not all lost…

Is what I say… the media cooks up a storm… the batting is fragile… the captain lost his marbles… and what not.. !

Hey Hang on… its a ODI match we just lost by 3 wickets… we floundered… !

We learn from this and we become better.. !

Geez… some microanalysis does happen in our country.. ! Thank God Dhoni has a cool head on his shoulders. ! Phew..

I think the match was lost in the last 10 overs.

It is doesnt take any Rocket Science to figure that their bowling is stronger than ours yet… they were being roasted on the flat pitch.. ! If Steyn and Morkel can be carted like that then dont blame the Indian bowlers who tried gamely. Dont blame Dhoni for the last over to Nehra.

If anything its the batsmen who faulted.. from a seeming score of 370+ to 350 to 330 to 297 !!!!!! it was Hara kiri… and no one seemed to be keen to playing themselves in for even 2-3 balls.. Even Zaheer and Nehra went down swinging with Dhoni standing at the other end.. !

India lost the match here… Period !

I seriously think its time Dhoni considered a 5th bowler… as hard it might be… one batsman from yuvraj, yusuf, gambhir or kohli must sit out… ! 😐

One more thing I would love watching Dhoni do was keeping the field in when the players are getting easy singles.. I understand him spreading it when someone is going hammer and tongs… but I dont understand that field when they are just milking the attack.

Yes… we lost a close match… !

We havent lost the cup .. ! Hang on .. ! Have faith and support the men in blue !!!!


33 thoughts on “not all lost…

  1. Smita says:

    True! It was just a match!!! The only issue I see is that we are not in truest form!! We are winning but struggling to do so & thats disappointing.

  2. Prats says:

    I agree with you… I also think its time for Dhoni to get Raina & Ashwin in. If need be one of Gambhir, Yuvraj, Pathan or Kohli sit out to make way for Raina.

  3. Rakesh says:

    I’ve been saying this to myself all this while;
    When they gave away 280 odd to Bangladesh, I thought, good they’re learning in the group stages iteslf;
    When they tied after scoring 320 odd against England, I thought, they’re getting a lesson for bowling well;
    When they struggled against Ireland and Netherlands, I thought good lesson for them;

    But now, this is getting repetetive and there doesn’t seem to be any way out.

    The problem is they haven’t improved as the tournament has progressed.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      I think for sure Dhoni is saving Ashwin for later… I think he is making up his mind as to whom to drop from yuvi, yusuf, virat or gambhir.. !

      I think the big lapse in teh batting cost us the game against africa.. I thought the bowlers gamely fought for the total which was low considering the pitch.. !

  4. Bikram says:

    I admire what you say, and even though i am 200% with the indian team but I do feel let down and ashamed .. I know as you say long way to go.. The problem is WE donot learn from it..

    I seriously thing Yusuf is not as good, he does well in one match and thats it then nothing from him, would it not be wise to get suresh raina instead of him, Raina does the same he can hit long and bowl too..

    and 280 odd for one and for 29 runs 9 wickets its really a shame each game they have won has been against the minnows.. a proper test playing team has taken them to the wire.. england did , Now south africa has done the same.

    If you do great against holland or ireland so WAHT .. you are suppsoed to do it .. I mean these are professional playes and payed hell lot of money they are supposed to be answerable.

    Supporting is fine but ARE these lot the 15 of them Supporting the Country or are they jsut playing for the sake of it, They need to answer some questions.. DHONI came inot the team for his big hitting havenot seen him do any of those for ages now … Yuvraj is picking up with each game .. and the top three batsmen are playing very good ..

    But people like Pathan I fail to understand WHY.. he does good against Holland who are partime Players or ireland again par time players and he is a hero I mean that is following someone BLINDLY tooo 🙂

    • the ghost who eats says:

      I dont agree… I think people micro analyse…

      Also I think Yusuf is a class act and he will deliver… !

      One think I hate is when you start questioning if they are wanting to win or not ?? If you dont trust that you shouldnt watch at all.. ! If you trust them then watch and have faith… they try their best… maybe some days its not enough… but dont doubt them for trying.. !

      • Bikram says:

        its not about questions they WANT to win or not it shows on then .. look at the australians or IRish I mean the body language tells it all..

        I understand some days it not enough and the other team is also playing ot win.. but the way its played..

        and yeah you say Yusuf pathan will deliver, no doubts he is a class act , The question is NOW IS THE TIME.. its no use delivering when the match is won or against a weaker team ..

        a famous saying is When the going gets tought- THE tough get going.. I have been a player and played for punjab and Jr. India and No way we behaved like this .. you give your best every second of the game .. Its not over till its over..

