Coming Soon !!!! A trailer !!!!

Here is a sneak peak to the book “A Calender too Crowded” – the stories cover through an entire year – January to December and each story is based on a particular day of the month which in some corner of the world is dedicated to women and children (Jan 24, National Girl Child Day, Nov 25- Anti Dowry Day etc). Each story is spun keeping a particular day in mind. The book goes on to discover the paradoxical situation of how despite having so many days attributed to women all over the world, there’s little that we achieve at the grass root levels. It goes on to urge us to spread awareness about the crimes against gender each day. The characters in the book are as nameless as the places they reside in the book – for the book encourages the readers to pick out that one character whom they feel they have met and whose voice can read the stories to them in their heads.


Here is the official trailer !!!!




Written by our very own Sagarika !!!! The Book hits the stands soooon !!!!!!


Tell ya what Sags… I am already excited !!! 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait for it ! 😀


Folks if you need an autographed copy, lemme tell ya… I have good contacts !!!! 😉  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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