teaser yet again…

Yes, thats what is on the cards, another humdinger, another free stress test for all cricket fans awaits. Cant wait for the clock to turn 9.30.

Tantalisingly poised is the second test in Bengaluru, I just hope we wrap up the first 3 wickets as soon as possible and another great chase gets on the way.

There is something very peculair about 4th innings chase. Even a score of 150 to get in the 4th innings has proved dicey and tricky for one and all. The beauty of Test cricket is such. It is very important for the fans to realise that 4th innings are not easy, not only does the pitch have wider cracks, foot marks and variable bounce more than anything its immense pressure on the players who have been stressing it out since 4 continous days in the sun. The hardwork of 4 days hinges on the last day.

As we just saw, how Marcus North found after his first innings century tha the second innings was completely different. The ball he recieved would have dismissed many a left hander as Harbhajan just showed that he can still be as deadly as he once was. As much as Sachin & Vijay toiled for their double hundred & hundred respectively, they will have to do it again. It counts for nothing in the 4th innings. The opening stand will be crucial, early wickets can make people panic and this time we have no VVS. We have two newbies in Raina and Pujara which puts more importance on a good opening stand.

Australia already has 185 on the board and they will try their best to post over 200 for us to chase. A few early wickets and it will be really tricky from there. Sehwag can be the game breaker, if he can bat for about 30 overs, its game over… Lets not speculate too much and just let the match start.

India and Australia as Test opponents simply are the best that I have come across in Test Matches in the era that I have watched. The desperation between the two teams to win is unbelievable and the amount of excitement that these two opponents have created in the last 15 years has been awesome. Another riveting finale awaits… and I am like a cat on a hot tin roof !!!!!

office will have to be bunked today… someway or the other… !!!! Sigh….


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