Help a guy in love….

I know this is again but… please please please…. who is the singer of this ad ???? I cant find it in google…. !!!!!! I am absolutely falling for the singer…. !!!!! AWESOMENESS actually… and the more I listen to this song… the more and more and more I love it… what a SUPER SEXY voice…. !!!!!!!! :cool:

I am actually off to Delhi this weekend and if the singer is in Delhi I would like to find her out :P :P :P :P :P :P

p.s. no hints intended… :mrgreen:


& the life saver award goes to SANDHYA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She found it….

Sandhya this award is specially for you : :P :P :P

the singer is Caralisa Monteiro

Whats more she is gorgeous toooooooooo !!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P

Life is Good !!! :D :D :D :D

68 thoughts on “Help a guy in love….

  1. Yes… and she has also sung for the earlier limca ad featuring sushma reddy and niketan madhok… and 2 versions of it are available – short version and a long version… gets one in a lovely mood no matter what….
    and yes! she has also sung the beautiful ‘phir dekhiye’ from rock on…. besides a whole lot of amazing numbers – jingles and movie songs…

    • Hey Priti welcome to the blog… !!!!!

      I just discovered all this…. What an awesomely sung song is this…. It gives me goose bumps when she sings… I am a serious fan already of this voice !!!!!!!!!! Caralisa !!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

      Wonder why aint she doing a lot lot lot more songs…. with a voice like that !!!! I loved the sushma reddy wala limca ad too… but this song is EXTRAAAA SPECIAL !!!!!!! :D

      Dont I sound like totally Smitten !!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D and for a change my wife doesnt mind that !!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • Ha ha exactly what I came to ask. Does Hetal know about this obsession of your :D

      LOl no actually I came to ask which young friend of yours are you helping :lol: I was going to give you the correct answer, but you have given away the prize in such a hurry. The guy in the ad is cute too.

    • evil ladies… my wife is trekking the woods in dalhousie…. !!!!! dont disturb her or bring her here… in this HEAT !!!!!!!! ;)

      Ihm why would i look for someone younger ??? main to abhi bacha hoon…. !!!! :P :P

      the life saver had to be fast !!!! or would have to give away too many awards… !!!!

      Sakshi – why Ihm’s approval ??? :?:

      • Hetal needs to be brought here immediately! Little does she know what her husband is up to :)

        ‘Ihm why would i look for someone younger ??? main to abhi bacha hoon…. !!!! ‘ – dil to bacha hai ji?

    • oh… tell me bout the repeat mode… its my ring tone now… its my morning alarm… and I listen to it so many times through out the day !!!!!!!!! :D

  2. hey bhagwaaan.. another post on the limca singer! And you finally got to know her name?? Kya baat hai!! balle balle!Kudos, sandhya :D

    Chalo now you can be at peace. Have a fantabulous trip to Delhi :)

    • every post mentioning Caralisa…. (sigh) is worth it Deeps !!!! its worth it… !!!!!!!!! :P :P Sandhya is surely a life saver I tell ya !!!!!!!! :D :D :D

      btw the Delhi trip got cancelled …! :)

  3. ah…i just got hitched to this ad (no pun intended :P)…lucky timing, the answer’s also posted. One thing I hate most is unanswered questions, it destroys my peace of mind…anyway, tc :)

  4. listen, i hate u guys!!! all of u are churaoing my ideas for posts!! first Vimmuuu did a musical post, just when i was thinking of doing it.. and now u did a post on this ad!! i have ideas in my head and no time to type it out.. n just as i manage to find a wee bit of time, i realise im too late- the idea is old and already used!!!arrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggh!!yeh atyachaar hai!!!!!!

    atyachaar or no atyachaar, i LOVE ,LOVE,LOVE this ad!!!! it rocks !!! the concept is great, the actors pleasing to the eyes and the song melodious..wat more cud i ask for?

  5. Oh my! reminded me of College days. Love Indian advts. Please do a weekly advt. post.

    That’s the guy in Mahi Way show. Hot guy! what’s his name?

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