spineless !!!

That is what we Indians are… yes… and our leaders are hell bent upon proving it…

I like the cliche, people get the government they deserve and yes we surely deserve this as we dont care and hence we must face this.

I couldnt believe my eyes yeseterday in train as I was travelling I saw someone reading a gujarati daily with headlines that Indian team would travel to Pakistan for a cricket tour.

First thought that came to my mind was it was the politically minded BCCI that would have decided something like this as they would want to conjure votes of the PCB for the next elections, but to my horror and utter disgust it was Mr Krishna our foreign minister who was stating this diplomatic way forward.. !!!!!!

I mean WTF !!!!

This comes exactly the next day after Rana confessed that he had acted on the behest of the Pakistan Govt !!!!!!

I mean what a master piece by our Foreign Minister !!!! Excellent !!!!

Let me also suggest him this, Shoaib Akhtar has retired, so lets play a benefit match for him, also request Sachin, Sehwag and Dhoni to get out to Shoaib and give him a fitting farewell. That would be the most friendly gesture wouldnt it ??!!!!

Never mind the fact that the Sri Lankan players were shot at during the tour to Pakistan what I will never understand and never be able to comprehend or even be able to describe my DISGUST at the fact that how my country forgets blood that flowed on 26/11, I could still understand we had to play with Pakistan in the world cup but could never understand why our idiot Prime Minister invited his counterpart…

This gesture of S M Krishna is nothing but an extension of that act started by Manmohan !!!!

I though do have a suggestion, before deciding to send the cricket team, Manmohan and Mr Krishna should send their entire families, grand children et all with all their relatives for a 30 day holiday to Pakistan… !!!!!

I seriously hope atleast one of our cricket player stands up and simply says I wont tour and shows the middle finger to our politicians !


10 thoughts on “spineless !!!

  1. Anon says:

    I think it is wrong for the politicians to have a say on who our sports persons should play and where. And in the same breath, I’d like to say, cricket is a game. And we are going to achieve nothing by not playing Pak, whether in India/Pak/elsewhere.

    I’d also like to know why we are talking only about Cricket. Rohan Bopanna and Aslam Qureshi have partnered for a long time on the tennis court and have been quite successful. And we all loved watching Veena Malik on BB, didn’t we?

    I agree Pak is not a safe country and has been mean/violent with us. But that doesn’t mean we should cut off all sporting and other ties with them. Diplomatic issues have to be handled at the diplomatic level and not mixed with other areas.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      I agree that it should not be the politicians who decide.. Had it been a decision of the BCCI it would have been something else…

      I think the politicians should have infact been stopping not just cricket but all forms of bilateral ties… with this country.

      as far as touring pakistan is concerned, I think the players should be asked to volunteer… and I am sure they wont be queuing up after what happened to the Lankans !

      Diplomacy should never be mixed with sports… !! thats what our politico’s dont understand… our idiot PM rolled out the red carpet for the semi’s again something I didnt like as the politicians were riding their motives on cricket !

      leave cricket alone is what I’d like to tell them… !

      unfortunately cricket apart… I am apalled at the reaction our govt gave to the whole 26/11 incident… ! even after these revelations by headley and rana… we cant do a thing !

      Hopeless !

  2. Ashwathy says:

    though do have a suggestion, before deciding to send the cricket team, Manmohan and Mr Krishna should send their entire families, grand children et all with all their relatives for a 30 day holiday to Pakistan… !!!!!
    Seriously…u have neatly summed it up….
    Grrr 😐
    Assholes!!!! 😡

  3. Bikram says:

    Well it is wrong to put sport in politcis , to be frank i dotn mind what manmohan singh did inviting the counterpart .. diplomacy has to start to end a lot of feaud .. I got no qualms with that but asking cricketrs to do it thats not fair agree with you..

    The only other option is to go to war and that can’t be good. So much is happening so many innocent people are dieing what about them , we have to protect them via diplomacy or War ..
    I can understand your frustration but we all know out politicians dont have a SPINE in them wen the time was there to go for war they did not have the GUTS and neither did the public we ALL kept quiet did nothing .. I know you wont like this but its the truth..

    Now the PM cant do anything he is a puppet and a bad politician he is a economist and shud have stuck to that .. but these things happen that is why i dont beleive in the KHADI WEAR PEOPLE they are all corrupt or have skeletons in there cupboard .. and definitely dont beleive in Gandhian policy that does nothing either been more then 3 decades that has not helped us ..

    so the time is to try other roads.. cause come elections a lot of people visting your blog or otherwise thinking the way they do about politcians including me .. will still go and VOTE for the same person 🙂 thats the truth …

    its the same the way the stadium was filled up during the world cup or the IPL mathces now .. all those people did not have time to go and support Anna Hazaare 🙂 this is the sad truth of our great nation..


  4. Phoenixritu says:

    I object to Bikram’s comment. These politicians do not make any sacrifices themselves. Now they want to ship citizens to troubled areas and play with their lives. In my opinion, they have lost the moral right to order any one, sports people or any others to put their lives on the line

  5. froZENwell says:

    Honestly, even I think I did not like the idea of inviting the Pak PM. Hey! they lost, and he wouldn’t be so happy about that ; is that a very good note to begin the “friendship” ? Whether or not we want to face this but history has it that the happiness of one of the two of us is in not so happiness of the other. 😦 Sad. So the whole point was, there couldn’t be any “dialogue” and probably he went home and griped about being humiliated by the defeat to Indians in India while sitting beside PM of India. The PM may be a man with impeccable career but I think his current job is a black spot on his resume! :\ And this tour to Pak news is so crap! God 😦

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