Day 1, Trentbridge Test, Ind V Eng 2011 – a bulletin

  • M S is his own man and that is his biggest strength, but I want him to spend time with a few Australian Captains. Mark Taylor once said, 9 times out of 10 as a captain when you win the toss you must bat first and on the 10th occassion where you must field, you take the risk and bat first. Doesnt matter who the opposition is or what the pitch is like, batting in the 4th innings is the most difficult of prospect that is there in Cricket. A score of 180+ is also tricky and hence Always Bat First MAHI !!!!
  • Cannot believe that Zaheer Khan was barely mentioned in commentary yesterday in such swinging conditions. The former England cricketers have decided that India is a one man bowling attack and it is rendered toothless. India didnt miss him yesterday at all.
  • India let England off the hook and again M S needs to look at his captaincy hard. Too many field placings were reactive and defensive. Sigh… Captaincy is a real tough tough job !
  • When Zak gets fit in the next match who does India leave out ??? My vote is for Bhajji unless the pitch is really dry or going to spin. In the first innings he has bowled just 4.4 overs. If India actually bat well in the first innings then again I dont see him being too much of a factor as India will want the seamers for the first 30 odd overs and that is where the maximum damage will happen.
  • The onus is on the BIG 3, Dravid, Laxman & Sachin must make a score today and make it count. However if India wants to look at its future, it will be important to see how Raina, Yuvi & Dhoni contribute.
  • The tail must take a leaf out of Broad, yes he is a better batsman but our tail in the first two innings at Lords batted without any character. That must change, extend the lead to 150 – 180 – 200 !
  • It will be very satisfying to see the Indian Team come back, they have got themselves into a good position and if they manage to win this Test there is one thing that they will really shut down is this utter crap that is going on in England’s news papers and former cricketers that India cannot stop England from becoming No.1 !!!! I mean its unbelievable the amount of disrespect these fellows have for our team. WE MUST TEACH THEM A LESSON !!!!
  • If SreeSanth can bowl like this and control his antics there is no reason why he has to sit in the dressing room. Again it is a challenge for M S to actually handle this bloke. He is super talented, MS cannot just relegate him to the dressing room and has to use his talent. The captain needs to utilize this Temperamental Mallu Express.
  • India won in Durban, Perth and I hope one and all remember this. England has not won in Perth since 1978. How can they talk of pace troubling us ? Huh ? Today is a day to stop all the crap that is going on !
  • I will stick my neck out and say England will not win this series, they are too disrespectful and their over confidence will do them in !

2 thoughts on “Day 1, Trentbridge Test, Ind V Eng 2011 – a bulletin

  1. maald says:

    One more First Test of an Away series lost due to the BCCI’s refusal to get more practice matches included in the schedule. Sunil Gavaskar has been talking about this for a long time now. Hope the boys will even the series in Trent Bridge.

  2. Bikram says:

    Talking rubbish about india well its a tactic to demoralise… And seeing your reaction it sure is working 🙂
    End of the day its agame the team that plays well will win… Win or lose are two sides of same coin.. What woukd matter is how we play hope not like the first match.

    You mentioned the big three well team is of 11 players and all need to contribute… If 1 does not then other 10 need to pull their socks…

    Fingers crossed lets see what they do today.. Its a KEY DAY today…

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