some things are just not meant to be

Like success for Sachin as captain… I guess this is where we use the line, after all he is human… !!!

I clearly remember one Irani Trophy match where Sachin was captain of Mumbai against a Rest of India team full with Rahul, Sourav, Laxman and Kumble… it basically was the whole India XI barring Sachin. In this match as skipper Sachin while fielding used Romesh Powar as a stellar weapon, who with all due respect was nothing more than a decent off spinner.

Sachin set two short mid wickets and exploited the off spin of Powar very very shrewdly to make the Rest of India team fall for a low first innings total. Infact I think here he showed how Rahul and Laxman could be stopped on Indian pitches, I think this Irani trophy match was some time in 2000. This same tactic was discovered by the Adam Gilchrist on that fateful tour when they won the test series in India a few years later. However before I digress, That match to my mind was one of the best moments Sachin had as a captain, he just showed how keenly he watched the batsmen and how he plotted each wicket, which was as much deserved by him as the bowler.

However, for a guy who loves the game more passionately than anyone, he has had bitter bitter moments as a captain. None worse than the 120 Run chase in Bridgetown Barbados, where we folded like nine pins for 80 odd…  The 3-0 white wash in Australia, I think that match and the Australian series were the final nails in the coffin for Sachin as a captain.

Interestingly, when Sachin resigned, it was then that the match fixing scandal broke out, thanks to the banning of the fixers, Sourav Ganguly got a team that was largely young, committed and free of the fixers… and as they say the rest is history… Sourav turned Indian cricket around, it was just not in the destiny of Sachin that he be the leader in charge during this turn around. No I am not saying Sourav was just the beneficiary of times, he for me is the one fellow who imbibed steel in Indian cricket, but more on Sourav’s contribution some other time. Lets look at Sachin the Captain…

Take the curious case of the IPL finals… through out the IPL Sachin batted like God… (actually I doubt if God can bat as well… 😛 ) but in the finals, it was just not meant to be… yes he screwed it up big time by holding Pollard back and as it was destined, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai won the IPL…

This fact was once again re-iterated two days back, when against the South Australian Reds, even after scoring 181, Mumbai Indians spectacularly managed to lose… infact the last two batsmen no. 6 and no. 7 to be precise scored 15 and 19 respectively of just 5 deliveries each. Mumbai dropped sitters, let balls go between legs and bowled full tosses and eventually lost…

I guess success as a skipper, for Sachin, is just not in his destiny… !!!!

Sachin it seems is destined to be a soldier not a leader… !!!! I am sure he enjoys it as much 🙂 🙂


3 thoughts on “some things are just not meant to be

  1. UmaS says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – to all that u say abt this bat and ball…. 😉 🙂

    But I like the way Sachin has always remained out of controversies and other problems – being a great all-rounder and a team player, he sure is the fav of many…

    I hope u enjoyed watching him being honored as Group Captain – my hubby was glued to the screen and was getting all thrilled as though he was getting honored…. 😉 😉

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