not a word to say,
just gushing pulses of rage,
seething anger in the mind..

towering urge to smash doors,
drawers ought to be slammed,
fumbling with keys…

the urgency in the steps,
starting the bike and racing at fearless speed,
probably hoping to smash into someone and yet…
not doing so…

for no rhyme or reason…

eventually a cigarette…
few drags….
and the smoke actually clears the view…

yes, you’ve been a jerk…
you were the one at fault…
you are the one who needed to apologise…

do it… !

14 thoughts on “Insensitive…

  1. suranga says:

    A race
    the heart
    the head….
    is never really
    a race.

    Like two
    best friends
    in KG,
    turning back
    to help each other
    in a race of Sports Day,
    to win together.

    Kicking the mud,
    making faces at the teacher,
    spitting words,
    and shoving classmates
    by running in their path
    doesn’t make a winner
    even if you breast the tape.

    You think
    the cloud of “dust” smoke
    clears the view?

    It doesn’t.
    It just blinds you
    to the fact
    there is
    a different
    unhurtful way
    of running a race.

  2. UmaS says:

    I am glad the cloud cleared, but certainly not the smoke….

    Hugs my frnd, hope u apologised and made up to that person.

    Love the way u have expressed it in a poem. 🙂

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