form of cricket and its getting proven to me all the time…

I strongly feel IPL is a pure example of killing the goose that laid the golden egg… already the popularity is not what it was, with two teams being added…next season will have 94 matches !!!!!!!!!! Absurd… two matches everyday for 45 days is not logical not practical and not at all something you crave for… ! We recently went to Inox to see a movie and were shocked that we were the only 7 people to go for the match and infact we left the match half and came out as the bloody owners didnt run the A/c trying to save money !!!!!! 😐

I cannot believe I would ever write something like this, but I have not seen one match fully, it simply doesnt matter to me, believe me you I consider myself and actually am a very very very big fan of cricket, but guess I am a fan of Test Cricket, even ODI cricket doesnt sound all that appealing to me anymore unless against Australia or South Africa… !

Too much Cricket Mr. Modi too much and much tooo commercial… its better to see a bit of bitter rivalry, but what we see is a celebration where everyone is simply making money and this mindless market wont last forever, the consumer will lose interest eventually ! I hope I have made some wise proclamation !!! 😛 😛

The only fear I have is with so many matches making people shell out so much money for tickets, they will have no money left for Test Matches !!!!!! Guess I am obsessed with Tests but thats what Cricket is all about a contest between bat and ball not between two batting sides where the bowler is reduced to a pauper… This comes from a guy who is a fast bowler at heart !!!!! Sigh 😐

Anyways… money is what drives any and everything, the other discerning fact I am obsessed with is Trees rather the lack of them in Gujarat suddenly ! Over the last 3-4 years some massive investments, developments and humongous infrastructure projects are going on, we have heard of thousands of crores worth of Mou’s etc being signed everymonth. While a lot of Gujarati’s were going gaga about the investments and development of Gujarat, what I have seen and realised is tremendous chopping of trees, societies where everything is in concrete no trees. Wonder how all people are forgetting that Trees are the life line for us humans… Unless some drastic turnaround is made and fast the weather here will be unbearable !!

I think in the next 10 years the amount of Plastic and the industrial waste combined with this mad rage to build concrete roads and huge buildings and structures… this state will develop only in quantity but the quality of living here will be most horrible !!!!! Man it seems is obsessed with development but I kinda feel its obsession with destruction… !!!! Sigh…

We friends are thinking of starting a plantation initiative if anyone can help and suggest some way please do, right now its only an idea and we have no clue how and what to do… and we are trying to find out !


And now before I keep ranting and ranting I would like to part with this song, I had almost forgotten this song from one of my most favourite movies, Gardish ! Recently I heard it about 15 days back and since then there has not been a day where I havent heard it once, infact had it playing in the loop once for 25 times !!! Do listen to this song and enjoy its SP and Asha at their very best !!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

So folks I hope you loved the song, it was a desert after a badly cooked meal to leave the reader going back a lil happier to the comments section !!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

Cheerios… until next time…

-Hitchy !!! 😀

53 thoughts on “another week goes by… !

  1. Nu says:

    you know the song screen shows Kajol and Ajay before you hit the play button…I was puzzled as to when did K and A acted in Gardish !

  2. maverickshree says:

    Thank Go !!! At last somme guy ha admitted that IPL are really really becoming boring hubby is just mad behind these matches…i hope very soon,he too starts feeling so 😉

    • hitchwriter says:

      This aint just some guy !!! this is one crazy fan of cricket who is admitting it and I for the first time in my life have ever said that in my life… and I think that really says something ! 😛 Hope your husband too follows… but I hope his love for real cricket, Tests remains !!!!!!!

      • maverickshree says:

        Yeah..i think i know how big cricket fan you my intial blog hopping days..i always located your one or 2 cricket related posts..which i must say i always skipped reading 😉 I am sure ,My hubby will never gonna feel bored by these matches..even if God comes down hehehe 😛

  3. UmaS says:

    Whatever is the post, Hitch has to touch the cricket part, somewhere. 🙂

    Yes, I’ve seen quite a few bad spelling boards, here in Chennai too. So, its not Gujarat or TN, it can be seen anywhere in India, I think. LOL !!!

    I can feel the enthu in ur voice, by reading this post – looks like Hitch is quite happy to be at Bharuch. All the best and take care !!! When the dreams come true, hold on to them. 🙂

    SPB is one of my fav playback singers and I like the way he laughs in-between the songs, while singing at a particular word or so. His voice is damn gud, even now his voice sells. 🙂 Nice song, yes indeed.

    • hitchwriter says:

      His voice doesnt sell… lol… it connects… atleast with me ! 🙂 Be it Roja or that movie humse hai muqabla songs… ! 🙂

      For a change I had to write something about Cricket boring me aint that something !!!!!!! 😛 😛

      I for now have to capture such spellings and silliness and bring it here !!!!!!!! 🙂 I am keeping my eye open !!!!!!


  4. chatterbox says:

    Good to learn you are having a fantastic time eating all you love with lots of fun added by the hilarious spelling errors 😀
    I am not a fan of Cricket so no thoughts on your love for the game 😀

    Good luck with your plantation initiative 😀

    Enjoy 😀


  5. Sandhya says:

    Wel-come back! Or Well-come back!

    I thought English obsession was more here, in the South, esp. Tamilnadu. Even the subziwala near our house manages to express himself to the new IT bachelor crowd of mixed languages, when the boys come to shop for vegetables on Saturdays!

