O’ Sachin…

An encore once again, thats what we, the Indian cricket fans, want… tomorrow is another one of those days when millions of Indians will again put their entire weight on your shoulders… We have been proud of how you have carried us. Every sport and sportsman has his ups and downs, but you have given us more high’s than any one ever could give… on a depressing day, your flick through midwicket puts a smile on our faces, your smile after you pick a wicket with a googly can make us forget any problem, and yes there will be some fickle ones who, if you fail, tomorrow that is… well lets not mind them…

You have grown over it, and we are proud, atleast I am that you represent us, you never crib, you never tire, you never age, you keep on doing what you do best, play for your Beloved INDIA ! You will be supported by the team, who knows someone else may steal the thunder tomorrow… whether we win or lose, I must say this now, you have won our hearts long ago, you are our pride, whether or not you manage to take us over the line tomorrow.

I will never forget, the day in Karachi, when confronted with a bouncer in the face, you, with a bleeding nose, you all of 16 decided to say, “Paaji Main Khelega”, nor will I ever forget the reply to Abdul Qadir’s, “Bacche ko kya maar rahe ho, hume maar ke dikhao”. Memories you have given us are innumerable… Yes, we all wept with you when you wept uncontrollably, as we didnt manage to reach victory in Chennai against Pakistan, when more than the opposition it was the back spasms who got the better of you and a most spectacular effort could not bring victory to you Beloved INDIA !

I will always remember your ravishing square cuts in Perth, your desert storm in Sharjah, your swipes in Chennai against Warnie from the rough over midwicket, your blistering innings in Cape Town when you made the Proteas attack look like a club side, your blitz at the Centurion against Pakistan in the world cup or your double against the Aussies in the ODI’s or your stellar effort on the last day in Chennai against the Pommies in 2008 to win us the match. The list cannot be completely listed, your contributions are immeasurable

and yet, we require, no, we demand, another herculean task, from your timid frame that has mighty shoulders… There were times, when they said, Sachin goes, India goes… then times changed slightly, when you had more support, but then again we find ourselves in a peculair situation… Yet another challenge, for the GOD of cricket…

Sachin, tomorrow is another date with destiny, however, you are and always will remain one of the greatest and the most humblest of servants of Indian cricket… I will be holding my nerves, breathing and gasping with you as you complete each run tomorrow… Each moment tomorrow will be captivating, tense, adrenalin pumping for us, where you, no matter how many butterflies in your stomach, will be the calming influence…

Oh yes, this is a prayer, this is my love, my tribute, my salutation to you O’great Champion…

I will be watching you all the time, chewing my nails, as you wont be able to with your gloves on… its 161 still to go and I am gonna be counting each one with you… !


17 thoughts on “O’ Sachin…

  1. Rakesh says:

    I don’t want to go to office tomorrow. But then again, I’m wary of old scary memories coming back. The days when India never scored in the 2nd innings 😦

  2. Ashwathy says:

    All that strikes me in this post is your undying devotion to the Master himself. He’s an awesome player…and yet no attitude…
    One of the few whom I admire off and on the field 🙂

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