various jingles of life… :)

For a few years… listening to music was limited to just sundays or maybe a song here and there… but thanks to jogging and lovely instruments like the mp3, ipod, mobile players I now get my full doze of music every morning 1 hour of it in the morning really gears me up for the whole day… every day a new rhythm takes me over giving renewed energy in each step… its amazing how energetically I keep climbing each step of a building or each step in the day with a new jingle on my lips… ! It surely feels AWESOME !!! 😀 😀 😀

For all those who know me I am a tansen… I am always singing all the time humming some tune or the other, some song or the other… and I generally love all types of songs… infact I can at times not lay my hands on what kind is my most favourite… but then its not really required is it ???? 😛 😛

I easily enjoy songs of Teesri Manzil or even Tridev !!! I love songs of Kabhi Kabhi & SilSila and I love Manbo No-5 too… I love Elvis and am a die hard fan of Brian Adams… I love Micheal Bolton and so do I love S.P. Balasubramaniam… I absolutely love the voice of Shania twain and then I think Sadhna Sargam has an equally sexy voice… Geeta dutt was an Icon who was never recognised, but regardless I love her voice way too much… I love Micheal Jackson too and Mukesh is the guy my voice resembles… :mrgreen:. R. D. Burman was (is) one of the finest musicians of all time and a man ahead of his times for sure… I love Kishore and Kumar Sanu too… ! Actually !!! 😀 😀 😀

Mohit Chauhan’s voice stirs the inside of my best mate… where as I feel the same for Shreya Ghosal’s voice… ! I love listening to some lovely classic songs like this :

and I even enjoy listening to Brian Adam’s ‘I wanna be your underwear…’ I do and thats the face of it… !!!!

I love wild music and I love soft, I love rock and I love ghazals, I love ballads and I love typical hindi songs… !!!

I love Atif in “Tera Hone Laga Hoon” and I love Rafi when he sings, “Kar chale hum fida, jaano tan saathiyo… ab tumhare hawale vatan saanthiyo…” I cannot love enough the song, ‘Pal’ by Kay Kay nor can I ever sing ‘lukka chuppi’ from ‘Rang De Basanti’ without choking with emotions…

Various songs appeal to me at various times…. there are loads and loads of songs and impossible to list them down… absolutely impossible… so many wonderful singers and so many wonderful musicians who make our life so much more livable thanks to their creativity…

Is there anyway you cannot like “Yeh kahan aa gayen hum” from Silsila.. no matter if you dont like Lata as a person… or can you find one person who cannot like, “Ajeeb Daastan hai yeh…” ????? 🙂

Be it Rishi Kapoor songs from ‘Hum kisi se kum nahi’ or ‘karz’ or songs by Yesudas or songs from movies made my Hrishikesh Mukherjee… one of my most favourite movie makers… songs of his movies had a distinct simplistic appeal to the common man I felt… !!!! I am sure he had a role to play in the songs… !!! 🙂

Now I have been randomly rambling about some of the songs that are keeping me engaged these days… I must and I really must tell you that I absolutely adore this new limca ad, not just is it the probably the most refreshing commercial I have seen… the song… and I dont know who has sung this song… but aaaaaaah that voice… who is she… ??? Please tell me !!!! 😛 😛 😛

I am absolutely in love with the voice in this advertisement… I need to find her name and than the address to go and meet her… !!!!!!! I am once again falling in love….. !!!!! :mrgreen:

This wasnt a planned post but since I had written a bit I ended up editing it slightly and putting it up… dont know what khichdi has been cooked.. nor do I know what I am trying to get at…. but if anything I just want to say I love music and thanks to the jogging escapades I am absolutely loving going back to listening music for full one hour… my ear phones are quite neat and the music in my ear phones is crystal clear providing me great energy to jog that one round extra… those 25 yards more… !!! They egg me on …