have we all given up ?

Since two days I had not been able to log into the reader…

but I have been reading the news paper and yesterday even got caught up on the debate on TV…

I think it was a total WTF and APPALING moment for us as a NATION !!!!

Yesterday it was discovered another one on the list of the 50 most wanted people given to Pakistan was in India !!!!!

I wanted to see what was the reaction of the blog world to this and logged into the reader to be surprised that none of the people I follow are dismayed or even bothered enough to even mention this… or is it that such Goof ups no longer surprises people ???

I mean this is ROYALLY SCREWED up situation.. and if Chidambaram or Manmohan think this is a goof up of some CBI official or anything why should we care ??? !!!!

No one is ready to own up this !!!!

This is a BIG JOKE !!!

This is a country whose countrymen get killed and this is the seriousness by which the country is pursuing getting those criminals back !!!! I just have no words worthy enough to be written here…. !!!!!

PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN ???? !!!! STILL ??? !!!!


12 thoughts on “have we all given up ?

  1. Bindu says:

    Most of us already have or are in the process of getting indifferent now. The names and places change, situation remains the same, almost always.

  2. UmaS says:

    Every day there is a new goof up or a new scam, that has made ppl totally indifferent, I guess….and after reading today’s papers, I am not surprised to see more names on that list in Indian jails….

    Ppl dont even do any honest and sincere work !!! 😦 😦 How can they prepare such a list, without verifying the facts ????

  3. Bikram says:

    Good you wrote. But. I dont any more as no use to write. We as citizens have reached a stage where such things are not talked about it has become common.

    Bati laal jadon langhe (red light atop)
    Saade maar di hai dande(they beat us up)
    Panj salaan lai. ( for five years)
    Beeje aap aapaan eh kande (we ourself have sown these thorns)

  4. Ashwathy says:

    I was wondering why nobody is mentioning this ……

    I was reading a friend’s status msg in FB saying if you examine that list once more, you will find your own name in it 😛

    Seriously what is the state of affairs? What are these guys thinking??? I mean REALLY 😐

  5. manju says:

    The working of the CBI is a disgrace.

    Did you read about the CBI people who went to Copenhagen a few days ago to ask for the extradition of Kim Davey- the main accused in the Purulia Arms Drop case?

    The warrant that they took with them had expired on January 3rd this year! What a joke!

  6. Smitha says:

    You know, I think we have all got jaded 😦 We don’t know how to react to news like this anymore..

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read about it first. How, how can such an important list be sent without the basic verifications? Most of our everyday domestic documents go through more vigorous review than our ‘Most wanted List’, I think. And this is supposed to be one of the most highest priority things in the govt, right? So we can imagine how other ‘less important’ things are handled….

    It is so pathetic, that we don’t even know how to react to it 😦

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