another day of cycling !

A very interesting discussion came up while cycling today with my friend, normally our conversations are circled around movies or food or females and their behaviour patterns. My friend like me is a true fan of the female ways and we absolutely love them. He is probably an even bigger fan of the opposite kin !!!! Anyways before I digress lets come to the main point, we rarely discuss politics et all… but before we go to the story, a lil background about this friend of mine, he is a Maharashtrian by caste but has taken birth in Gujarat and has grown up here. This friend of mine got really annoyed at Anna Hazare mentioning corruption in Gujarat !! His argument was there are so many places with so much corruption, infact Maharshtra has so much corruption why the heck should Anna Hazare poke his nose in Gujarat, there is so much development here and hence if some bit of corruption is there it is fair and in his opinion there is very little corruption at lower levels in Gujarat. He again is a staunch Narendra Modi supporter. My friend was like, “Aapda Gujarat nu corruption ma koie Naam nahi levanu !!” (no one has the right to name Gujarat with regards to corruption)

I couldnt reason much with him, I tried to reason with him that its in our benefit if even the lil bit of corruption that you feel is there would go wouldnt it.?? I even tried to tell him, although an Ideal state may not be reached, we must constantly strive towards it !!

Another argument he had was that our minister is getting so many industries in Gujarat and although I strongly opposed saying that too much land is being alloted to industries and even the circumstances in which this land is given is suspicious to say the least. Imagine 1100 acres of land was alloted in a blink of an eye to the NANO project. Lots of allegations are flying everywhere that the land was alloted at throwaway prices. Add to that our environment in Gujarat according to my opinion is not going to be worth living in another 20 years time and that we would all have to migrate to Himachal in a few years with so many deadly plants coming it. Any industrial plant that doesnt get permission in any state in the country will find easy access in Gujarat, this argument also didnt go down well with him.

I didnt know how to influence my friend and another word against Narendra Modi more by me and I would have probably faced his wrath… Sigh… !!!!


22 thoughts on “another day of cycling !

  1. Phoenixritu says:

    Narender Modi is a man in a hurry. What he is trying to achieve will leave the land ravaged, you are very right Hitchy. And there has to be a strong opposition, vigilant citizens and watchful press. Otherwise, such impatient reforms may leave the state in a bad condition.

  2. Smitha says:

    You know, when people start believing leaders unthinkingly, it is scary! Development without long term vision could cause much more harm.

    And as you say, even if the corruption is lower than in other states – what is the harm if that little bit is eradicated as well? We need more Anna hazares!

  3. Saritha says:

    Inspite of getting many Anna Hazare corruption in our country cannot be wiped.The greed among the people wont stop them from taking bribe.The bribing starts from the doctor’s compounder to person guarding the mortuary in the hospitals,where people go to get cured from the disease but the people there are having the disease of taking bribe…..

  4. Deeps says:

    You know, a friend of mine had voiced an opinion quite similar to that of your friend. He had said that it is ok to have little bit of corruption, what is important is, to stop the extra-ordinary level of corruption. And clearly I couldnt agree with that because to stop a corruption from reaching that extra-ordinary level, it is important to pluck it out right when it is at a smaller level, right?

    I completely agree with you when you say that an ideal state may not be reached but that should not stop us from striving towards it.

  5. Rakesh says:

    I think this is a hypothetical discussion. Modi may or may not have taken any money to allot land cheaply. Governments do allot land cheaply in order to bring in Companies and improve employment and development.

    The Companies may or may not be sticking to the pollution limits.

    Lot of ‘may’ and ‘may not’. From what I see, I think he’s doing a good job.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      yea rite Rakesh… maybe land worth 1000 crore was alloted to a whole project worth 1500 crore at peanuts was to lure the industry to Gujarat.

      Maybe no one objected that their land was being alloted..

      Maybe all people willingly alloted their land for this project to the Modi Govt in a snap of fingers !


      Maybe they are not sticking to pollution limits… !!!! just maybe…

      Visit Ankleshwar, Panoli some day to just see what happens !

      Its just the Modi is a TREMENDOUS Marketer… the number of MOU’s that get signed and the number of actual projects that materialise are quite different man ! QUITE DIFFERENT !

      • Rakesh says:


        The responsibility to stick to pollution laws is that of the Industries.

