the good and the bad

Since its outset, I have somehow despised IPL, yes I did gamely try to become RCB’s blogger in the first season but that was for the cricketers and not for the tournament.

I somehow just dont enjoy this hullabaloo of money, money and money… ! Too much glamour has been infused and way too much cricket is being played in very little time add to that that fact that its T-20, the format I least like.

Anyways, having said that the IPL has done a few good things like providing so many hard core cricket lovers more options, even if you dont reach the Indian team you can now survive easily playing only domestic cricket as the fees for the players has gone up dramatically and if you manage to reach the IPL financially you are almost overwhelmed.

In the past the IPL has given exposure to the some valuable local talents, Yusuf Pathan came through and the whole country knew him and wanted him in the team, let alone the selectors. We flirted with one certain Manish Pandey one year, I surely hope we have not heard the last from him !!! We saw Ashwin climb the ladder here !!! and hopefully we will have many more stories !!!!

This year has been a similar story, now everyone knows Mohnish Mishra, Bharat Chipli and most of all Paul Valthaty !!!!

To be honest I didnt see the first innings of Paul Valthaty, I generally avoid the IPL but when I read in the news paper some Paul Valthaty had scored a blistering hundred to hand Dhoni a defeat, the first thought that came in my mind was some Australian player !!!!

To my utter happiness it was someone from India !!!! Mumbai !!! and I had not even heard of him and I say I am one of the craziest cricket followers !!!!!!!!!!!

The next match I just wanted to see him bat and I saw him against the likes of Dale Steyn and this guy did seem the part !!!! He scored another blistering half century and also took 4 wickets !!!! How the world suddenly comes around for someone who went through everything !!!! From falling from under 19 India player days to a career threatening eye injury that almost finished the players career and now this !!!!

This guy is the new rage !!! No I am not suggesting he is the next Tendulkar or even the next Team India player but I was just loving watching him go hammer and tongs the other day. He looks to me like an improved version of Romesh Kaluwitharna !!!! He bowls seam up too !!!!

No no again I am not suggesting he should be in Team India, but he has caught everyone’s attention alright and that platform was provided to this kid by IPL !!! So whilst all may not be right…

Paul will surely agree… ! I hope the kid keeps his feet on the ground and keeps scoring runs, if he keeps doing that well now no one can stop him !!!! He will be watched most closely by bowlers and will be analysed and will be tested !!!!

My message to Paul,

You got them all hooked up alright !!!! Now its upto you to keep up the high expectations you have set !!!!

11 thoughts on “the good and the bad

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    I never ever enjoyed IPL it seriously leaves me totally confused… I dont understand the game technically as u do so I see it (if I do) for the sheer energy and enthu but IPL just doesnt happen for me

  2. Bikram says:

    This year for a change IPL is not that exciting anymore a lot of good players not playing ..but neverthless as you mentioned new names are coming to the front and for a change the so called hot shots havenot done that well..

    Valthaty indeed has blasted away and is currently joint highest scorer with sachin which is quite a good way to show up.

    I am watching the matches now and then but not sure which team to folow 🙂

  3. maald says:

    In England, the cricket season ends in late August or early September when the schools and colleges restart after the summer; even though weather there in September is great. They take education that seriously.
    In the US, there are no NFL games on saturdays as that day is only for college games. They take College “Football” (and college basketball) that seriously. No wonder College sports rival their professional counterparts in popularity. Even the President tries to predict the winners.
    In India, it makes sense to have a parallel league for College games. I hope IPL will not be allowed till the exams end in mid-april. And like you, I hope this circus becomes less popular and less lucrative.

  4. Rakesh says:

    eggjactly my thoughts. But I think, though it is great for a large number of domestic players, what about the Core Indian team? They have to cool down a little to prevent burnout. This is too much cricket…

  5. wanderlustathome says:

    Lost interest in cricket after Ravi Shastri stopped playing (well, that says how old I am, right?)

    Been an on and off follower. As you said, the good side of IPL is it is bringing out so many good talents to the fore.

    Also, Kochi beat Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, Yay!!

  6. UmaS says:

    Its too much of cricket dosage which makes watching cricket a bitter exp. Thankfully, hubby too feels the same and is keeping off IPL matches unless his God wishes to show his face. 😉

  7. Nova says:

    Valthaty was a pleasant surprise! He did make his mark. Even though, I agree with you on not liking IPL, I give them credit for 2 things:

    1. Giving chance to youngsters who would have otherwise never come into the limelight (eg: Valthaty)
    2. Reducing the Nationality difference in the game of Cricket but making people from all kinds of nationalities play with each other!

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