Alright so India won yesterday and comfortably at that in the end… and we are in the quarterfinals. I was amazed to see the way the Indians looked so tentative… after all playing in India and the weight of expectations got to them is what I feel.

They were just tentative, tense and nervous, they were more fearing failure then going out and expressing themselves…. atleast till the pollard wicket… !

This is what the weight of expectations does to you …. they seemed so tight !

If they want to do anything about their chances in the following matches, Dhoni must trust his instincts without worrying of the results and the players must let themselves flow… !

On a rather flat wicket the batters were just worried of a late order collapse and were just being too careful for not repeating what happened against the South AFricans… however almost that happened… ! Thats what… dont fear or think too much about one match one failure… but thats difficult if you are an Indian cricketer as the news, news paper everyone will be harping on you !!!!!

Come next is the BIGGEST MATCH for me of the world cup.

India V Australia

is as big as it can get, I cant wait for Tait and Lee going hammer and tongs at Veeru and Sachin !!!! It will be a contest to view… Ponting V Bhajji !!!! Watson V Zaheer !!!! This is a heavy weight clash for sure… Nothing for me comes near to a India Australia encounter, not a India Pak match nor an Ashes encounter… last 10 odd years this is the one battle to watch out for… !!!

Again come thursday the biggest challenge for me will be to shirk work and come home at 2.30 for the match… The match will be played only 200 kms away from my home but I am not going to watch it… I now suddenly feel I should have agreed to the earlier offer of my friend to buy tickets… SIGH!!! 😦


Its gonna be a ripper of a contest… and I can bet the next dream I have will not be about Angelina… it will be Sehwag Upar Cutting Lee and Tait !!!!!!!!!

I think the team that plays their natural game freely without fear of losing will probably end up winning… Dhoni would do well to keep the TV’s off and the news papers away from himself and his players… !!! He doesnt need advice… he needs some peace !!!! Which I doubt he will get !!!!

Could they actually smile like this in the match ????? I REALLY REALLY DOUBT !!!!!


23 thoughts on “HEAVY WEIGHT CLASH !

    • the ghost who eats says:

      If anything has given Australia consistent headaches in the last 12 years… Its India… I think in the subcontinent Sri Lanka would have been a more difficult team…

      Nevertheless… if we are going to win we shouldnt be bothered about who we play !!!

  1. bikram says:

    Fingers crossed.
    So who goes out whe sehwag returns to team.
    Do we still go with pathan or raina
    Though we won the game stikl rha last powerplay we loose too many wickets
    All the best to the indian team. How do I shrk from work thursday I need to think that.

  2. Ashwathy says:

    Hobbes…. you’re NOT going to watch it live when u have a chance??? I find that SO hard to believe!!! :mrshock:

    Yea Dhoni really needs some peace…. he’s been taking it all pretty well I must say!

    • the ghost who eats says:

      I am not a fan of ODI cricket too much, that too in the stadium if you go for an ODI its madness… they all stand up and dont let you watch…

      I’d rather watch it from home… I will watch it live that much is for sure !!!!

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