a huge let down.. thankfully it can only get better now…

“In an ideal world, you know, you would play a warm-up game or a couple of warm-up games before a tour like this,” he said. “But we don’t live in a Utopian world, we don’t live in a perfect world, you have got to make do with what you have. We tried to do the best we could, we came here as early as possible – some of us – and practised a bit. The conditions yesterday were a bit different from what we have practised on also, but having said that, there’s still a lot of cricket left in this series. We have got to keep our heads up, and we have got to show some fighting spirit with the ball tomorrow and later with the bat.”
Spoke a hurting, aching Dravid.

I hope the board has heard him, the problem that subcontinent teams face abroad is bounce, pace and movement. If ever the board actually wishes to conquer South Africa and Australia the two toughest places to tour for the teams from the subcontinent they should be trying to give the best chance to its team. Wouldnt it have been best to have played a couple of warm up games and faced this score there ?? The lack of practice thanks to poor scheduling and rains before the first test showed, particularly more so in Gambhir’s performance, he looked absolutely at sea with the bounce. Raina only re-affirmed to me that its not his cup of tea these bouncy pitches and I will not be surprised if he comes a cropper in the second innings too.

Sigh… SIGH !!!!

ALAS !!!!

The scorecard looks fearsome now… we are in a hole and its HUGE getting out of this will take something… !

The good news is that it cant get any more worse. It can only get better from here. The team should and will fight, and do better from here on. I will hope against hope that they will fight and salvage a draw… hope there will be some rain assistance too :mrgreen:. Even if we do lose this first one, I will be hoping most batsmen spend time in the middle facing heat from Steyn and Morkel and get themselves some valuable practice. The next match might see a much more acclimatised batting line-up and Zaheer would be back.

Right now its time for the team to get together and show some character and spirit and fight. There is no escaping the fact that the first innings was a huge embarassement. India have to prove to themselves more than anyone else that the 1st innings was just a blemish thanks to poor scheduling by their senseless board and nothing more.


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