a lil too upclose…

As a kid I remember loving the movie Sholay… I even had a cassette of the movie and playing its dialogues was awesome then… ! I even played Gabbar Singh as a kid in fancy dress and won…. I was really chubby and wearing that green miltary outfit with the belt thrown over my shoulder and eating Glucon -D biscuits… If I remember correctly Gabbar Singh used to advertise those biscuits… !!!!

I still maintain from my past post long back on villains that Gabbar is one of the most loved villains… how many villains have you seen who endorse products ?? huh ?? I really cannot think of many… !!! Not even Mogambo… anyways… coming back to the main reason I started writing this post was, have you ever had an idol as a kid… someone you really looked upto ??

As a growing up kid, Vijay, Jay, Ravi… he had a lot of names… yes… Amitabh was a real icon… My favourite… He would be the thin hero who would fight off icons like Zubisco off just like that… he would fling himself on 5 people and throw them off their feet… he was the hero who would take an ambulance before he would go to bash the bad guys… !!! Amitabh in Deewar was the one who wouldnt not enter the temple and sit on the verandah… and yes… I have done it too… coz my Vijay was a nastik… I too used to take my mom to a derasar… but not enter it… somewhere down the line it got ingrained in me that being a Nastik was cool… !!!!! 😐 whatever that tells you about me… Yes… he was a big big big influence on me…

“Agar Kisine hillne ki koshish ki to bhoooooon ke rakh dooonga… “ those were like immortal lines… till date when I see the scene when Amitabh gets out of jail and goes to meet Ajit in Zanjeer I get goose flesh, it is one of the most loved scene… the Angry Young Man who actually grinds his jaws and keeps everything in control and tells Ajit, “Main bahar aa gaya hoon teja..” or when he says, “Jao pehle us aadmi ka sign leke aao jisne mere haath pe yeh likh diya ke mera baap chor hai !”
oh I wept with him, I got angry with him and I laughed with him when he would say, “kacha papad, pucca papad”

Amitabh was a huge influence on my growing up… he did do some terrible movies… but for me all and sundry that had the name Amitabh was always likable… !!! I wouldnt even hear anything against my HERO !!!!

I was like a Bhagat… !!! Read everything that came in news papers about him… and really get cross with journalists who would carry stories of him and Rekha or Parveen Babi… how could My Amitabh have an affair outside marriage I used to think… !!!! How gullible I was… 😐

I almost can speak all dialogues of Agneepath, Zanjeer, Deewar, Sholay, Chupke Chupke and a few more… !!!!

Eventually with my growing up came the age of satellite television, internet, blogs, twitter… and access to information more and more… you could read your hero’s thoughts… you could actually send him messages !!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 I still have a desire to one day sit with him and interact for a few minutes… that would leave me most most most satisfied… !

But as I read more about him, his views and his personal life… the more disappointed I got… he was after all just another human being… and the fan in me hated it… how could he be ordinary like a human being, he was a SUPER HERO… I infact have his comics, I dont know if you know but there was a comic in which there was he was a Super Hero and he could communicate to animals… I still have a copy of one of those… I am so so sad I dont have more…

However, unlike the superhero I thought he was, he has his own flaws, some times when he blogs I really cant believe him, he is not at all convincing, he a bit like Shahrukh and Hritik on twitter and blogs talk just like Swami’s !!! A lil too much gyaan seriously… I mean do you use such language in real life ???? I seriously doubt it…

Too some extent I think getting to know too much about them and having so much access to information does ensure one thing… you wont be silly, crazy fans like me anymore…. and I seriously think that the super stardom status that people like Amitabh, Maradona, Micheal Jackson, Kishore Kumar, Elvis Presley etc enjoyed and commanded will never happen again…

Maybe its getting to know them so close and so much about them sort of makes them human… they dont have the elusiveness of the years gone by…

Dont you think so ???

Have you been disappointed by an idol ??? Some one you always looked upto growing up and suddenly you find you were really silly following someone like that ??? I no longer like Amitabh in his real avatar(read life) or his views… but still till day for me he is the greatest movie star and no matter how horrible his movie is… I watch it… somewhere the kid in me is still AWED by him… !! 🙂

Another such huge disappointement was Mohammed Azharruddin…. I used to walk like him, slightly limping, always used to have the collars up on the cricket field, hoped to some day flick some Aussie and West Indian bowlers like Azhar did to midwicket… Win matches for India and what not… Alas….

P.s. havent re-read so have to edit… will do it later… want to post and reach office… will edit from there.. !

40 thoughts on “a lil too upclose…

      • Ashwathy says:

        sigh… thats why they say with today’s exposure to media and access to stars, the mystery or aura surrounding them is gone unlike in the olden days where there was limited access to them…

        We are often disappointed when we realize the idol we cherished has feet of clay. And often, what a star is in reel life is drastically different from his real life persona.

