a time to be constructive…

Its been a pretty upsetting campaign in the West Indies, we lost again, were listless, didnt have any new ideas, the spark was missing and most horribly the SHORT BALL from the 90’s was back to haunt us… !!!!

Never mind the dimwit media who will blame the IPL, the late night parties, money and what not… it seems to be the norm that when ever India lose its never just the cricket played inside the field that is the reason, mysteriously the media somehow has x-ray vision and its the hearts of the players that they can read and they come to the conclusioan that it is some or the other ulterior motive… we are sooon going to be like Pakistan, where every match is lost coz the match was fixed never is bad cricket, fielding etc the reason…!!!!

Get a life you Sick Journo’s or else go jump in the sea !!

Anyways what this campaign in the Carribean has shown is clear, Class is class and nothing else actually should matter, especially on difficult pitches or pitches other than flat pitches class clearly stands out.

It took almost a decade for Sachin, Laxman, Rahul & Sehwag to remove the memory from the brains of the bowlers that Indians are not very comfortable against the short pitched stuff… For a change we had 3 very capable pullers and hookers and Sehwag who evades it well and if the pace is slightly off or the direction slight awry… the bowler would get a REAL THUMP !!! But in the last two world-T20’s the same weakness has been  opened up and is now GLARING at Dhoni and his men… !!!

The things that Dhoni and Srikanth have failed to realise is that they are now sitting ducks… and the team they picked was exposed to the full… !!!!

Quite frankly, Yusuf Pathan for all that he has done in the IPL, doesnt convince me that he can face quality pace bowling and punish them, might be possible he might learn, but so far he comes a cropper, and unlike the IPL where there are one or two quality bowlers in each team on flat tracks, in international cricket he is not going to be facing any spin… !

Secondly what is Ravindra Jadeja in the team for ??? for his bowling ?? Are Srikanth and Dhoni saying he is a better bowler than Ojha and Mishra ???? or is he in the team for his batting ???? Gimme a break… I bet Mishra might hit a six but Jadeja wont… is he a more utility cricketer than Irfan Pathan ???

Thirdly, India misread the entire script, on a bouncy track Dhoni persisted with his spinners and they all were part timers and they got tonked… If he didnt have any faith in Vinay Kumar why was he picked in the first place, of all but the 3 overs he bowled, the kid actually did well… !!!!

Coming to Dinesh Karthik, well the lad is the most hardworking and the most honest trier, but frankly I again think he is out of his leage at this level…

Yuvraj & Zaheer were the biggest worries, what was it ?? were they injured ?? I can but not believe the way Zaheer performed, also is it a skill issue or a will issue ?? Does Zaheer want to play T-20 cricket ?? I mean his performance was as below par as it can get… every Tom, Dick & Harry has tonked him and he is supposed to be the spearhead of our attack, so with one Harbhajan and half a Nehra, India started their world cup campaign… just resting and probably over confident about its batting prowess… !!!!

Yuvraj now really needs to be doing some soul searching, what kind of performance is this ?? his fielding has deteriorated horribly and his batting is just where it was… I am sorry but he actually needs to be dropped and told to go to domestic cricket, work on his fitness and pick him only when he is fully fit.. ! 😐

About Gambhir, a class batsman, who got dismissed 4 times to the short ball in this tournament, he will definitely overcome this, but wasnt it too late ?? He knew in the last world cup it was the short ball that did him in, for a Gambhir who wants to go in the league of Sachin’s and Rahul’s it was an absolute shocker, I can never forget the treatment Henry Olonga got for bouncing Sachin… and unless he comes back with something like that… he is never going to be left alone… !!! He needs to get his act together and fast…

One surprising aspect in the whole series was, that the best player of the short stuff in the team, Dhoni didnt promote himself one time on the Barbados pitch and when he did promote himself in St. Lucia he actually couldnt deliver… I felt as a captain he failed to inspire the blokes by going in early and taking on the fast bowlers and setting an example for the others… sorry but it seemed he wanted to push others up while he and Yuvraj stayed back till the ball was old..

