ICC = Idiotic compromising comittee

I havent been around to read a lot about the Spot Fixing on the blogs and so have lil clue about how much you folks have criticised it. However every new day a new headline comes out to have me really seething in anger.

The latest is that the ICC has proposed that Aamir could escape his ban, if he becomes an informant !!!! Now that is another howler by the ICC.

In this entire scenario of fixing, I think the PCB has always been responsible, however when it failed to act, the ICC has merely shown that it is only an organiser who will reap all the cash it can, but not do anything about regulating the game.

The first time the match fixing scandal came out in the open, if then and there, the Pakistani players would have been given a Life ban it would have set an example. Nothing else but a simple ban for life from playing cricket to all parties found guilty is a MUST !!!

I think the biggest disservice these fixers are doing is to the players who are playing honestly for their countries. Isnt this telling those honest players that you were fools to not indulge in something like this. Infact I think its telling them earn Millions and then get a one year rest (read ban) and come back and do it again !!!!!

Every tom, dick and harry now can come and insult me that the players I support with all my heart are fixers, they point out to silly instances and just say it was Fixed… !!!

As much as I love criticising the BCCI, I must commend it for banning Azhar, Jadeja, Mongia and Nikhil Chopra… a precedent must be set and they did it. Coming to think of it, even the Australian board tried to hide the fines it dished to Shane Warne and Mark Waugh.

For me the writing is on the wall, if found guilty, whether Aamir is 18 or 28 should not matter, he must simply be banned from this beautiful sport, as he has no right to bring malice to the game. What you sow, you must reap !!! Simple…


8 thoughts on “ICC = Idiotic compromising comittee

  1. shilpadesh says:

    Totally agree. It is the way BCCI handled the guilty, banning them for life, that young Indian players probably don’t fix matches. Otherwise I don’t believe they even have an iota of morals to stop them from doing it!

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