taking a cue from filmy friday…

Just read filmy friday post by DW.. and I was listening to one of my favourite songs Dard-e-Dil from the movie Karz… and I thought of listing a few songs… that I can sing… word to word… Verbatim (as my boss would say) without music, without any prompting… Its like had I remembered my lessons as well as I remember these songs, I probably would have gone places !!! 😛 😛 😛

So here goes,

This Rafi classic ka pure ka pura ratta maar liya hai… I can still remember our hostel days, when batteries were weak and no FM existed… we didnt need radios and walkmans… we were chalta firta IPODS !!!!! 😀 😀 😀

and then this classic,

yes, again word to word… !!!!

I am sure lots like me would also know this next song,

from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar in the era when one and all were in love with Rekha…

and in the days when I had to propose to my wife and I didnt have the words (read balls) sigh…

gee… I think I have a pretty long list… but then I ll stop at 5, how many of you can sing 5 songs, without any music, without any prompts and still sing it word to word… ?? huh ??? tell tell… I am sure each song has a story attached to it too !!!! I will be glad to know where I stand… 😛 😛 😛

now before I end, this is one song that I and my wife truly believe it is ours…

I have almost sung it for 3-4 months, to my wife in her pregnancy when she had trouble sleeping, or she wanted to do some or the other nautanki… Jaya Bachchan is of similar height as my wife, and then Amitabh is as dashing as me, our voices so similar 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Okk…. ducks all tomatoes and collects all the eggs… and off to make some omlettes…. !!!!!

And Crafty partner.
…. I ll get indigestion if you dont come to share the omlettes !!!!!

49 thoughts on “taking a cue from filmy friday…

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    are what eggs…. u havent put even one sug by u…

    we want we want

    i am no singer, infact I am sure if i sing all blore donkeys will be outside my house 🙂 but I love to hear others sing and then add a word or two here and there and all the songs are lovely lovely indeed

    • hitchwriter says:

      I sing only to people in real life… !!! so you gotta treat me to listen to this Mukesh !!! 😛 😛 😛 I am never gonna believe or even say that I am not a singer… !!!! I think I m one of the best singers the world is yet to discover… !!!! 😛 😛 😛

  2. Anonymously Disguised says:

    You are at the right place bcoz of all that song rattaings! bole tho Dance Floor pe ek dum chaa gaye ho :mrgreen:

    Me knows all the listed ones word by word too 😛 Awww there is definitely a story for me behind Dard-e-dil 😳

    You proposed by singing Kya karen?? 😯 So it was after all your wifey who said SHAADI KAR NAA after listening to you sing :mrgreen:

    You and Amitabh are no way near in the looks department 😦 You look more like Randeep Hooda no? :mrgreen: 👿 😈

  3. suranga says:

    Abhi na jao chod kar
    ye tawa abhi garam hua nahi….
    Abhi na jao chod kar
    ye tawa abhi garam hua nahi….
    abhi abhi anda laye ho,
    abhi abhi to……(music)

    abhi abhi to aye ho
    pyaaz aur dhaniya kate ho
    hawa me kya masala hai
    aankhe pyaaz se roti hai,
    ye omlette tu abhi ulat jara …..
    ye omlette tu abhi ulat jara …..
    tootna nahi , sambhal jara,
    tomatoes bhi istmal kare koi
    crush hue hai pehele woh koi,
    achche lagenge unme se woh koi,
    achcha bhag tu hetal ko de zara
    jala hua tu kha le jara

    abhi na jao ……


  4. UmaS says:

    What ???? Amitabh is as dashing as you, huh ???? OMG !!! 🙄

    Lovely set of songs and you made my day in the morning with such lovely hits…I can sing a few hindi songs without music, but get stuck with lyrics sometimes….. But dont u worry, I can sing a many of the old tamil songs without music and all….

    Do u remember the ad where the wife switches off the radio in the car ??? And the husband starts singing something of his own ??? Its a lovely ad…I think u blogged abt it, right ???

    Me and S start singing the old tamil songs in the car, when we go out….the girls think that we are mad… 😉 😉

        • hitchwriter says:

          You couldnt believe it could you Uma ??? Amitabh cant be as dashing as me na… !!!!… now now… lets be kind to the old guy !!!!

