Underarm ? A definite no no !!!!

Well no point in telling you how much I love cricket, you all know it ! But this is different… I actually did something a cricketer should never do… but before I tell you what I did and what transpired, I must tell you this infamous cricket story…

Whenever you ask a cricketer about the Underarm, Immediately the image of Greg Chappell comes to your mind… The silly and totally disgraceful skipper of Australia instructed his brother Trevor Chappell to bowl the last delivery to be bowled under arm when New Zealand to win the third final needed 7 to win of the last ball !!!! Imagine 7 to win of the last ball !!!

This is what happened….

Even the wicketkeeper Rodney Marsh immediately said NO and shook his head… but alas !!!

Whilst my favourite commentator Bill Lawry wasnt as scathing in his remarks about this incident while he was on air… you must just see how angry Richie Benaud is !!!! I have never seen Richie lose his temper… and it goes without saying he is another one of my most admired cricketer, cricket captain and commentator. Just check Richie out in this video :

Even the guy whose advice I blindly follow when it comes to cricket judgement and the best Cricket Captain ever Ian Chappell had this to say about the underarm incident which involved his brother :

“Fair dinkum, Greg, how much pride do you sacrifice to win $35,000?”



I somehow….

persuaded by lil devils….

decided to go Underarm….

and the result….


with a heavy heart

This is what you get when you dont listen to Icons….

I Here by swear !!!!

Never to UNDERARM again !


14 thoughts on “Underarm ? A definite no no !!!!

  1. Bikram says:

    goood .. greg chappel was the biggest mistake indian cricket had .. all that chaos .. i still feel what happeend with ganguly was not good ..

    even though greg brought in a lot of fresh players into the team dhoni- raina and all came in then but he did far worse then good for the cricket …

    dont like that man at alll…

  2. Ashwathy says:

    hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: I was wondering where this post was leading to!!
    I won I won I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Undakanni traipses around the room skipping n hopping in delight!!!

    • the ghost who eats says:

      Ofcoursee it was Sandhya… he is still alive and the then captain of australia was once coach of our team…

      in anycase the story was to tell that I lost in the bowling alley… !!! 😦 😥

  3. UmaS says:

    U lost to Undakanni in the bowling alley ????? :mrgreen:

    Yours is the lowest score of them all !!!! 😯

    It goes on to say not all bowlers in cricket can win in the bowling alley !!! All u probably need is a twist of that powerful EYE !!! 😉

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