at times you must sulk…

when nothing works,

everything sucks,

the brain jams,

yea, at such times, traffic too jams, (invariably)

all efforts, down the drain,

nothing to show, no silver lining, wonly dark heavy clouds,

depression everywhere,

rewards ?????? Pah….

are you out of your mind…. !!!!!!!!!

only firing,

yea thats the time when


I decided to watch this movie….

lol… its just not hitchy style to sulk….

here are a couple of scenes of this movie that will have you ROFLING !!!!!

and the climax scene… !!! this is classic Farooq Sheikh !!!!


9 thoughts on “at times you must sulk…

  1. Bikram says:

    he he he lovely movie .. i think al lthe movies made by these actors utpal dutt, farooq sheikh.. and the golmaal guy.. were indeed so light and funny and beautiful

    especially utpal dutt he was funny …

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