Snippets from the last few days…

I just realised its been a while since I even logged into WordPress… actually had to type my password to login !!!! The blog is getting more and more distant by the day… ! 😐

Facebook has been a welcome relief… easier to update, easier to track people and even if you missout on something there still are plenty of things available where you can always pull peoples legs !!!!

Sigh… this leg pulling saga never ends… ! but some people have just lost it… and go straight for the unmentionables… Sigh… ! They know who they are !!! :mrgreen:

Just the other day, India and England both teams refused to win !!! 😐 Eventually the queen of victory got angry and decided she would not sit with anyone… and it was a tie… a hum dinger… but really both teams didnt want to win from seemingly winning positions they were hell bent upon bringing the opposition in the game… !

One interesting fact that Times of India came up with was, Dhoni as Skipper has been a part of 3 matches which ended as Tie’s !!! First was in T-20 World Cup against Pakistan… Remember ?? We won that World Cup… next was last year in the IPL against Punjab… Rememeber ?? Dhoni’s Chennai won the IPL too… !!!! and last year in the Champions League Chennai again tied with Victoria Bushrangers and yes…. you guessed it… Dhoni’s Chennai won the Champions league too !!!!!

So….. I am not saying anything… I just hope this lad from Ranchi is 4th time lucky !!!! 😀 😀 😎

Ok so after the good news some bad news… What seems almost sure it this years Ladakh trip is in a soup…

Talking of Ladakh it reminds me…

Rakesh here are a couple of pictures of Pagong Tso just for you !


At the home front it has been all work work and work… looking for a job frantically and running around not much to report…

but one piece of news that I am sure my enemies would love to read…

Recently my son was to write 1 line on a few things… like

School : My School is very big.
Dog : There are three Dogs in my society, the third one is black !!!!! 😐
Best Friend : My best Friend is Deepansh. 🙂
Trees : Trees are big and strong.
Mother : My mother teaches in Aditya Birla Public School.

Father : My Father is very fat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥 😥

After telling me this he hid in the cabinet below the computer table and wont come out !!!!! Sigh…. The worst part is all his teachers, who happen to be my wife’s colleagues read it and laughed at it !!!!
😥 😥

and life as they say moves on…. 😐 😐 😐