veeru – the bidoo with a license to thrill !

These days I have a new pastime… ever since I bought Reliance Broadband I just love the videos on youtube… whole day now even the ladies want to play songs on youtube while they cook !!!! I sometimes play for them the aap ki farmaish radio jockey and its a great pleasure to be able to play the song they demand in just 2 seconds !!!!!! Mornings are nice…. really nice… !

then… to the dismay of the ladies… I slowly but surely reached the treasure trove of so many cricket videos and well…. well…

Now I start my mornings everyday with atleast a small video of Sehwag smashing ’em to all parts !!!! I have not seen any batsman since my aquiring cricket sense who bats more breath takingly than this man… !!!! No one and I repeat no one can jangle your nerves like he can, just the other day he scored a century in IPL and yes he did have two dropped chances… but when players like him play with so much risk that is always going to happen !!!!

I could even see how Ravi Shashtri was like a cat on a hot tin roof when he was saying, now Veeru needs to take a single and go to the other end…

It is this fear you have inside your heart that Veeru might get out and then when you are all tense and worried he smashes the next ball over point at a million miles an hour… you realise the release of tension in your head !!!!! Yes… that is exactly what makes Sehwag special… !!!! All this is done with a non-chalant smile and a cheeky expression ! It seems smashing ’em to all parts is his favourite pastime !!!!!!

It was Harsha Bhogle who wrote, you cant do anything else when either Shane Warne is bowling or Sehwag is batting and that is quite an accolade to be put in that league of geniuses … and I dont disagree one bit… !!!! I am a total Veeru Fan !!!!!

Veeru is simply the most exhilarating batsman you can ever find… the adrenalin rush you get out of watching him bat is something else. This becomes even more evident in a test match when there are 4 slips and 2 gullies waiting for his bats edge and he still keeps going for the cut and the cover drive for the ball outside off stump. Anyone who has seen him bat carefully and understands cricket will admit about the thrill involved in watching him bat… !!!!!

To be able to see a video of sehwag smashing at any point of time is such a luxury to have… Thanks to technology and youtube !!!! 😛 😛

I will leave you with another one of Sehwag’s innings and my recent favourite number… yea… thats my caller tune too !!!!

Sehwag Smashing the Aussies !!!

and the wonderfully sexy voice in this song is absolutely soothing !!!!!


8 thoughts on “veeru – the bidoo with a license to thrill !

  1. Rakesh says:

    Won’t believe this. I was saying these exact same things to the ladies in my house when Sehwag was blazing his way to a century in IPL. They wanted to watch some other serial and I said, I’ll play it once Sehwag gets out. 😀 I kept telling them how he is the most delightful batsman to watch when he’s on fire (Actually, he’s always on fire whenever he’s on crease)

    And yes I called you to check the tune. I thought it would be something funny 😛 Was disappointed.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      I can so understand your plight… as you can see… there are no female takers for this… 😐 😐 😛 😛

      I have not seen Viv in his prime…. I have always admired Gilli in Tests the way he batted…. but Gilli came in at no.6-7 when the ball was old and bowlers having bowled 40-50 overs so most times tired…

      Veeru comes in against the new ball… fresh bowlers with lots of slips !!!!! and when he goes for the shot out side off stump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its pure Adrenalin !!!!!!!!! ‘innnit ???? !!!!!!!

      • Rakesh says:

        absolutely… But i remember when I was younger that Viv Richards seemed the most effortless six hitter in those days. Especially when Indian players put in all their might but could only land a catch at the boundary

  2. Bikram says:

    YEah true he is exciting to watch and one of my favourite cricketer too.. did you see his century a couple of days in IPL wowo it was ..

    loved the you tube clip and the song is gooood ..
    thanks for sharing


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