What an Idea Sirjee ?? :|

“Raavan…” the movie… no folks dont worry, this aint a movie review… enough said already by a lot of people.. I so wanted the movie to be a hit and Abhishek to deliver a stellar performance… but sigh… I still havent gotten around watching the movie… I will though… I am a loyal fan of the Bachchan famliy… Yes… sucker… but really I dont care what they say and do in their real life… but on the screen I am a great fan of Amitabh and Abhishek !!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

before I digress, I saw a commercial on tv, Idea brand ambassador Mr. Abhishek Bachchan, of “What an Idea Sirjee” fame, turns quiz master and asks….

Hold your breath… !!!!!

Who plays the character of Raavan in my latest film Raavan !!! ????????

Ewwww…. what a tough question… !!!!!!

hang on there is more… he gives us options… he gives us gullible souls 3 options !!!!!!!!!!

1.) Abhishek Bachchan
2.) Vikram
3.) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean what… do these quiz setters leave their brains in the loo in the morning and turn up for their jobs ??? Even these actors dont object to speaking such silly lines… !!!!!!!! I bet Aamir would have completely had the quiz changed and probably asked his own question and his own options and made the quiz setter lose the vitality of his job… if there ever was one… Sigh…

I mean yes you guys are not interested in giving any prizes and just interesting in getting more and more people to sms and collect the Rs. 6 or Rs. 10 you charge per sms…. but geez… this is as blatantly silly as it can get !

Whatever… BTW Rakesh… did you write any climax where you imagined Aishwarya as Raavan ???? Man these people have much greater imagination than you … !!!


21 thoughts on “What an Idea Sirjee ?? :|

  1. Swaram says:

    This qs is still better than most others!!!
    God, what all they do to earn some more bucks hmmpf!!

    Good morning :mrgreen:

  2. Shilpa from Under the Rainbow says:

    You said it, thats all they are interested in – making money. How else do you think they are going to cover the loss? That and the thought that some people get a high out of solving these questions (to win prizes?).

    I remember laughing at the questions being asked on KBC. If you’ve gone to school (many years ago or recently), you can answer those questions easily. I was stunned when people said their GK improved on watching KBC. Huh?!

    And yeah, Aamir is the best.

  3. mandira says:

    arre i’ve seen the ad too.. i saw it the first time and laffed… i mean have you heard of anything dumber????!! its better to just hand over prizes to ppl instead of wasting their time and getting them to send you answers!!!

  4. Indy says:

    They say the Tamil version is good to watch! I think I’ll just skip the Hindi one then! So sad Abhishek hasn’t essayed the role well, I had hoped he’d nail it…tch!

  5. Destination Infinity says:

    I think the channels ought to get more creative, if they do want some SMS’s. Like how the Singing competition show does – when requesting for votes through SMS.

    Destination Infinity

    I too hoped that Ravan would get good reviews… but my friends who have watched it are not saying anything positive about it!!

  6. Nancy says:

    See….look at it this way. People who didnt follow the news all tht much cd think Ravan being a negetive character was being essayed by Vikram right & Abhishek was Ram or soemthing. Anything can be possible. I know, I know just giving u another angle to the whole thing 😀

  7. Ashwathy says:

    hitchu they want maximum ppl participation and what better way than to try n fool ppl into believing that its so easy they wud win?? 😛 But honestly there is a limit to testing ppl’s intelligence! 🙄

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