The boot is firmly on the other foot…

I dont know if you all have heard of this recently released movie, Fire in Babylon, I have been waiting to get a copy of it to no avail as yet ! No torrents available either :-/ and not on ebay either… 😦 😦

But I am sure I will find it sooner than later, here is a trailer of the movie for you to savour…

For all of us who were born in the 70’s and fell in love with cricket in the 80’s and 90’s the West Indies team was a team of demons. They were the most feared team… !!!

No other team and I repeat no other team has been feared as much as that West Indies team, the Australians did rule the last 15 years or so but they were never that fearsome, they were an all round team but the Windies were a magical force, they put fear in the hearts of the opposition.

The opening batsman on strike would quake in his boots waiting for the first delivery, his partner at the other end thanked his luck and hoped his partner wouldnt take that single ! The batsman waiting in the pavilion to come in next made frequent loo visits !!!! No this was not the age where tailenders scored hundreds… this was the time when the openers would believe the wisest thing to do was take a single and get to the other end and watch the fun !!!

There are innumerable occassions when they crushed the opposition mentally even before a ball was bowled.

All of us Indians remember how we won the World Cup in 1983 ! But no one will ever talk in India about the Test Series that followed the World Cup ! We were beaten black and blue 3-0 in a 6 Test Series.

I grew up to tales of the Fearsome Foursome from my Dad. They were such a cult in those days, Micheal Holding nicknamed Whispering Death!!!!!!, Andy Roberts, Colin Croft and Joel Garner they epitomised fear!!! They didnt sledge they only STEAMROLLED !!! West Indies also had a very very steady supply of fast bowlers even after the retirement of these devils ! These were backed up by Malcolm Marshall, Pattrick Patterson, Ian Bishop, Curtley Ambrose, Courtney Walsh. West Indies were the pace kings…

The game has changed today, with the advent of the Helmet batsmen hit scoop shots to pacemen.. ! I seriously wonder how many would scoop these bowlers without helmets !

While batting they had two prolific openers followed by the gum chewing Viv Richards ! The batsmen had a certain swagger about them. There aint no other batsman that has brought more AWE to the audiences than Viv, the sheer prescence of him in the middle would mean the opposition could never breathe easy. They had a wonderful wicket keeper in Jeff Dujon and in Clive Lloyd they had their leader !!

They literally were giants and overpowered all teams. Infact between March 1980 and May 1995, they played 29 Test series without losing a single one.

I have always loved the story where Steve Waugh decided to bounce Patrick Patterson in a test Match in Melbourne in 1988/89 and that night Patrick stormed the Australian dressing room and threatened to kill the opposition batsmen on the pitch the next day,

No Patterson failed, he couldnt kill a single Australian batsman, but Australia were dismissed for 114 chasing 400 with Patterson claiming 5 wickets in the innings and 9 in the match !!!!! 😀

The magic of the Calypso was mesmerising, something to behold !!!

Another Champion bowler and probably the most underrated bowler of all time was Curtly Ambrose who would script impossible victories, he fought on and was probably the reason why the slide of the Carribean Kings was delayed, it was this duel in 1995 which marked the end of the reign of the West Indies in world cricket and the beginning of the Australian Supremacy !

Steve Waugh refused to be intimidated by the Windies, this series in 1995 when Australia regained the Frank Worrell Trophy marked the end of this long reign on World Cricket. Steve Waugh recalls the incident

It is sad today that when India tours West Indies they have fallen so mightily from their high peaks that an almost second string Indian team that too playing badly beats the Windies easily ! Players like Sachin dont even think it worthy to tour the West Indies for Test is further proof that they dont even have the respect of their peers ! Or else who would not want to be a part of a team that won a Test Series in the West Indies !!

I would not be surprised if the Windies lose 5-0 in ODI’s and 3-0 in Tests, the worser thing is even if they do, it will count for nothing for the Indian team.

The boot as they say is now firmly on the other foot.


11 thoughts on “The boot is firmly on the other foot…

  1. maald says:

    In the 90’s, the US started a big push into soccer. While it is still not a world beater, the league is in good shape (even Beckham played here, right?). Several Carribean youngsters found lucrative contracts in soccer – and thus started the decline of West Indies cricket (so goes the oft repeated story).
    A side topic: The Dominican Republic, which is also in the Carribean, is a fountain of great talent in Major League Baseball.

  2. PNA says:

    The sight of Ambrose OMG!! I remember being scared seeing him run up to bowl!! and thinking of how badly we would lose, but I used to love Walsh, the gentle giant as we used to call him in our circle of friends… but a feared too!! Ya! and to see them now!! life is full of ups and downs, there is no stationary up!

    • the ghost who eats says:

      Walsh was one of the most sporting guys you would even see on a cricket field eh… I used to love Courtney Walsh batting… !!!! He was serious fun !!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      Ambrose was always deadly… only when he celebrated it used to look like he had a smile !!!!

      If eyes spoke… then the West Indian fast bowlers were the Champs at it !!!!

  3. Bikram says:

    So true westindies is not that good these days , I saw the last two One dayers and I felt some pity for them ..

    But yeah the names you mentioned The holdiing, the garners, Marshall and the batsmen Lyods, richards Whose name is it you cant taken Greenidge, haynes ..
    i doubt even with a helmet players wud not attempt a scoop to them now even ..

    Ambrose and Walsh .. HAs of to the players each one of them .. They were the best always will be .. .

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