now then…

At times its just destined to be gloom all around… and no matter what you try to divert some piece of news is just around the corner to get to you…. and no matter how positive you want to keep your mind, the only thing that comes flooding are bad thoughts… ! Sigh… I have had enough for this year….

Now, although I have not believed in any religion, I do believe in my God… there is this someone I talk to, fight with, argue with and reason with… now its time for him to listen and do something bout this… its time to change, lets start a new, better chapter… some good news puhleez.. !!!!!!


14 thoughts on “now then…

  1. Sandhya says:

    This phase will go soon! Sometimes it happens…lateron, if some light is visible at a distance, these problems will melt away, Dhiren!

    Times will change for the better, definitely!

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