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Yes, that was the feeling, as Dhoni struck the last 6 !!!! Tears followed and I couldnt speak, choking with emotions, I still get goose flesh thinking of it.

I am really happy for the players, its their sweat and their hard work that has come through. These bunch of people have made my day so many times, on tough days you guys allow me to switch off from everything and relax, you give me a smile, you thrill me and entertain me, you guys set the adrenalin rushing in my system at this age of 34 where all else is rather mundane. Congratulations Men in blue, this victory was most most most satisfying. 😀 😀 😀

For all those who have followed Indian cricket woudl have noticed that in the last decade we have steadily improved, we were getting better and better and this was a wonderful way of capping things off and starting the new decade as World Champions !!!

Can you believe it that we are the World Champions for the next 4 years, what is even more heartening is the fact that we among all are the only other team in world cricket that is settled alongside England.

South Africa will seek a new captain, Australia has to rebuild, Sri Lanka again will look for new leaders and new bowlers, Pakistan and West Indies you expect to self destruct from time to time and New Zealand at best would only compete but not be world beaters.

Actually India could dominate the scene for the next few years.

This world cup is one where like 1983 you cant actually lay a finger what one thing worked for the team actually more than a few things worked. The fielding came a long long way in the knock out stages and India have never fielded like this, the bowling was never so disciplined and the extras were few and far in between. The batting has always been a strong point but this time round it seemed there were no nerves, no fear and this unbelievable belief. You could almost see it in the eyes in the quarterfinal that this was our cup. Once the Aussies were vanquished it was DESTINY !

Sachin and Sehwag went cheaply, still there was no panic ! Yea the pessimist would have said there we go again… but if you would have followed Indian cricket in the past few years, you would know its no longer a 2-3 batsman team, the fight in the team is visible in people like Gambhir, Kohli, Dhoni, Raina who though not as gifted as Veeru, Sachin or Yuvi actually stack up quite well against them… !

We have seen some unbelievabe victories from some rather impossible positions starting from the Cult Test Match in 2001 where Dravid and Laxman saved India, it seems this team is hell bent upon doing the impossible. Be it winning the Test in Adelaide after conceding 500+ in the first innings or selecting to bat on a heavy day on a green track in Headingly, who can forget the series vicotry in Natwest and Ganguly waving his T-shirt or the Test series win in England following the jelly bean stunt by the English, Snatching at the champs in Perth after a heart and mind break in Sydney or downing the World Champs in their ODI series at home. Memories that are impossible to list in one post !

Believe it or not, this was just coming…

India had to be crowned the World Champs they were doing a lot of things right !!!! It would have happened in 2003 but alas… and 2007 was a shocker that was most disappointing, but as they say heavy rains come after a hard summer !!!!! The best was it was not one person or one performance that was responsible, everyone put their hand up !!!! The team won !!!!!

It is time to rejoice and let this sink in…. !!! Let the feet up guys… !!!


7 thoughts on “Content !

  1. Bikram says:

    Yes we are the champions and in 4 years time we will be fighting to RETAIN the cup for the next 4 years ..

    well done to the team and Congrats ot you tooo , 🙂

  2. Writerzblock says:

    Its the time to disco 🙂 Btw Hitchy, it was free flow of tears when India actually won! I felt so homesick, so proud and so elated! It cannot be explained. I am just happy this happened during our lifetime 🙂

  3. UmaS says:

    Just like how u described ur feelings, I saw my man totally emotional at this win and then suddenly he was screaming, till his voice became hoarse…. 🙂 🙂

  4. Rakesh says:

    Content, certainly… I guess what you’re saying makes sense – we have a stable time but the problem is there is too much cricket – IPL begins on 8th April that is only a week after the world cup… No time for rest and in such cases, injuries can make any team unstable very quickly…

    But lets revel for now, and leave that for another post 🙂

    • the ghost who eats says:

      the even more shocking thing is straight after the IPL our team goes to West Indies for 1 t-20 and 5 odis and 3 test matches and directly from there to England for 4 Tests 5 odis and 1 t-20 !!!! and then in dec we travel to Australia for the mother of all series !!!!

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