when nonsense is headlines… :|

Sigh… I dont know if anyone is interested, but I am might interested in the upcoming tour of Australia to India, albeit its just 2 Test matches… !

But thanks to the Fixing Pakistani’s and the Lecherous Kalmadi… its all the nonsense that is being given so much focus… so much so that India’s spectacular come from behind victory in Davis cup was completely over shadowed… !

but I think from tomorrow, starts the match between Australia and Board Presidents XI… and so the tour of Australia starts…

The height is that not even cricinfo has one bit of news about this current tour.. !!!!

I know for sure my readers are not excited… but I am… mighty excited… and cant wait for 1st October when the first Test starts… and yes… fear the worst… I am gonna be exclusively covering that tour from home !!!!! 😛 😛 😛 and recording it on my blog !!!!!!! :mrgreen:

This series and the series after this, England v Australia (the Ashes) will probably determine the best Captain in the world…

Interestingly both the venues will favour the Aussies… Infact we have a very poor record in Tests at Bangalore… and I am a lil worried… !!! sigh… but more on that later… !!!

This is just a post to express disappointment at the lack of coverage this test series is getting and my effort to let you all know what is coming and whats in store on this blog this whole month !!!!! 😀 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “when nonsense is headlines… :|

  1. Purnima M says:

    I am, I am, I am!!! I am interested, excited, aware, looking forward and everything else, to all of the cricketing action coming up!!! So eagerly awaiting the Test series! Tests is the best format, what say? 😉

    Looking forward to your blogposts! 🙂

  2. Smitha says:

    Seriously between the Pakistanis and Kalmadi, they have ensured that nothing else is even reported 🙂

    So there at least one person who is interested in the Australia tour – they must be celebrating 🙂

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