Strike them off… !!!

Just saw this tag on Swaram’s and Monu’s and I thought I should do it right away…

Rule: Strike out all that you have done from the following list.

1. Graduated high school – at that time it was a HUGE RELIEF !!!!

2. Kissed someone Well…. now dont ask me to list them all 😛 😛 😛

3. Smoked a cigarette – Well…. no comments….

4. Got so drunk you passed out – Well I always pass out after drinking water.. does that count ???

5. Rode every ride at an amusement park …. I and my wife are crazy roller coaster riders… !!! I miss the days of essel world and fantasy land…

6. Collected something stupid – as silly as it might sound… I used to once collect broken strands of my wife’s hair… no points for guess we weren’t married then !!!! 😛 😛

7. Gone to a rock concert Our college had one on 31st January every year… !!! Awesome days were those…. !!!!

8. Helped someone… The whole world is gonna sink under my favours !!!!!

9. Gone fishing… I am assuming catching fishes from tanks with bare hands also counts… !!!

10. Watched four movies in one night…. Actually 6 !! Police Story series… ! And Monu thinks she aint mad enough to see 4 movies in a night… Sigh… !!! what does that tell you about me… !!!

11. Lied to someone… well….

12. Snorted cocaine – nope but wouldnt mind doing it once…

13. Smoked Weed doesnt this mean manala cream or marijuana ?? its ecstatic !!!! :mrgreen:

14. Failed a subject does that surprise you ??

15. Been in a car accident oh yes…. inside our famous Golden bridge when my friend got lured by a girl and ran the scorpio in the iron bridge and the wheel axel of the right wheel looked completely the other way from the left… !!! Huge traffic jam for about 4 hours.. we had to get a Crane into the bridge and get the car out of the bridge… luckily only minor injuries… !!!

16. Been in a tornado

17. Watched someone die….

18. Been to a funeral

19. Burned yourself…

20. Run a marathon… Lots of times… and won 3 of them… !!!!! infact once in school I was third and the guy who came first got a badminton racket pair, the second one got a table tennis bat pair and I got a trophy… which actually looked awesome then the winners prizers… and the look on the guys who came 1st and 2nd was even more priceless watching me walk away with the trophy !!

21. Cried yourself to sleep… – I cry in movies at a drop of the hat.. but in real life… I am quite tough !

22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day…

23. Flown on an aeroplane I am assuming this means sitting in a plane… ofcourse I havent flown one on my own !

24. Cheated on someone Lots of times… when we wanted to get some slow batsman out… I would run two three yards… and then suddenly turn around and Yell NO NO… !!!!! Go back… no run here !!!!!!! and alas… the poor bloke had been run out !!!!!!! 😈

25. Been cheated on… I rarely got run out… !! 😛

26. Written a 10 page letter… Yes… !

27. Gone skiing.. Nope… but will do it soon !!

28. Been sailing… yatching actually but not on a ship !

29. Cut yourself – Not intentionally

30. Had a best friend… Silly question… if someone hasnt had… sigh…

31. Lost someone you loved…

32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do I didnt do my homework !!!! and they punished me… buggers !!!!

33. Stolen a book from the library …. Yea… I am a bad guy… I stole Archie;s comics once… and actually felt very smart at that stage… 😦

34. Gone to a different country Nope… but I hope some day I can visit Congo… !

35. Watched the Harry Potter movies – As much as I tell my brothers that I hate them… the lady who wrote them surely has some imagination… !!

36. Had an online diary… Nope and I dont think this blog is a diary… !

37. Fired a gun Yes… balloons and air guns to scare langoors..

38. Gambled in a casino – actually in Janmashtami a house of our friend would become a casino… !!!!! :mrgreen: but technically not done it… !

39. Been in a school play Actually wrote it.. directed it… and then… manipulated to get the main role and even did it !!!! 👿 😈

40. Been fired from a job .. Not fired but once told my boss, “Yeh rakh teri naukari… nahi karni mujhe.. aur saale tu office ke bahar to mil… tere ko bharuch mein jeene nahi doonga !!!!!” 😳 well well… those were the days they say… !

41. Taken a lie detector test

42. Swam with dolphins Have seen them swimming in the sea in Bharuch… but the beach too rocky !

43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show Once upon a time first Indian Idol… I got sucked in very badly… did sms worth rs 1500/- thinking they were free… !!!! 😐 never after that… !

44. Written poetry…

45. Read more than 20 books a year… Once upon a time I was an avid reader… and actually I am sure I would have crossed more than 20 many times… We have a chest full of books !!!!

46. Gone to Europe – Nope… Africa is cooler !!! any day !

47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have Lots !!!!!! :mrgreen:

48. Used a coloring book over age 12 – Art and me dont gel…

49. Had a surgery

50. Had stitches

51. Taken a Taxi Silly question…

52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once… no sweat !!!!

53. Been in a fist fight lots of time… and then the first button of the shirt would break… and you would sneak in the house and quietly stitch it without letting mom know !!!

54. Suffered any form of abuse Verbal… in the part of the country I live in… resides the roughest language… Verbal abuse is like garnishing… here no one even gets affected by even the choicest words… !!! Pathetic… but true… !

55. Had a pet…

56. Petted a wild animal

57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it been using it since long… infact prefer to shop only from shops that accept cards… ! or else they lose me as a customer !!!

58. Dyed your hair… did it a couple of times…. my wife wanted them black… got colours done… but really I am too impatient to sit for that long… !!! plus I dont get to see my gray hair and so I dont care !!! Also I think it tells my clients that I am a mature, experienced guy… so it helps !!!

59. Got a tattoo – want to get one … !

60. Had something pierced – wanted to get my ears pierced… but didnt muster the courage… I will still do it some time… !!!