  1. Indy says:

    ohhh That’s a bit sad when a hero turns into a zero in our eyes…almost creates a sense of loss, don’t you think? This has happened to me with my real life “heroes” actually…! I still love SRK and Shashi Kapoor…Oh but I know , they are not perfect people at all…! 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes… it has dawned upon me that Amitabh aint the hero I hoped he would be… ! 🙂 🙂 At times I feel growing up is really not that cool is it ??? 😛 😛 😛

  2. Deeps says:

    I was a huge huge fan of Amitabh Bacchan. So much so that I refused to see movies where he died :D. Can you believe I havent seen Muqaddar ka sikandar till now. I haven’t even seen the dying scene of Amitabh Bacchan in Sholay. Nor is Shakti. I was that crazy about him. I still am, I love all of his movies.

    As for getting to know them upclose thanks to the advent of twitter, blogs and other networking sites, yes I totally agree with you, thats been one of the downsides of networking. It is a bit disappointing to accept that people you idolized and considered are actually just another person like you. Yes you get to know them and interact with them more closely but you also end up wishing you had not 🙂

    Loved this post, Hitchy. Its so good to read you again 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      you too ??????? {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      Like mommy like son !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol…. I am a crazy fan of his movies… I have seen most of his movies like atleast dozens of times… and still cant have enough of him…. !!!!!

      I dont read his blog anymore… infact regret that I read Bachchan’s blog…. the biggest downturn in my love for him… !!!

      It feels great to be back and be interacting with all my blog buddies !!!!!! and mom’s toooo 😛 😛 😛 😛

  3. Sandhya says:

    Yes, Gabbar Singh came in the ad for those biscuits…the famous villain was nearly an icon in those days. He was famous than the heroes of the film!

    I wonder how many others became nastiks with the film’s influence. My brother and some cousins of mine too even repeat his dialogues even now…they are in their 40’s now!

    Not only his ‘kuchcha paapad, pucca paapad’, became famous, his ‘funny English language’ dialogue also was quite famous. My cousin who was in the Air Force recites this one word by word – he used to do this with his friends, it seems!

    English Funny Language + CHECK More Info Link for Amitabh ComedyWatch today’s top amazing videos here

    ‘I seriously think that the super stardom status that people like Amitabh, Maradona, Micheal Jackson, Kishore Kumar, Elvis Presley etc enjoyed and commanded will never happen again… ‘
    I agree with you here, Dhiren, we will never accept people/human beings as super heroes hereafter. That era is gone. Every person has got flaws.

    I like his twitter lines better than his son’s!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      This comment went into spam !!!

      Oh Itoo can almost can speak that dialogue !!! Bhairo becomes Barrow because their minds are very narrow… !!!!! lol awesome humour…. !!! eh…

      Amitabh was an icon after all for a generation… and I am sure there are many who like me thought not going to a Mandir was absolutely cool… without any real conviction… we did it coz Bachchan did it…

      I had a similar craze for Maradona when I was in a St Xaviers school and we used to play soccer… when it came out that he was on drugs I refused to accept that fact… (I always have been a escapist sigh) over the years I did realise that it was tremendous pressure on a lil man to have that kind of following … the flawed genius actually lost his head… !

      and yes… that aura will never happen again thanks to the extra accesss we have !

  4. Pallavi says:

    This is a lovely post.. I agree with what you’ve said Hitchy. Having stars so easily accessible is sort of eroding their ‘aura’ 🙂 The more we get to know them (by their tweets / blogs / etc), the common man realises that the ‘much idolised STAR’ is almost as common as he himself 🙂 well not exactly but still the star isn’t elusive 🙂 anymore!

  5. Rakesh says:

    This post could’ve been written by a college girl. It’s so sweet! And I shared the same devotion to Amitabh for a long long time.

    But you know, I learnt this a lot earlier, when I was still a kid. I learnt that the performer has to be separate from the person. So wasn’t really surprised when these actors came out on blogs and twitter. The one person I thought is, or rather was geniune was Aamir Khan. He looked so sincere even in his movies.

    I still think though that regardless of his love life and affairs, he is still genuine; in the sense that he seems to be remote from the media circus around other stars.

  6. Sandhya says:

    I too am an admirer of Aamir and Kamal Haasan! Like Rakesh says here, I try to ignore their personal character/flaws. AAMIR DOESN’T ACT OFF-SCREEN!

  7. monikamanchanda says:

    hitchy same pinch on this one… he was an idol specailly after he made that comeback so few people can rise after the fall and he did that but now sigh what has come over him

  8. UmaS says:

    A little too up-close into Hitchy’s heart !!! But loved your post.

    So, after all these super heroes are ordinary mortals, with plus and minus. So, the technology has helped in clearing the clouds that surround the Super Star Syndrome.

    I dont know – I’ve never been a crazy fan of someone – yeah, like Rajini movies…but not crazy enough to think that he is a Superman !!! LOL !!! 😉

  9. Indian Homemaker says:

    What am amazing post!!!
    Hitchwriter when we were young, my mother told me everybody has shades of gray and we should hero worship no one. I never had a favorite star to be in awe of, I like something about some of them, but nobody totally.

    Amitabh Bachchan was amazingly popular!!!!!! I remember how everybody wanted to look and dress and walk and talk like him.

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