Baba Harbhajan Singh

No folks I am not going gaga about the two centuries by Bhajji… his job is more to take wickets which he seems to have lil clue about. Anyways before I digress this post is about my meeting with my friend who just returned from sikkim. I just learnt this story from him and I dont know if you guys have read about this martyr… but I had not heard about him.

This is one urban legend that just fills me with joy. I am a sucker for such stories…

Read here and I promise you wont be disappointed…

“Baba Harbhajan Singh”


17 thoughts on “Baba Harbhajan Singh

  1. Punam says:

    Interesting! Never heard of it, but yeah, legends are always interesting to hear, twilight ones alike too. (oh yes, Phanton legends too.. does the skull cave really really exist?)

  2. Bikram says:

    I have heard about it , my Uncle retired as Brig. he told me this story along with a few more that are quiet astonishing to beleive , but the soldiers do beleive them and do the needful as in this case …

    end of the day it depends what you beleive in …


  3. UmaS says:

    After the Ghost who eats, here is a Ghost who travels, makes his boots muddy and withdraws salary too…… 😯

    Hitch, do u believe this all ????? I just cant.

  4. Rajarshi Bhattacharya says:

    I went to Baba Mandir last week….. don’t know if I believed this or not – but yes, as what I knew, I believe this legend…..
    I saw the boots, the bed, and the uniform.

    And they said — The Chinese troops respect and fear this legend too….

    It’s like someone supernatural is always there with the Indian Army posted — to guard the International border…

    They say, Its a Phantom guarding India — and enemy also never wish to disrespect Him

  5. bIGGY says:

    Agar jeetne wale ko sikaandar kehte hai,
    To,fir BABA ko “MRITUNJAY”…..kehenge..

    May U LIve with us Forever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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