Over to Mr. Dependable…

Exactly 15 years ago on this day, a fuming Sardar decided to walk off the Indian team, paving way for his roomie to a dream Test Cap.

Yes, this date, exactly 15 years ago India went into a Lords Test Match under the captaincy of Azharuddin having lost the One Day series 2-1 and having lost the first test at Edgbaston by 8 wickets. They even had lost by 10 wickets to Derbyshire in a practice match before the Lords Test.

Things were never more glum, another pasting awaited them, Manjrekar was injured, Sidhu abandoned the team on tour, India was expected to lose easily, let alone being in a winning position and pressurising England on the last day buoyoed by two young batsmen who announced themselves.

The historic moment at Lords marking the beginning of a new era in Indian Cricket.

India fielded two rookies, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid, while Dravid selection was not as controversial, Ganguly was said to be a result of the quota system. However, this was the oppurtunity the Bengali had to show what he was made of. He was thrust in at no.3 at the drop of V.Rathore’s wicket with the Score of 25/1…


No I wont write what happened, I think everyone knows what happened next, Ganguly and Dravid became two of India’s most prolific batsmen. While Dravid has shouldered India’s charge as the Wall or Mr. Dependable, Sourav injected steel into Indian cricket and converted a bunch of talented cricketers into a fighting unit.

Today as Dravid takes strike at Kingston in Jamaica he would realise he has come a long long way.. at 12603 runs he still feels nervous and excited as he walks out to bat, thats what he said in a recent interview.

He still is motivated by Sachin, who made his debut 7 years before Dravid and has had an amazing last two years.

Dravid awaits one last hurrah, this series in the West Indies followed by England tour and subsequent home series visit of West Indies and the Australian tour will probably tell us where this champion cricketer is headed.

I can never forget this image of Dravid proclaiming victory in Adelaide... Tears rolled down as Dravid punched the air here... !

Now with Sachin, Veeru, Gauti not there on this West Indian trip he has the added responsibility along with Laxman to guide the young Kohli, Raina, Abhinav Mukund in the Test Arena.

Something tells me this champion cricketer cannot go down quietly as the last couple of years for Dravid have not been great. However, I have always believed in the old adage, that form is temporary, class is permanent.

In all 14 Tests this season awaits this RUN HUNGRY cricketer. I am sure he has been waiting now for almost 7 months waiting for his time and thinking a thousand times about how he is going to change things and what he is going to do and how he is going to make it count. Today ends his wait and he gets back to doing what he does best, in his whites. I expect mountains of runs from him this season. Let me just say he is due… DUE BIG TIME…

Make no mistake about the fire in this man, he is as much of a fighting cricketer as any you might find. 'A Tough Nut to Crack' is one of my favourite phrases for him


As the Umpires would say, “Let’s play gentlemen”

14 thoughts on “Over to Mr. Dependable…

    • wanderlustathome says:

      good luck to Dravid!

      Talking about him, I just remembered a friend’s story. Apparently Dravid’s kid studiesin the same school as his. During a parent’s orientation last month, Dravid was asked to say a few words. His concluding words were somethign like this, “I have a request to all of you. Please let your kids enjoy their childhood. I have had people coming up to me saying, my son hits the ball like Tendulkar, plays his shots like you etc etc and most of the times the kids are just 4 or 5 years old! So please let them be, allow them to grow at their pace, let them chose what they want to do in life….”
      This guy is a true gentleman!

  1. masood says:

    Dravid has been the least celebrated hero of Indian cricket. What he has achieved over the last 15 years is nothing short of legendary. Yet he has always been under Sachin or Veeru’s shadow. One flamboyant batsman above and another run machine below.

    Yet he was the mainstay of Indian batting line up for 15 years. But not given his due. What I fear is an infamous axing or forced decision from him to retire to pave way for the young brigade. His form in the last 3-4 years has not been up to his lofty standards. 2007 and 2008 were downright poor. 2009 was excellent and 2010 was moderate. This season could be the last hurray. His chance at redemption. The kind of year Sachin hand in 2010. If Dravid is able to get going, I have no doubt whatsoever about our test ranking. We will be #1. Dravid has generally done well against England and even better in English conditions. WI tour should be smooth sailing for him, more so because he averages his best against them, home or away.

    I root for Dravid for than I root for Sachin or Sehwag or even Laxman. He deserves more respect. It isn’t everyday that we have two of the top three run-getters in test history playing for the same team. One of them already has a demigod status. The other deserves more than what he has got. He needs to be honored. Celebrated.

    • the ghost who eats says:

      Yes… India has been blessed with 2 players who have mountains of runs in the same era… ! add to that Laxman, Sourav and Sehwag.. !

      This fellow just has not got enough accolades that he deserves as his luck would have it always someone else steals his thunder… when he scored that 130 odd in most difficult circumstances in Headingley doing the most difficult job the masses were wooed by Sachin’s 190 !

      When he played the most fighting knock of 180 odd at Eden Gardens in Kolkatta he had the genius of VVS scoring 280 and stealing the show.. ! but remember it was a partnership !!!

      Its just that his luck, but I am sure all his colleagues know that his contributions are second to none and I am sure Dravid wants anything else…. he has been a silent warrior of the Indian team… !

  2. Bikram says:

    I for some reason have never been a fan of dravid but its one of those I dontmind him too, he has to be in TEam, for sure .. All the best to them But playing West indies is not a big deal this days , pardon me for saying that .. it will be more of a challenge to see them here in uk come august and I got my supporting KIT ready …

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