actually just another match.. but..

Not many will agree with me, but yesterday was just another match, infact a low quality match, yes we won… yes people were thrilled to bits… they jammed roads and danced away through the night…

but first a few reasons why I felt it was a weird match with low quality cricket…

I have never seen an Indian batting line up so tense and so nervous, barring Virender Sehwag who is a man from another planet absolutely nothing seems to affect him or his style of play, I have never seen Sachin scratch around so much and giving so many chances.. !

The Pakistan fielding was apalling to say the least… !

How many of you think Yuvraj was out to a searing yorker ?? Well I think he missed a full toss !!

Bhajji and Zak batted as irresponsibly as they could, why wouldnt they take singles and give Raina the strike ???

I will never figure what got into Hafeez to try to play the scoop shot to a ball that was almost a wide outside off stump ??

Misbah blocking balls and not even trying to take singles while the run rate was mounting was weird to say the least.. !

Afridi unable to smash an innocuous full toss from Bhajji and giving the catch to cover ???

Why wouldnt you take a power play when Afridi comes in who cant bat any other way than trying to smash the ball ??
and yes… jingoistic fans came out to support the team… wonder what would they have done had our team lost…

My problem with yesterdays match is the inconsistencies of the Indian team, they played an (A) game against the Aussies… ! Wonder what happened to them yesterday?? Yes, you could say it was nerves… but why ?? Australians would have been most difficult wouldnt they ??

Indians won because they are a better all round team, Pakistan needs to really look at their batting, its as fragile as it can get.

Raina, Nehra and Munaf probably proved to be the surprise packages… Yes, as a team, on a day most of them struggled the Indians showed character to end up as winners at the end.

Another reason this nervous energy in the team could be thanks to our Idiot Prime Minister who not only forgot that we had decided not to play with Pakistan for a reason, it was a World cup and we had no choice but to play Pakistan, however, I hope he has some reason for inviting the Pakistani Prime Minister, thanks to him we even lost a few supporters of the team I was irked the moment I read the headline he invited the PM from across the border… Please dear politicians leave cricket alone !

Yes, the whole of my country is happy, I am happy too we are in the final… but I was happier after we took out Australia and I will be happier once we take out Sri Lanka.. !

Never mind this match, India is in the finals… !!!! Mumbai it is… !!!! History beckons !!!! once AGain !!!!


8 thoughts on “actually just another match.. but..

  1. bikram says:

    I agree with you dont be surprised. Pakistan did help us a lot catches extras and bad batting helped india a lot. True sehwag was best sachin scratched through. True nehra was best bowler.
    I hope we play better against lankans we need to cause they wont make the same mistakes as pak did.
    I just hope sachin sehwag play first 15 overs togehter.
    not with you on the prime minister he did good I appreciate wt u say if thats the case the pakistan team on indian soil is a bigger insult.
    That is politics it has to be done.
    Ashwin in place of munaf or nehra will happen I think no other change.
    India has a good chance get the first two wickets and sri lanka are vulnerable.
    But then they have themagician murli on one leg he is still the best.
    Each indian player has to play 110% for sure and no mistakes none.

  2. kanagu says:

    Match is not upto the standard bhai.. but except for some mindless batting by our tailenders… I enjoyed it.. we bowled well.. thats important 😀 😀

  3. Writerzblock says:

    Very well said, Hitchu! But then, this was India Pak, and even a cricket-abstainer like me watched it end to end!!! Yes, it was hyped beyond measure, and that probably explains the terrible performance on-field? Anyway, now all set for the FINALS!! Go, India, GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ashwathy says:

    Match-wise it was nothing great. You are right, we played a better game against the Aussies. But then it is easy to do the pros n cons and analysis once the match is over. Let’s just forget it for now and look forward to the next match!!! 🙂

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