cant help but compliment

yes…. you have to compliment the way the Cricket World cup is being handled… For the common wealth we had such a hooplah and all the wrong reasons for which the common wealth games was being in the news.

All other sports want to blame cricket at times, however I think a lot of credit must go to the Bcci for the way it has managed things… No its not a perfect board, I have a lot of issues with them… but when we look at other sports you must give the bcci a pat on the back !

No its not just rich but it has spread the games… you wouldnt get a bloke from jharkhand to skipper a team… a farmer who didnt have a tv in his house and lived in a remote village in the interior of Bharuch has his son playing for india and now is building a 3 crore mansion !!! A R P Singh from rae bareilly can come and find his moment of glory…. yes a perfume vendor in the corridor of a mosque can have his two sons playing and bagging 18 odd crore of rupees for 45 days of IPL !!!

Not just the money but the way Bcci has allowed the game to be spread and the fact that mere mortals can also come to the national team just on the back of their own talent is a great achievement of the BCCI !

The world cup mania is taking over… the world cup merchandise is being sold like hot cakes and all India match tickets are sold out !!!!!

Thats how a world event should be marketed… Yes… a blemish that the Eden match needed to be shifted to another venue… but dont blame the Bcci for that… the CAB didnt get their act in time… so a decision had to be taken !

As much as I have said against the Bcci and there are many things I want to change in the manner they function… I must give them the credit where it is due !

Cheers and wishing for a enthralling tournament, hopefully at the end we will have the cup in our hands !!!!!



Be prepared for lots lots and lots of cricket posts !!!! 😀

8 thoughts on “cant help but compliment

  1. Pixie says:

    hey Hitchy!!!
    Happy weekend!
    Since Ums hasn’t claimed her place – me first!!! 😀 😀

    I agree with your views… the World cup is being handled quite well! 🙂

  2. Niveditha says:

    a blemish that the Eden match needed to be shifted to another venue
    I get to watch a decent world cup match only thanks to that!!!
    YAYY!!!! 😛 😛

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