The simple logic of T-20 cricket is your best batsmen should face the most balls… especially your fast scorer’s should be facing more balls… In the first T-20 it was Sehwag and Uthappa in the top 3 with Gambhir in scintilating form… with Yuvi and Dhoni to follow…

Now its Gambhir, who is woefully short of form, Murali Vijay still an unproven commodity on fast pacy tracks, and Raina who clearly has a serious problem against quality short stuff on pacy pitches (infact his hundred against SAF was a huge surprise for me, however I thought Smith erred by not letting Steyn have one more over at him when he was new to the crease)

I will only consider Raina to be a quality bat when some day on a pacy pitch he can score some runs, I still consider him a very good bat and a flat track bully, but when the going will get really tough, he doesnt posses that class… ! However atleast he got runs in the cup…

Rohit Sharma, a class batsman, who has had enough oppurtunity, but all the time needs to be stirred up or he lets go… even he needs to decide if he wants to go to the next level or be left out…

India will do really well if they invest in quality and not just flat track performers, where there are bullies like Yusuf and Raina and flat spinners like Jadeja, yusuf, Raina, Sharma who can make it work… it will be much much more sensible to back players like Kohli (who was dropped for no apparent reason), Uthappa who can actually play the short ball well and thump the opponents, Manish Pandey deserves a look in and please for heavens sake… we dont want any part timer… Irfan is a much better investment than Jadeja, SreeSanth, R.P. Singh, Ishant even if they are expensive they can be wicket takers…

India and Dhoni need to understand one thing clearly, pick bowlers who can pick wickets not keep the score down and pick batsmen who can score centuries in mumbai and in perth both with equal aplomb… that should be the general theme… get out of the rut and chuck the part timers and make shift guys.. !!!

The one thing India needs to learn from Australia is they have 3 Genuine fast bowlers, 1 genuine leg spinner and a genuine allrounder in Shane Watson… !!!! Imagine they didnt even play Dougie Bollinger !!!!!!! I mean he for me has been the bowler of the year !!!

Back quality and in the long run it will always pay… A lot of thinking ahead, a break will do them good to get their thinking caps on and get the right mix, also along with the players I think its the Selection Committe which needs to be taking a huge huge chunk of the blame for this debacle… this is the third ICC trophy India has performed pathetically in… is the BCCI interested ?? or not ??

There is no dearth of talent in the country and I just think its a matter of getting the right combination… the selectors simply need to back class and be patient… dont look for short cuts coz there aint any… get the right blokes in and persist… the results will come…

and to the sick journo’s, please criticise the players for their cricket not about their evenings…. get some sense into yourself… !

19 thoughts on “a time to be constructive…

      • Nu says:

        agree about the sick journo’s…may be we can all wish them a ‘get well soon’ 🙂

        Yep there is no dearth of talent..only that reach out the hand and find it !

        • hitchwriter says:

          gaon waale… dont comment on cricket posts !!!!!!!! 😆 😆

          the sick journo’s seriously… I want to give them a real piece of my mind… sigh… !!!

          and about the talent… I just think the right bunch was not picked… !!!! and I hope they realise the mistake and correct the right things and dont press the panic button… !!!

  1. masood says:

    excellent post dude. You’ve perfectly dissected the main concerns and problematic areas in Indian cricket today. Every point u made is right on the money. We really need to invest in quality. We also need to understand that it is the poor cricket that let us down and not the IPL or their night lives. Look at football for instance. Players have equally active night lives and no one questions that. If something goes wrong on the soccer field, you question the soccer, not the wine he had last night.

    Our fundementals have to be questioned. I’ve asked this several times: how can a bunch of professional cricketers be so poor at playing the rising ball? They should not be playing at that level. Period. Youre not playing for a bank for God sake. They are representing India at a freakin world cup. Get back to the drawing board guys.

