just a few random thoughts



Wonder if our Prime Minister meant anything when he spoke yesterday… infact I just thought he spoke to remind he exists, never mind the Kashmir youths…. I seriously think we have a completely useless Prime Minister, who with all due respect is just happy to be Prime Minister. India is actually facing a severe severe severe leadership crisis… Manmohan can thank his stars that all said and done he has no opponent !! 😐


Also have you ever felt, that if you watch the news everyday, you can have a plethora of topics to blog about… just one day of watching news for one hour and Mamta, Mirwaiz, Manmohan dance on my head… also our sports minister who says you go and file an RTI and I will reply about the corruption in the Commonwealth Games. Sigh…


Practically a chaotic country like India should have never tried to host the Common Wealth Games, lets leave it to the more prosperous countries. I hate saying this but its the truth isnt it… our garbage is now out in the open and the whole world can laugh about it… seriously NRI’s please please console me that there is equal amount of corruption everywhere probably there is more finess (hope the spelling is right, but you get what I mean right ??) there and they are not as blatant as us… ! 😦  Also I pray and wish that we can actually conduct the games… Its going to be a herculean task…


By the way do you know what the f*ck do they mean by the word (moderate) which stands behind the Hurriyat Conference (moderate) means ??


Its flooding damn right everywhere, only it doesnt flood in hitchy’s town and hitchy just has to toe the line of the boss and reach office daily on time at 9 !!!! 😥


I seriously need to colour my hair, back in my hometown after three years, I am bored of hearing since the last 5 months where everyone thinks I have suddenly become so … err… mature… ! :mrgreen:


and then you suddenly see that girl in school, all were crazy about her, including you, she was once a girl who asked you “will you be my friend???” and you like a guy who watches the oasis in a desert after a weeks thirst had jumped and said YESSSS !!!! suddenly yes… she is in your Boss’ cabin, and you are like waiting for her to get out, you ask boss and boss says, she came for interview (will be my colleague) … and boss asks you… “Isko jaanta hai tu ??” you nod and he asks, “Kaisi hai? Isko rakh le ??”


boy how how how can you answer anything, anything, anything but, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Good times beckon I am sure… !!! 😛 :mrgreen: 😎  




25 thoughts on “just a few random thoughts

  1. Anonymously Disguised says:

    Ayyo Hitchy tere kitne roop? 😯 err couldn’t you hide the happiness a bit regarding the new colleague? Zamaana kharab hai and jealous men might psst psst you know tell your internetdatha na? 😥

    Hain? after watching news bloggers can get topics to write about? 😯 Even if I watch 24/7 am sure I will be always wordless Wednesday when it comes to writing a post 😛

    Btw it’s the same story regarding politics in this side of the world too (I know you won’t trust if this comes from me, but I ain’t lying) 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      Jealous men ?? you mean my colleagues ?? they aint know that me blogs you know baby…

      I seriously get all tangled up watching news infact I have banned them from my watching times, I Wonly watch cricket… !! but then sometimes we lose so badly it gets over fast and then you have nothing else to do but watch Prannoy Roy 😛

      I am desparate to know that we are not the only ones who have all the goons sigh ! & talking of Sigh… I m so bored today I still havent gone to office, already am 1 hour late and I am here replying ot comments !!! :-0

  2. sraboneyghose says:

    I think you have ‘matured’ because you are thinking and writing about politics and the future of our country…

    If I were the PM, I would probably be like MMS – enjoy the perks and not do anything…He’s my hero…But seriously, I think a non-puppet should take over…

    • hitchwriter says:

      lol atleast for the right reasons you think I have matured !!! :mrgreen:

      we seriously need some actual leader, Manmohan may rather go back to economic issues, he is out of his league for this job !

  3. phoenixritu says:

    When I watch the news I get acidity Sheesh! Actually RTIs, a strong press and a strong judiciary is what is keeping the country going. And of course the young people now a days. My generation had a whole lot of chalta hai, kya karun etc kind of attitude. Now thankfully the janta is not in the mood to take bullshit. Goons like Manu Sharma and Vikas Yadav would have walked out scot free, now at least something right happens

  4. UmaS says:

    OMG !!! ROFL !!! I am still laughing at the line – “Kaisi hai? Isko rakh le ??” 😆 😆

    So true, the CWG are bringing all the bad things out – and its a bad scene…we shouldn’t have tried to do all this.

    I actually avoid watching the news now a days, too much…just listen to the headlines and change channel. Or better read the newspaper at my own will. 🙂

  5. Rashmi says:

    Political talks at hitchys blog…U r matured hitchy 😆 😆
    Watching news is like watching corruption news only these days..I sincerely feel india is wasting money on CWG…In a country like india where lot of ppl still sleep without food…there is no right to spend money in building big stadiums and all other expenses for just 10 day function
    Wish politician could have spent this much money in building some houses or source of occupation for poors …

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes, I at times do feel, that while we are giving good infrastructure to our sportsmen, spending crores behind fireworks, dustbins etc could really have been better utilised… I do feel we are not yet a society that can afford to show off… there are streets of hard work ahead… but well… there is no going back now… We have to make these games atleast successful enough so that our country doesnt lose face.. ! 😐 we are in a tight spot actually !

  6. Sandhya says:

    After watching the tragedy for more than 2 weeks, M(oun)mohan Singh (I think Vinodji calls him like this!) is giving a speech without any commitment. Yes, as you said, we don’t see any other better leader in his party or the opposition.

    Matured?! Yeh padne ke baad…’“Kaisi …’ Nothing is wrong, but everything is wrong in this line…aap sudhroge nahin, Dhiren!

    Welcome back, the original Dhiren! Waiting to read more comments!

    Saakshi, you said it right, it is the same thing everywhere, but we are crude, unsophisticated!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Mounmohan is a most apt name I must concede that… !

      bout sudharna ?? Sandhyaji, sudharta woh hai jo bigda hai… main to acha bacha hoon !!! 😛

      Bout being unsophisticated… gee… I guess this is one thing where its good na they arent street smart !!!!!! 😛

  7. kanagu says:

    Its pathetic bhai.. 😦 😦 I am really tried about the things happening here and now not giving a damn to them… let us see what we can do to change this..

    And you are enjoying the life 🙂 🙂 Keep on Enjoying 🙂

  8. Badz says:

    Oh Dhiren. Old age is certainly catching up with you. :mrgreen:
    Soon we’ll have to get you a pair of furry slippers, a walking stick and a pipe you can smoke from. 😛 😛

  9. Ashwathy says:

    CommonWealth Games is such a disaster even before it has begun 😐 Lets not even go there….
    Why do people take off more than they can chew?

    where everyone thinks I have suddenly become so … err… mature… ! Are you sure thats the right word they used???? :mrgreen:

    Hahahha….rofl !!! So it feels like back to college days again,eh???? 😆 Fun in office!! Enjoy! Now u have a reason to reach office in time 😉
    P.S.: Does hetal know about this?? 😛 😛

  10. maald says:

    Inspired by a childhood friend who took to Vipassana, I stopped following politics a few years back (well, almost stopped). Very little ‘Tele-Vish’ion for me. Head feels lighter, I tell ya.

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