at the business end.. !!!

of the tournament… I am like a cat on a hot tin roof… !!!!

I had the most bizzare nightmare…. I just saw that after the wicket of Brad Haddin in the first over… Ponting sent in Mitchell Jonhnson as the pinch hitter and he and Watson build a 180 run partnership and Australia were 188 for 1 in 28 overs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee…. it tells me two things… as much as I might say India will win… I m weary of the Aussies from Inside… !!! Second… the cricket fever and this match is totally taken me over… !! I am not able to wait till tomorrow 2.30 pm Geeez… one of the biggest challenge for me is to shirk work in March End and sit for the entire match and I am going to do it come what may !!!!!!! What a match in the offing… !!!!!

Sensibly though I think its a 50 – 50 match… Its really difficult to predict the winner but as Bones said

“The Aussies cant win in a Dry State… Period !!!”

I really would like to go with her… !

The one thing I can say is its not going to be the spinners ruling the roost…

No.1 Motera will be as flat as it can get.
No.2 There is way too much dew in Bharuch at night… and Ahmedabad which is 200 kms away shouldnt be too different… and that means in the second innings the spinners will be wiping the towel all the time…

Johnson has already announced he is going to bounce out Veeru !!!!!!

I love such pre-match show downs…. I have always believed that such statements make the contest even more exciting.. Also I think such statements and taunts and sledging from the opponents wakes up the Indians and brings out the best in us…

That is one main reason why we have always competed hard with the Aussies, they just rub us the wrong way and we react… ! I at times wish all other teams would also rub us the same way… because unlike the Australians who are pro-active… many times we are reactive… I wont blame the team… I guess as a nation we are easy go lucky sort of people… the Chalta hai mindset… which is very different from the Aussie ruthlessness… Infact Australian sport is something from which we can learn so much !!

Having said that I dont think there is any other greater joy than beating the Australians… even more than Pakistan I think this is the FINAL in the QUARTERFINAL.

and now for some predictions… !!!!

I think whoever wins our encounter will face Pakistan in the semi’s and well Pakistan will not make it to the finals… as pitches become flatter their batting is the most vulnerable after the West Indians in the last 8 !

in the other group… I think South Africa will face England in the Semi’s I think England will prevail over the Lankans… and I actuallly think England will reach the finals…. The way the entire tournament has gone for England… some epic matches, close fought encounters… I think if there is any team in the entire cup that has generated most excitement its the English team… and they have been battle hardened… I think they might be the surprise in the finals !!!!!

16 thoughts on “at the business end.. !!!

  1. Pixie says:

    Sigh… why am I not even remotely surprised that you had such a dream?!!! 🙄

    Not gonna say anything yet!!
    But, in other news – I’m looking forward to today’s game as well!! 😛

  2. bikram says:

    But what do I dooo cant switch off my phone ahhhh I will have ti take a day off.
    And well it aint over till its over if india play the full 50 overs and dont loose any in rhe first 10 overs it will be great.
    Though ur reply in last article take gambhir out and let yuvraj yusuf and raina go mad then it wont be australia withh 188 in 28 it will be us.
    All the best to india.

  3. Rakesh says:

    I have half day on Thursday! Work finishes at 1 pm 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And the way we have played, there is no hope. We have only won against Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands and the one against Windies, well they lost. We didn’t win.

    Still, I’ll wear my India T-Shirt and Cheer ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Seriously can’t wait for tomorrow. I doubt if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Will be like the night before Uttrayan when I was a kid.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      Hopes are high… without a doubt !

      Rakesh we won against Australia and New Zealand too in the warm ups !!!

      Yea you will say they were warm ups… but when India Australia play there are no friendlies !!!

    • Bikram says:

      I do agree with you rakesh.. but then hey HOPE .. fingers crossed Sachin will make his 100th Century and as i said yuvi-yusuf-raina will hit some big sixes.. Fingers crossed and SHehwag will hit Bret lee for some nice hit over third man or straight over his head ..

      Fingers crossed

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