          So you are from my Tansen kin eh… I cant enjoy music, unless I can hum alongside it… 😛 😛 😛

          I am sure your kids love you guys singing like this as much, but just wont show.. 😛

  5. Goofy Mumma says:

    I am absolutely aweful with remembering lyrics. The only song I know from start to end is the Indian national Anthem. 😛 Or do nursery rhymes count too? 😉

  6. Scribbler says:

    LOl Hithcy ! I’m sure the omelettes tastes good 🙂 And why ducked tomatoes ?? You don’t use them in omelette ??

    All of the above mentioned songs are my favs too…eternal classics…!!

  7. Crafty Shines says:

    Hitchu!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Me : {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    After how long have you put up a list of songs as a post? tee hee!

    I know most Asha Bhonsle’s (hindi only) songs by heart. word to word, pauses, everything!! 😀 Esp the ones directed by Pancham and OP Nayyar.

    To say nothing of Kishore Kumar!! But i know there are a lot more by him that i haven’t even heard yet…

    Salaam-e-ishq!!!! I have lost count of how many times i’ve stopped and replayed kishore’s bit in it!!!!!!!

    Me : Who else could be better than me in the song remembering exercise eh ??? My crafty partner…. Eh !! :mrgreen:

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} again !

    Long proof of song knowledge ensues –

    Me : Not that you doubt… you know we would make awesome train partners…. travelling without walkmans !!!!!!!! Remember ???

    1. Aap ki madhosh nazarien, kar rahi hai shayari,
    yeh ghazal, meri nahi hai, yeh ghazal hai aap ki,
    maine toh bas likha…jo kuch likhaya..aapne…

    3. Is ke aage ki ab daastan mujhse sun, sunke teri nazar dabdaba jayegi,
    baat dil ki joab tak tere dil mein thi, mera dawa hai honton pe aa jayegi,
    tu masiha mohabbat ke maaron ka hai….masihaaa… masihaaa mohabbat ke maaron ka hai,
    tu masiha mohabbat ke maaron ka hai, hum tera naam sunke chale aayen hai,
    ab dava de humein ya tu de de zahar, hum tere mehfil mein yeh diljale aayen hai,
    ek ehsaan kar, apne mehman kar, apne mehman kar, ek ehsaan kar
    de duwaaein umr bhar ke liye…

    4. roz roz hum, hai sochta yehi…ke aaj humko woh mil jaaye kahin,
    toh aisa bolega…saala, waisa bolega..ke khullam khula dil ka raaz hum kholega,
    woh saamne chamakti hai, yeh saas hi atakti hai, aur woh jaati hai fisal….

    5. nanha sa gul khile ga angana, sooni baiyan sajegi sajnaa,
    jaise khele chanda baadal mein, khilega woh tere aanchal mein,
    chandaniya gungunayegi….

    I never really heard Mukesh so much, so i gotta let song 2 pass! 🙄
    But 4 out of 5 ain’t bad!!!! 😛

    Me : You aint heard songs of my hear-a-like !!!!!! :mrgreen:

    Did you say omlette? Put down your cutlery, raise your hands and step aside… i haven’t had anything since last nite…..

    If you are joining hobbes…. for a change… and this is just for a change… I am ready to let you have my share tooooo !!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. PNA says:

    All of them are favs especially I love all the songs from Kabhi Kabhi ..

    ps: Send some of the omelettes to PNA too.. bahut bhook lagi hain 😛 😛

  9. Smitha says:

    I love these songs! Have grown up on them 🙂 And I just realized that I know most of these songs too – not verbatim like some crazy people 🙂 But still 🙂

    And I don’t mind an omelette or too – saves me from worrying about dinner 🙂

    • Crafty Shines says:

      Smithu, ppl who remember songs verbatim are not crazy!!! 😥 😥

      you will get omelette after u dish out a hug *pushing hitchu aside who has eagerly come forth*
      a hug for CRAFTY!! :mrgreen:

    • hitchy says:

      thats what hobbes… smithu thinks I m crazy ??? coz I remember songs !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

      and why o why am i to just resort to cooking eggs only eh ??? while every one else gets the hugs ??? huh ? 🙄

  10. comfortablynam says:

    You know all these old old songs give away your age..it these are your jamaane ke gaaner.. haaawww..you are old old 😛 😛


    But seriously these are awesome songs..love them a lot 🙂

  11. Pallavi says:

    LOL! Lovely!! I used to love ‘dard e dil…’ Lucky Amitabh huh, to be as dashing as you? Actually Hitchy, you’re just being overly generous to Big B. I think Big D (Dhiren) is incomparable!!

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