        Why is it that any time we loose we say oh its not a good day, the same happened in last times world cup. people said of wait till they deliver the question is WHEN.. we cant sit on ONE games laural and carry on.. Othewise how can you explain the late night partying after a loss.. When we lost we were miserable and sad Not go our partying…

        All I am saying is they are paid huge sums of money, if they are willingly accepting the money then its there moral duty too to deliver, My boss who pays me the salary here wont listen to this excuse oh it was not a good day for me ..
        No questions about each and every player in the indian team is a CLASS ACT they are the BEST I know but its been 5 games now when is the question .. apart from the top three batsmen what have others done .. Harbhanjan singh boasting of world class spin when will he do something .. other spinners Foreign spinners who dont have such spinner friends pituces as india are doing better …

        I mean even a part time bowler Yuvraj is doing better ..

        we got to get out of this mentality to sit on our laurals.. good day or bad day each one is answerable … One good match and your place is taken for granted for the next 4 -5 matches .. thats how we play

        and since you asked I watch them cause they are representing my country that does not mean I have to like them or trust them .. Sorry .. I am watching India play not a dhoni or yusuf play .. There are far better player to watch individually then any of those .. I watch other team play cause of the players i like .. but India i watch for the country they are representing ..

        Win or loose i will always support India the team .. not the player..

  5. shilpa says:

    Hitchwriter, the eternal optimist? Ha!

    I have no faith in the team. They batted like losers, especially after the great start! I feel like once Sachin plays well and gets out the rest of the team kind of give it up! I have never seen Dhoni captain before, so I have no idea how smart or dumb he is, but seeing how he keeps Ashwin out of the team for no reason and how he gave the bowling to Nehra, I am not so sure about the smart part, but a lot of people I know seem to have faith in him, so I will wait and watch.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      THey didnt bat as losers… yea… but they floundered big time after the great start… ! Please also remember that Dale Steyn is the worlds best bowler today !

      I think Dhoni is a smart captain, above all he is his own man and will take the decision he feels best and not get swayed by former players, media or public… he will do what he feels is best and I think its that way it should be.. I myself dont agree with him at many times… but that doesnt mean he is not smart… !

      I think nehra was the right man he bowls good yorkers but it wasnt meant to be… the match was lost when we scored less than 300 still the bowlers kept us in the game !

      • shilpa says:

        Why did they have to continue to slog even after losing early wickets, so what if it is power play? I don’t see the fighting spirit in a lot of the players, and Ireland seems to me more motivated than the Indian team. I am not doubting their intentions, but come on, we are a world class team, and it is time we showed it in spirit.

        • the ghost who eats says:

          Look sometimes brain storms happen… Drama and madness happen when 50000 people are screaming and you are lost in your thoughts…

          look perceptions can differ… I dont know how people can judge if they have fighting spirit or not ? If anything this new Indian team symbolises it…

          Shilpa just think, they beat NZ, Australia quite comfortably in warm ups.. Bangladesh, England was a tie, Ireland and now they lost to South Africa in the last over !!!

          If you think they dont have fighting spirit… well…what do I say… !

  6. Bindhu!! says:

    Yeah… Its time to be positive and support the team completely, until the WC gets over. Later, lets jump on them. 🙂

    The way I look at it is – Do all your mistakes NOW. Gear up and peak at the right time.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      Yea… I too think if you want to make mistakes make them now… ! India as such as not been the most consistent team…

      I kinda like it that people are not hoping too much from them… the weight of expectations is way too much.. I think people are hell bent on pulling them down… analysing everything way too much.. !

      I am not jumping on them even if we lose… I just want them to try their best… which I think they are doing… sometimes it may not be enough.. !

  7. kanagu says:

    This is what I am telling to my friends… we have done well in bowling and fielding when compared to last couple of matches… even Munaf and Nehra were running to stop the runs..

    Its the mindless batting at the death overs cost us the game… but I still feel Bhajji should have bowled that last over considering a left hander is at strike… well its a league match and its worth experimenting…

  8. the ghost who eats says:

    Exactly I thought the bowling was much much more disciplined… they werent short nor inconsistent and not even on the legs… infact the Proteas had to take risks to score runs… !

    People fail to see the intricacies of the game and just jump on the team coz they lost… !

    The match was lost in the last 10 overs of our own batting.

    If people think the match was lost coz nehra bowled and bhajji didnt then they dont get it… its a game of 100 overs and you cant pick just 1 over and say that is why we lost !

  9. Badz says:

    I don’t have a clue what the indian media where saying about the indian team or dhoni. BUT I do agree it was the batting in the power play that made india lose that match. I mean no one really batted properly after sachin got out. It was horrible to watch. BUT like you said, it’s not the end of the world. they still had one game ahead of them against WI.

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