MTB Himachal – Part 1

It was a most memorable trek to Dyara Thatch the place was paradise and the night trek was an adventure we couldn’t stop talking about. All and sundry were being made to hear how brave we were in climbing the ridge at midnight, in a jungle on a moonless night without any local guide and searching for an unknown village was thrilling and memorable and looking at the marvel in people’s eyes had us Gushing all the while… !!!! It felt so so super… it still does… I still fill up everyone on that dare ! 😀

The Dyara Thatch trip though ensured we reached a day late for MTB Himachal 2011, it seemed the few scavengers thought we wouldn’t make it and they stood in the way trying to check if we had the guts to reach or were we going to break down on the way…

awaiting their meals... !!!!

bigger than a truck tyre... !


We were to join the rally at Tanni Jubber (pronounced as Jubbaad) on day two after the cyclists would have climbed Hatu Peak the highest point in the rally.


Once off the highway and towards the lake Tanni Jubber the area suddenly became very green and chilly. The best part about this whole cycle rally was we got to see a lot of interior routes, it wasnt just highway touring, but the interior roads, off roads, cross country routes sometimes quite difficult to navigate but must do routes.  


Unfortunately we missed out on going to Hatu Peak, but that would be done some other time. Tanni Jubber is a lake near Thanedar, which is a not so popular hill station, tucked away in the middle of deodar, pine and spruce trees. Accomodation can be taken near Thanedar in a camp run by Banjara Camps. The place is quiet and cold and green and offers wonderful views, the Hatu peak as we heard is another heaven !

We reached the school ground of at Tanni Jubber where our camp was still being set up at around 3 pm. The weather was already quite chilly especially in the shade even in the noon. For me it was going to be my first experience of sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent and I was wondering how was I going to keep warm and sleep tonight, but that thought didnt stop me from having about 2 cups of tea and 1 cup of lemon tea and tons of pakoda which were being prepared as the cyclists would come in hungrier than even me !!!! 😛 😛 😛

This is how the campsite looked


all set to house the exhausted cyclists


By the time the first cyclists came in at 4.30 pm we had filled ourselves enough and were all set to interact with them. All the cyclists would head straight for a bath in this cold weather, but I guess they were warm enough after all the cycling they did.

We did figure out that the main competition in the open category was between the Nepali riders who were a real professional lot and the Indian Army guy who werent professionals or trained guys but banked on their sheer grit and toughness. We learnt that one of the guys in the Army who was doing quite well had only practicsed about 20 days before the race that too on a Atlas cycle and not a cyle with gears had us gaping with amazement. Truly Indian Army cyclists have potential, only if they would get all the facilities at all times and were encouraged through out the year to focus and practice the sport !! Sigh…

The dinner was quick and everyone seemed like they were going to jump in the two campfire’s that were lit, at times it was even difficult to sneak near the fire as the fires were jam packed !!! 


The first experience of a Sleeping bag and Tent was only apprehension and nothing else, I snuggled and slept like a log ! No worries at all and I realised how warm and good it is to sleep in the sleeping bag !!! The morning chill and touching water is a completely different matter and actually deserves a full post on it !!!! 😛 😛 😛

The next day morning we left for Kullu Sarahan which probably was the most beautiful and quaint place during our trip… here are a few pics from on the route… 


the cyclists ready for the breif and raring to go on day 3


Ajay Pandip Chhetri from Nepal, he was the leader at the start of day 3 !


Ajay Pandit Chettri in action... ! On Downhills he touched a high speed of 72 KMPH !!!!! on those dangerous curves I tell you it was a great feat... he just flew on downhills !!! 😀

we had some real colourful characters too… who would keep all amused in the evenings !!! 😀
The village folk would so enthusiastically wait on the roads and let the cyclists pass ! This old gentleman in the background happily parked his car while on route to Narkanda and waited for almost 40 minutes patiently as all cyclists passed him and then resumed his journey with a smile that was infectious. I cant fathom if someone in Gujarat were made to wait for 40 mins while he was on the road… All hell would surely break lose, but then the people in the hills have a lot more patience 😀
The scenerey on the route was quite beautiful and whilst we were rushing in the rescue jeep I still managed to click a few pics ! 😀

cycling and jeeping our ways in the beautiful country side of Himachal ! enroute to Kullu Sarahan !


every curve and turn had a new story to tell...


although the organisers at MTB were very generous with their supply of water and juice at various stop points... incase you still ran out of water... abundant fresh water streams to quench your thirst at anytime !

the camp being dismantled !


the kids re-claimed their school ground which was a one night stand for us ! 😉

We had a rest day and a trek in Kullu Sarahan and the loads of pictures of that beautiful place will follow in the next post !!!


but before I sign out… I will just post one pic that welcomed us as Kullu Sarahan that you all will surely appreciated !!! 😀 👿 😈


the tandoor was heated and awaited us at the end of day 3 !!!! the next day was a rest day and rest assured... I did HOG !!! 😀


Meanwhile you can also check the official photographs on this site which are quite stunning and make me feel like a real amateur when I see my own clicks ! 😀


22 thoughts on “MTB Himachal – Part 1

    • hitchy says:

      @Pixie – its on the way ! 😀

      @Swaram – Just you wait for more campsite pics… ! the next one was in heaven ! 😀

      @Sraboney – I didnt cycle sweetheart I just travelled in a Mahindra Thar and clicked pics and was to update about them on their site ! 😀

  1. Sandhya Kumar says:

    I have always read about these trips in newspaper and saw in TV. This is the first time I have come to know the person who participated in the rally.

    Great pictures. The first one looks very good and the tent picture is so colourful.

    Ajay went at 72 KMPH…scary, but admire him and admire you too, Dhiren!

  2. Ashwathy says:

    Glorious!!! 😀 😀 What a recount!!

    Eeks! The scavengers are scary!! 😯 They are massive!!

    The campsite looks so colourful and gorgeous 🙂

    Oh trust me on this one. Sleeping in a sleeping bag is warm n cosy. You will be out like a log. But the morning chill and getting refreshed at the lake…. 😛 😛 I would definitely love to read a post on how you managed it !!

    Lovely pics hitchu…. that fresh stream is making me thirsty! 😀

    I am drooling over the pics on the official site ka link which you loaded!

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