    Yes, you are right! Too much ‘fast food’ like cricket. I see my husband dozing while watching matches nowadays…normally he is obsessed with cricket. He can recount each and every ball of test matches. His commentary used to be and is, even now, while watching the replay of old matches …Gavaskar will be out in this ball…Kapil will hit a four now…Azhar’s score will be this much in this match, etc.

    ‘Man it seems is obsessed with development but I kinda feel its obsession with destruction… !!!!’ It seems it is happening everywhere now, Dhiren. Nice to know that you and your friends are planning to green the area.

    The song is pleasant to hear. I like Kajol!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I guess english obsession for all us Indians is more of less same.. but here they treat you like a superior guy if u speak english well !! 😛

      Truly IPL matches aernt memorable plus so many everyday for 45 days ! sigh.. I m a test match lover !!! I can remember each ball of the 2001 eden test… ! I have lots of cricket memories and by and large it seems its test cricket performances leave a long lasting effect Odi’s abd T-20s aer no match !

      Kajol is not in the song though you tube has messed it up !

      The tree planting is necessary hope to set up things by the time monsoon starts !

  6. Rakesh says:

    First of all, a plantation initiative is a great great idea. Forget about the rest but don’t let this idea go out of your brains.

    You could get a society involved and then launch a 1 Year – 1000 trees challenge. You could launch this on a Big Day like Bharuch Day or something that the town celebrates as its own festival instead of a major National holiday. That will make this challenge more local.

    All you need is sponsors to back expenses for tree saplings, wodden or iron fences (the one that is around a tree) Hoarding Boards, T-Shirts, advertising material. Some of these sponsors can themselves take responsibility for 50 odd trees and then the public can join.

    Every body who signs up should show a location of where he wants to plant a tree and then he should be given a sapling and a t-shirt and he should be made responsible for planting the tree and watering it. Usually kids should be targetted to plant trees near their house so that the can water it daily.

    At the end of the year, you can then have a rally to celebrate the success of planting a 1000 trees all across Bharuch in a year.

  7. Rakesh says:

    And about cricket, even I don’t enjoy IPL that much. I was looking forward to Ahmedabad getting a team in IPL 4 but didn’t happen.

    Neverthless, at times when you see a Tiwari or a Rayadu thrashing established bowlers out of the park, it does make you high…

    And then there are matches like yesterday – KXIP vs. CSK – What a cracker. There are a few moments like these when you feel that IPL is indeed playing its part somehow in entertaining.

    But yes, at the end of the day, the prettiest sight in cricket would be a red cherry in the hands of a fast bowler in whites running in to bowl on the first day of a test match. Nothing can beat that (Especially when the match is in a different time zone and you are just in your blanket sipping tea at 4 or 5 am in the morning watching this sight)

    • hitchwriter says:

      absolutely the romance of test cricket is unparalled.. the bowling at the fastest speed the batsman swaying as his head is under attack and the ball above the keepers head !!!! thats cricket !! people seem to think hitting sixes is only cricket which is not the case… infact ipl tickets are not selling out this time… and next season will have 94 matches !!!! I just wish Sahara good luck who bid 1700 crore !!! way too much money !

  8. Mystery says:

    I haven’t seen a single match in the IPL3. Just following as to who won and who lost but din’ even sit through half an hour of a game… At least as of now, i am not interested in the series..

    All the best with your plantation intitiative 🙂

  9. Indian Homemaker says:

    I am not interested in IPL anymore either – so I can only agree with you.

    And cutting of trees is really, really sad. 😦 These days I am busy spotting some unusual birds near my place and most of them live on a single Peepal tree right behind our house. Now imagine if that tree were to be cut- it would be really terrible… and there are also squirrels, and now after reading your post I think I will upload some of this squirrel’s antics this morning 🙂

  10. mandira says:

    yeh kaun se zamane ki gana dhoondh le laye ho aap??!!! yeh toh pre historic hai!! 😛

    u know i once got this FABULOUUUUUUS forward on gujlish…. i read it a couple of times and then deleted it… now u make me wish i shud have kept it.. i wud have fwd maroed to u.. and u wud have had a hearty laff (at the cost of ur community.. but so wat! :P)

    u finally realise t20 isnt worth it?? boss, mujh se pehle hi poochh lete!! i wud have told u its a waste of time !!!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      its a lovely song !!!! 😀

      Geez… I love such funny mails !!!! laughing at all costs is always welcome !!!!!! 😆

      T-20 never was worth it… but when India will play I will still watch it !!! 😀

  11. Badz says:

    Dhiren. I like watching the IPL. Even though I haven’t made a favourite team yet, I enjoy watching it. 🙂

    And I completely agree with you on the Gujinglish thing.
    BUT may I ask, you mix personnally mix english with you gujrati (or even hindi)??

  12. Deeps says:

    I absolutely love this song from Gardish! One of my very good friends, back from school, used to sing this song really really well and I remember we used to keep prodding him to sing it for us whenever we got together 🙂 .

    So you’re beginning to hate the T20 format?
    “people here can speak English without using Gujarati words, but cannot speak Gujarati without using english words” I have observed this in context with hindi or malayalam too.I’ll not lie but there are times when I myself rely on english words while speaking malayalam or hindi. LOL@ Gujinglish.

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