    • hitchwriter says:

      A huge mistake by Dhoni and his men was that they thought after the last world T-20 in England people would have forgotten the short pitched stuff problem… while in the Tests and the ODI’s you have the time to let the short ones go… here you have to score of them…. and I think more than handling the short stuff… the guys have had problems in scoring of them… !!!!!

      Inevitably they will have to play the hook or the pull in this format.. or else… they will never succeed… its not like the tests where you allow the bowler to get tired and score when he pitches up is it.. ????

      Dhoni has faltered badly… backing a wrong man like Jadeja for way too looooong… I have always felt he is a bad investment… nothing against the man, he might be a hard working cricketer… but he is not an India player, Simple !

      Also I was very bemused and disappointed that Dhoni being the best hooker in the team didnt promote himself in Barbados… werent the short comings clearly visible to him ????

      Another fundamental wrong was the fastest scoring batsmen, Dhoni and Yuvi come at 5 & 6 !!!! where in atleast 10 overs are already gone !!!!! this is T-20 get your best blokes in and fast !!!!!!!

      the nonsense talks really get to me… I mean I am hearing people talking of replacing Dhoni as skipper !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!! thats almost Pakistan like…. if it aint broke lets break it !!!!!!!!!!!

      Gimme a break fella’s !!!!! these journo’s really need to be dumped in the Arabian Sea !!! seriously !!!!

      • Nu says:

        don’t mind but after writing a post you can still write a long comment and continue with the same topic that is cricket !! Dude !!!

        By the way me too hates the C word ! 😛

  2. Rakesh says:

    By being constructive, you’ve fired the whole team as well 😛

    Btw, I was telling a friend that if Australia don’t need Bollinger, let him play for India… just like we used to do in our ‘Adipur’ vs. ‘Apna Nagar’ matches where if there were 12 players in the opponent team, we’d pick 1 out of them 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Rakesh dude, these guys need to be fired for their on field performance, by being constructive I dont mean to provide solutions to players but by letting them find it for themselves… and while some of them find it… they might as well be out of the team as the team is suffering because of them…

      look at Yuvraj’s fielding, the point fielder now fields at Mid on ??? and his general batting these days… its just not what it was… he needs to decide about his knee and wrist fast… and come back only when fully fit…

      the key thing in the first world cup was that when ever someone was injured he was replaced by a fully fit player… when yuvraj was injured he was dropped against SAF if you remember.. and then in the finals Sehwag was injured and replaced by Yusuf Pathan.. !

      Its simple… no matter how high profile, potential or class player you are… if you are injured… you are out… get fit and get back ! Simple… !

      Australia has huge riches in the fast bowling department… I mean Bollinger we can buy him for any amount seriously !!!!! They even have Ryan Harris sitting in the wings and he isnt bad either… add to that if Lee gets fit… !!!!! Sigh…

      on the other hand we have just not groomed Ishant, Sree Santh, R.P. Singh… all are potentially very promising bowlers… !!!

      I really think the selection committee needs to be looked at and their performance be reviewed as much as some of these players.. !!

  3. Gypsy Girl says:


    have you noticed the body language? Yuvraj seemed bored something he carried over from the IPL … Gambhir played like he really didn’t care. The overall attitude seemed pretty chalta hain…
    And as for late nights and parties etc lets criticize that after we get the game on field right.

  4. hitchwriter says:

    Yess… the intensity is definitely missing… !!

    I dont care what the blokes do off the field seriously.. !! but on the field if they dont give their best I just dont like it… and this was not our best… while we were tactically outwitted, outsmarted… and some fundamental issues were wrong.. it was also quite visible that the body language was slouch… the intensity really needs to be revved up !!!!

    at times having a couple of rotten apples in the team has a cascading effect… thats why get them out and fast… !!!!

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