61. Got straight As – What does this mean ???

62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS – I owned a pathological lab once.. and we had a few patients and families… unfortunate to be suffering from this horrible disease… !

63. Taken pictures with a webcam – actually no !

64. Lost something expensive … ummm… I dont think I can remember…

65. Gone to sleep with music on Regularly used to do it… in college days… !!

46 thoughts on “Strike them off… !!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      that time it was the first reality show.. and I had unlimited sms free scheme in my mobile.. but they printed in small letters in the phone bill they will charge for messages to 4 digit numbers… i did send for free first one or two months… then suddenly this… !! 😦 😦

  1. UmaS says:

    Huge relief for your parents – finally this guy graduated from high school !!!! 😉

    Lol… it was a huge relief for me and them I tell ya.. !!

    Broken strand’s of wife’s hair ??? Do u still have them ???? What a love story….so sweet… 🙂

    Yes I still do… !! I was too filmy in those days..

    Catching fish from fish tank !!! 🙄 Only u can think like this.

    What ??? loads of kids do that… !! you havent ???

    OMG, 6 movies at one go…baap re baap…

    Che, che…how u made that person get out…cheater….LOL….

    Cheater is the wrong word… its being Shrewd !!

    To whom did u write that 10-page letter ??? Hetal ???? Did she read it fully ???

    To my best friend… when we both separated after 10th… he went for engineering… we were like heart broken both of us… !! we would write every bit of happening the whole week…

    Life’s so unfair na ??? They punished you for not doing homework ??? So sad…. 😉

    Me : Seriously !!!

    Congo…to be among the wilderness…wah…gud idea….

    Absolutely…I watch HP for JK Rowling’s imagination….

    That #40 if just fantastic…wish I had the courage to tell someone like that.

    What ???? You thot sms were free for Indian Idol ??? Holy God !!!! 🙄

    Gud read…liked all ur explanations… 🙂

  2. Prats says:

    Nicely done tag….

    You actually said this to your boss… Yeh rakh teri naukari… nahi karni mujhe.. aur saale tu office ke bahar to mil… tere ko bharuch mein jeene nahi doonga !!!!!”….Wish I could tell mine too.

  3. Deeps says:

    So you’re back into blogging business with bang,huh!! PLesae dont say you’ve been bitten by this naplopomo bug too 🙄

    This is a fun tag nevertheless!!

  4. monikamanchanda says:

    u used to collect her hair how terribly sweet awwwwwww

    6 movies now i understand that comment on my post, but how???

    ME: What how ?? we started at 7 in the evening and by 11 everyone was in bed but I kept at it till 5 am !!

    do school marathon count? because really they are not marathons..

    Why not ?? they were 12 kms !!!!!

    skiing soon??? u going to the himalayas?

    I didnt do my homework !!!! and they punished me… buggers !!!! – lol

    no 34- if its nope than why crossed?

    My mistake… correcting !!

    no 39… its so u dhiren so u

    no 40 … u seriously said that to the boss, u know i have also given my resignation to the boss just like that once… he irritated me, i got angry and resigned… when i came out of the room i realised shit i dont even have a job yet and all i had was the notice period time to find one… luckily i did and everyone tried to stop me but my ego was bigger than that 😦

    I did… the guy was an outsider so I knew he had no friends in town so I could pull it off… but more than that he was not deserving to be my boss, I should have been his boss but sigh… It took the rest of the staff to explain to me this is unprofessional etc etc… and I mellowed down… !

  5. Ashwathy says:

    2. Hahah I KNEW this was coming! 😀 😀 😛

    3. 😐 hmph! The ONLY area where I would clash with u!

    Me : 🙄

    4. 🙄

    6 really??? 😀

    Me : Yea… actually !!! can you believe it ?? 😐

    10. What does that tell me abt u??? You’re perfect to be my movie partner… I’m moving to bharuch!!! 😀 😀

    Me : I have been hearing that for the past 3 months now… when are you moving >>??

    12,13. actually yeah, I’m curious too!

    Me : 13 is like ecstacy !!!! 12 I am really curious !

    15. Yikes!! 😯

    21. aww 😀 hugs!! 🙂

    24. ROFL!! 😀 how horrible!

    26. Whoa! Well I m presuming this is to hetal…?

    Me : Nope… to my best buddy… !

    39.Omg!! Hitchu the manipulator!! 👿

    43. Thinking they were free??? ROFL! 😆

    49,50. Lucky you!

    53. LOL!

    55. Your loss! 🙂

    59. Me too want one! Lets ask vimmuuu for advice!

    61. LOL!

    Delightfully done hitchu! 🙂

    Me : {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. Nimmy says:

    🙂 Sweet.

    ” Taken a Taxi Silly question…”..Loved this,why?I don’t know:)

    “Gone to a different country Nope… but I hope some day I can visit Congo… !” Whatz so special about Congo?Share!!

    “19. Burned yourself…” ????????????

    • hitchwriter says:

      Its one of the most fantastic places on the planet… the rain forests… the pygmies… thats where Phantom was supposed to have lived… the gorillas… !!!! its a journey of an eternity for me… !!!!

      Do watch the movie Congo and you will see the locations and trust me to fall in love with them !!!

  7. Rakesh says:

    Objection! Question No. 24. Cheated on someone has been tactfully Dodged. 😀

    And Loved someone you shouldn’t, Of course, all guys love a lot of teachers, seniors, aunties… no? 😆

    he he… interesting life 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      that first reality show had me sucked in… a contestant that lost very early was a most favourite… and I was hell bent upon getting him in the next round… sigh… !

  8. aparna says:

    Collecting her hair? That was most interesting. Did she go bald after the courtship?
    This was an interesting tag, haven’t read this before.

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