Leftover Rice Bhajiya’s !

If ever there was a season that the God’s love or is their favourite it has to be the Monsoon ! No wonder its my favourite season, I doubt anyone waits for Summers or Winters as much as we all wait for rains, we yearn for it and when it does its a welcome relief aint it ? The smell of the earth when it rains is totally divine ! Nothing can compare, this is the weather that Smitha & Pallavi may call gloomy since they live in UK but I can bet had they been living in India and been through this searing summer heat they’d kill for this weather !! Everything about this weather is so fresh, all leaves washed up, all birds, squirrels around my house tend to give their vocal approval all that much more.. ! Everyone seems to get a new leash of life !!!

By the way after getting wet in the rains the next best thing you can hope for is getting a “KADAK” Ginger Chai and some really cook pakora’s !!!! Sitting in our Verandah with a cup of Hot Tea (no, not coffee) is one of our favourite time pass in this season. The feel of the rain when the wind brings in some droplets on your face is sheer bliss I must say !!!!

Sigh… before I keep on digressing and keep on describing how much I love this season, let me get to the reason for this post, here is my recipe for Leftover Rice Bhajiya’s… ! Yes they are not bhajji’s as they write in English, in my language they are Bhajiya’s !!! 😛 😛 😛 These rice bhajiya’s are extremely tender and very very yummy to eat. I can vouch for it, we have been having it for years now, not sure if they are common or rare !!!!

They turned out Awesome, here are a few pics… followed by the recipe !!!

The recipe is quite simple…

Use Left over cooked Rice, chop a few onions, loads of coriander and green chillies mix them with Besan and add a bit of suji to it to give it a crispy feel mix them with water or curd or buttermilk as per your preference. I used Curd. Make a nice dough with salt, red chilli and turmeric as per taste… !

I added Capsicum and Tomato for the sake of making it different and to add more colour and we all actually loved it serve it with Chutney or Tea !!! As you like it… !

Yes it was me who made it all from chopping onions to mixing the dough all with my own Hands !!!! I hope Monu you approve of my amateur effort !!!!!


17 thoughts on “Leftover Rice Bhajiya’s !

  1. Saritha says:

    Thanks for the recipe,they look yummy.Will try it out soon.

    Its been more than a week we had rains and its hot like summer since last two days….

  2. Mayborngemini says:

    drooool drooool over those bhajjiyas….left over Rice always have that in plenty…
    Will have to try these very sooooon

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