It had to be us !!!!

World Champs they were for 11 years !!!! yes it had to end at some time, to be fair they are not the team they once were, having said that…. It just had to be destiny, it just had to be India to throw Australia out of the world cup !!!!!

It has been a fabulous rivalry, India v Australia in the last 10-12 years has been by far the most engrossing contest, neither India v Pak nor the Australia v Eng contest can actually match up to it.

India it was who stopped the Juggernaut Steve Waugh started and it was India yesterday that stopped Australia who held the world cup for 11 years. They have been mighty mighty champions and that makes the victory so much more special.

You could see it in the celebration that Yuvraj had after the last 4 how much it meant to them. Its at times like this all fans could do well to remember they try their best… and yes… they too could lose… !

The other team also comes to win… so when we lose criticise their cricket and dont doubt their intentions or get personal !!!

The key thing for me was the INTENSITY yesterday. I have not seen the team field better than this in the last 2 years. There was unbelievable intensity, the captain was on his toes… I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw a silly point for Cameron White so late in the innings. As an attacking fielding captain you must at all times look to take wickets. Even if you dont pick up wickets its always important to let the opposition batsmen know that you are trying to get them out. It makes a world of a difference.

The pitch was tailor made for us and actually the sort of pitch not made for fast bowlers and the quicker the Aussies bowled the easier it was to hit them. Australia for long always went for balanced attacks, this team like the Proteas of old thought they would just keep bowling their pacers and they paid the price for it. This was not a pitch for the pacers and in hindsight they might think it would have been better to have a better spinner in the team, however they dont have any confidence in Steve Smith… who I think is a good spinner !!

In the end the chase was tense, Australia dont beat themselves and you have to beat them, India had a fight on their hands and for 20 mins it seemed like we were hell bent upon handing the match away but Yuvraj proved once again what a class act he can be. Cometh the hour cometh the MAN !!! This was the guy who was being kept in the team for his bowling at the start of the world cup !!!!!!!!! How the world has come around for Yuvraj !!!!!! He is the MAN of the Series for India so far… !!!!! Once again it tells me, once you identify talent and class you just persist with it !!!! It will pay rewards !!!!

The Indians once again proved yesterday that they more and more are relying on a combined team effort Dhoni led aggressively in the field, Zaheer bowled some real peaches, Ashwin proved what a fighting competitor he can be, Yuvi proved he is more than a part time bowler on such wickets, Indians fielded like tigers, Sachin was his usual masterclass, Gambhir wouldnt buckle under pressure, Yuvi is moving like a Mercedes while batting these days and Raina was plucky !!!!!

Yes, India seized the moment…. Dont mind the next match…. For the moment gloat in the glory… we have thrown the 4 time World Champs… We have beaten a Team who held the Cricket World Cup for 11 years and showed them the door…. !!!!!!

The men who Bleed in Blue deserve to let their hair down and breath easy for a while !!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “It had to be us !!!!

  1. Chatterbox says:

    Yesterday’s match was pure entertainment 😛

    Anyone who loves the sport would have enjoyed every minute of it 😀

    You rightly said, all teams play to win but it’s the spirit, the sportsman spirit , that counts in the end nomatter what the outcome 😀 😀

  2. Bikram says:

    Now i can agree with you , although we in the middle did some silly things but a GOOD WIN, Now that was what was missing all through the matches .. We could have made life easier for ourself. BUt anyway alls well that ends well .. Now we face pakistan in the Semi’s Which I am sure we will win.

    Good team selection, and as i maintained from very first PAthan was not the right choise , Raina was and he proves it yet again …

    YEsterday was the match where the TEAM worked together and showed some Hunger to win.. and WIN it did in STYLE as we cud see how much it meant to them with the last roar of Yuvi when he hit that four.
    Excellent Result. and Well done to them But the Job is not done yet TWo more games to go … 🙂

  3. Badz says:

    Great match on Thursday. India have played so far. 🙂
    And I think (or shall I say hoping) it’s India Vs. England in the final. 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    Hitchwriter, where is the post on yesterdays match….I came specifically for that 😀

    The header is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Where??? Who???? When???? Which???? The only question I wont ask is why 🙂

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