Huge fight back… !!!

Awesomeness is the word, that came to my mind when I just read that we won the Davis Cup tie today against Brazil after being 2-0 down on the first day…

I read the news in the paper today morning that Lee and Hesh won their doubles and it was 2-1 but I frankly didnt think Rohan and Somdev would be able to pull their weight in… I am guilty of not watching and not even keeping track of it…

but was hugely delighted and couldnt almost believe that the kids pulled it off… We beat them… Lee and Hesh have the most victories in doubles in Davis Cup History in the world and with these two kids now pulling their weight it looks like good times… 😀 😀 😀 Infact on the first day both the young kids had marathon 5 setters and lost after fighting to the best of their abilities… Fyi Rohan is 470 something ranked on ATP and he just beat someone who was 75th ranked… !!!!!

Almost empty stands, no one watching them on TV these players must be really lauded for not feeling discouraged for one minute and their amazing effort and this stupendous fight back… Seriously Hats off guys and we bow to you… !!!!! 😀 😀 😀


So wish the media would have projected it a little more …. we all are guilty parties… but we can atleast applaud this huge achievement !!! 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Huge fight back… !!!

  1. Pallavi says:

    I second and third you, Hitchy! Indian media sucks!! They would ‘break’ the news of a Muslim who sprained his ankle walking across a Hindu’s house and call it religious persecution. But these sort of achievements will only get a measly column in the last few pages of the paper! Sigh!!

  2. UmaS says:

    I know…I was quite happy to read it in today’s paper….Yay to the Indian Team !!! 🙂

    So right Pal…the media sucks….all the good news take a backseat !!!

  3. Amrita says:

    Congrats to all the 4 players…Fantastic news for Indian sports !
    And as far as media coverage is concerned…. The fact that I did not even know that Davis Cup is going on India tells it all

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