whose style is it anyway.. !

I was standing in the general store that we frequent when this lil chap, he must have been barely 12 came in followed by his mom and demanded a Deodarant, Brut, he said, his Mom said Axe, he said its effect wears off too soon !! Adiddas, her mom said, but the kid would have none, Brut it would be ! Then he wanted Dove Shampoo and they had that soon enough.

As I watched them pay and walk off discussing what perfume he wanted and it wasn’t available, I couldn’t help but think of the generation gap that has come ! Suddenly I felt I am 33 ! I cant remember as a kid buying any Deodarant till I reached college that too it would be a roll on stick and Deodarant would be considered a luxury and when you would get your hands on a Deodarant of a rich friend you would lustfully spray on yourself and feel like the freshest flower in the world !!!!

Shampoo too was a luxury in the age of Swastik Shikakai and when Dimple Kapadia came in an advertisement of Crowning Glory soap it was a premium luxury hair wash soap that had to be owned !!! I would always feel that the brown Crowning Glory soap was so much superior to the mundane red Shikakai soap constantly letting my hand through my hair.  😀

Today, Shampoo is not enough it is must to follow it up with a conditioner, today perfume soaps are not enough you do certainly require a Face wash, its quite desi to be using the same soap on your face and body both.

For a guy who has never bothered for soaps or face wash or shampoo’s even the rack in my own bathroom sometimes amazes me with the sheer number of things there are … ! I just realised that I dont even prefer any soap or shampoo and use whatever comes to my hand first. To add to my misery, my wife just told me, even my son I realised does have toothpaste, soap, shampoo brands of his own choice !!! :-/

Seriously getting clean and smelling good was never such an issue in those days !!!! 😐 Yea, right, I know I sound ancient, even to myself ! 😐

15 thoughts on “whose style is it anyway.. !

  1. Anonymously Disguised says:

    “…….and feel like the freshest flower in the world !!!!” 😆 😆 That line gave me visions of you swaying in the avatars of various flowers :mrgreen:

    I must send you the pic of my bathtub (minus me of course 👿 ) coz I think we come under those rare few who doesn’t use too many stuffs while in the shower 🙄 The only thing that is separate for each of us is the Soap.

    a 12 year old needs a deodorant these days? 😯 I think I smelled of Guava trees, rain drenched mud, bicycle oil, chocolates and books when I was 12 😦

    • hitchy says:

      I just saw the movie Ghost and the one thing I loved about it was Ditto !!!!

      I smelled of trees too !!!!!! 😀 😀 the only difference is they were Mango tress !!!! 😀 😀 😀

      I have never bothered bout toiletries… like I said… Nahate woh log hai jo Gande hote hai !!! 😛 😛 😛

  2. Smitha says:

    Tell me about it! So many options 🙂 I get all confused, so I can’t blame kids, what with the TV telling us which one is better and which one is ‘new’!

    The only thing I am fussy about is my shampoo and conditioner. Daughter is very happy if she gets hold of any ‘princess’ toothpaste – but more often than not I don’t find it – so she just uses whatever I get for her. Husband is least bothered about all this 🙂

    But why are children using deos and perfumes? Guess I should not be surprised, after all I know 5 yr olds whose hair gets straightened before every party 😦

    • hitchy says:

      Thats what I forgot.. yes… spiking up hair is the next gen thing… already sonny has friends who are doing it… so far he hasnt asked… but the question is till how long before he wants it !!!

  3. Pixie says:

    I remember as kids it was shikakai and the soap was medimix! I remember feeling awestruck when I learnt a friend of mine used Lux!! And that her mom let her shampoo her own hair with Clean & Clear!! 😀 😀

    Of course college changed all that and we all had our separate soaps and shampoos!!
    And now, the bathroom looks like a novelty store because the husband uses a different brand.. ma has left her stuff behind… 😀 😀

    we seem to have more shampoos and soaps now for 2 people than what 4 people had way back then! 😀

  4. Sandhya says:

    Everybody had other distractions in those days, Dhiren! Children used to play outside and were sweaty all the time. They were not bothered about that. Now, children are always clean…just sit in front of the computer or TV. They rarely sweat so, if they sweat a bit, they realize that they ‘stink’! The advertisements in TV boost their ‘cleanliness’! So they know about all the deos!

    Yes, soap was not used for hair, but shikakai. Now, the advertisements urge people to go easy and use shampoos and feel fresh like flowers!

    My husband never bothers what soap or shampoo he uses. I go for herbal and he uses them! Son also is not bothered much!

    So you realised today that your son prefers his own brands!!!

    • hitchy says:

      I mean I knew he used a different tom and jerry tooth paste by pepsodent… but I didnt know he was picky and choosy about his soap and shampoo too !!!

  5. Santulan says:

    It is only through college that I developed a sense of personal brand loyalties. For example I either use Adidas or Fiama di Willis Shower gels, whereas mom is happy with any moisturizer waala soap. The same is with brush, paste, shampoo, etc.

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