        On one hand, people want development and want Gujarat to grow.

        On the other hand, they want absolutely no change in the quality of air.

        Tricky balance, this one.

        From what I see, Ahmedabad has been brilliantly cleaned up, no more autorickshaw pollution, not much industrial pollution, clean and green streets, dedicated bus lanes, no overflowing dust bins, I am seriously amazed every time I pass through Ahmedabad while going home.

        There will be some places that will develop into an industrial hub and if the corporates are not responsible, and flout laws, that will result in whatever might be happening in Ankleshwar or Panoli. The first responsibility is with the corporates and it is ridiculous to make Modi responsible for everything that is wrong.

        In terms of land acquisitions, we haven’t seen any protests in Gujarat, the kind that happen in other states. What is the reason for that? I suppose Modi hater media would be quick to pounce on and even exaggerate such stories.

        Further in terms of land valuations, I seriously think that Barren land worth 1000 crores is no good unless it is used to generate employment and result in development. The land valuations in Gujarat are silly because of excessive black money.

        Not saying that am a fan of Modi. Don’t appreciate him at all, especially because of what happened in the past.

        But I have to agree that Ahmedabad looks a lot better after his rule. Gujarat sounds a lot better, commercially, after his rule. Many business leaders who praise him as a tough taskmaster, as someone who can get things done, cannot be all wrong. Just a thought.

        • the ghost who eats says:

          The responsibilities to stick to pollution laws is the responsibilities of the corporates ??? and if they dont ??? then what ????

          Aint it the role of the Govt to stop it ??? and how come so many petrochemicial, pesticide plants get developed in one zone its like sitting on 3 times the size of BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY ??

          What you also forget Rakesh is Ahmedabad is not Gujarat and not all people live in the Satellite area of Ahmedabad.. !

          and in any case like I said earlier Gujarat was always developing…. long before Modi… it was a gradual progress…

          even I had for a time got into believing it is only Modi that has led to it and nothing else…

          what you must pay tribute to is the people of this state if anything who have always been enterprising !!!!

          Instead one guy gets all the glory… He has created an autocracy here… ! unbelievable how much fan following he has created !!!

          Yea you can call it a hypothetical discussion hey may or may not have… but there is more than what just meets the eye…. !

            • the ghost who eats says:

              You might think that Gujarat is outracing and outpacing India, and Modi is singularly responsible for the boom. In fact, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Gujarat commanded a huge lead over other states: In September 1995, the state’s share was 14.45% of all projects under implementation in the country. At 9.43%, its nearest rival, Maharashtra, was a poor second. Maharashtra overtook Gujarat, but in December 2001 its lead over Gujarat was less than a percentage point.

              Then something happened, and by September 2002, Gujarat’s share fell to 8.78%; three years later, it was down to 7.67%, with Orissa ahead of Gujarat, and Karnataka close behind. Since then, Gujarat has recovered, but only slowly, and today commands 9.57% of investments in India. It is behind Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Maharashtra is only half a per cent behind, and Haryana, West Bengal and Karnataka are trying to catch up.

  6. Bikram says:

    but isn’t he the one who had a hand in all that carnage of muslims in the state and nothing has happened ot him.

    How can someone who is responsible for so many deaths be a good person ..

  7. Ashwathy says:

    Some people are like that….they refuse to see the fact even if it jumps and bites them on the nose 😐 😛 Pig-headed!!
    Sorry for calling your friend that….but I just meant generally…

  8. Writerzblock says:

    Excellent discussion and thought process Hitchy. I won’t say a word against Mr.Modi. But like you said, we have to keep striving for perfection. So what if we have made progress? That does not mean we ignore the corruption / negatives. Very well said Hitchy. If only we all thought this way!!!

    And coming back to Mr.Modi, I’d absolutely love to see a Modi or Jayalalitha become PM rather than the utterly-useless-Rahul Gandhi!

  9. UmaS says:

    Corruption is there everywhere around us…and am glad ppl are opening to ask questions, after Anna Hazare !!! That was gud for a discussion and ppl with blind faith in politicians are the ones who allow the corruptions to happen….

  10. Reema says:

    saying corruption is non existent in some part of India is like saying something which is simply impossible 🙂 some people are just blind in their faith be it on some politician or some spiritual guru.

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